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Right this has to do with wrestling and music, but considering the other similar threads were in here, I'll post mine in here. If people complain, then I'm sure it can be moved, who cares Simply, if you were a wrestler, what entrance music would you have?


Could already be a theme, or a song by a band whatever


Personally mine would be Now I'm Here by Queen

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"Hot In The City", by Billy Idol.


This is of course the entrance music of choice for my net persona of the lobal luchadore, Rudi El Fire. Should I decide on a change of image/gimmick for my (hypothetical) ring debut, other choice tracks may be;


Gallery Of Suicide - Cannibal Corpse

Masochist - Ultraviolence (although I'm sure someone somewhere must be using this one as an entrance theme already.. anyone know if anyone is?)

South Of Heaven / Raining Blood / Angel Of Death - Slayer (any of these would make great entrance music.. the sight of Kerry King and co. marching out of the smoke to the opening riff of "Raining Blood" is one of the great moments of my adolescence)

Feuer Frei - Rammstein (I've done a fire juggling routine to this before.. it's a good, fast, instantly accesible track)

Rock Lobster - B52s

Trouble - Shampoo

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depends what gimmick i have


my theme would be "i fought the law and the law won"-

if i actually got involved with the police but was released every time. i'd run down the ring with cops chasing me and they would surround the ring when i entered it. after the match they would charge in the ring and handcuff me


if my gimmick was one of a rich heel (like the million dollar man) my theme would be B****** and sisters by Jay-Z . i'd wear a suit made out of dollars. i'd have a tag team called the money makers with chrosfrombritley


if i was a hardcore wrestler it would be natural born killaz by dr.dre and ice cube


if my gimmick was similars to austin it would be... chris benoit's old theme- Shooter


if i was a cusierweight i'd either have rey msiterio's or DDP's old one (not the nirvana one)or terry funk's one sung by cyprus hill

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It would depend on the gimmick I had, but maybe I'd go for 'Any Old Iron' by Chas 'n' Dave! I'd love to bring that to an American audience! Failing that I would choose 'The Joyful Kilmarnock Blues' by The Proclaimers. I couldn't think of anything more relevant and innovative to WWE in terms of current issues and meaningful storylines thatn a song about soemone who went to see Hibs beat Kilmarnock away in the 1987 Scottish Cup but it wasn't as good as it should have felt because his brother wasn't there!
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