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TWOs Top 50 Comic Book Characters: The Results


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Those are the legit results too. It'd be interesting to see if MoS changed anyone's opinions?


I'm loving Jesse Custer as joint number two on the list, too. That made me feel genuinely warm and fuzzy on my insides. :D


But yeah, definitely awaiting Belty to see this. :lol

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I'll be honest, I knew there were alot of dorks around here, but you people shocked me one more time!


I mean really, forget Superman, but Iron Man (who's friggin awesome) on the worst list? Batman being the top fave AND one of the most hated? How the f*ck does that work?! Are you people voting bi-polar or something?



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11 is not "Nighteat" but "Nightbeat", a for-so-long reasonably obscure Autobot who one day was transformed (if you pardon the pun) into a very stylised Raymond Chandler-esque, hard-boiled detective. He doesn't get too many stories but when he does he goes sniffing around ancient Cybertronian stuff, and is usually there when the first nuggets of faeces hit the fan.





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