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Your Westlemania


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What would be your wrestlemania? For this just say which matches you would have, what match thay would be (ie. cage), and how long that they would last. Go on the current Smackdown and RAW roster and we will just assume that the hype had been done correctly.
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Main Event: Rock v.s Austin 20 mins +... Rocky goes over if he's gonna stay, if he isn't then Austin goes over.


SD World Title match: Angle v.s Brock 10 mins... If Angle is able to compete then they'd have to keep this one VERY short. Have the match revolve around the amateur style so Kurt doesn't have to bump a lot. Brock wins by Heyman's botched interference, keeping angle strong and giving a reason for a rematch. After the match Brock goes to get revenge on Heyman but Team Angle make the save at the last minute.


Raw World Title match: Booker T v.s HHH 15 mins +... Book goes over, Bookend clean in the middle. As Booker celebrates Jericho interupts and lays him out leading to a feud.


SD Tag Title match: Team Angle v.s Los Guerreros v.s Benoit & Rhyno 15 mins +... Let Team Angle go over cause they've had a tough few weeks, possibly cheating to pin one of the guerreros (ooh the irony.)


Filler match: Hogan v.s Vinnie Mac 10 mins... Hogan goes over then ****s off.


Jericho v.s Michaels... Jericho goes over.


CruiserWeight Title elimination 4 way 20 mins: Matt Hardy v.s Rey jnr v.s Brian Kendrick v.s Kidman... Kidman's eliminated first, then Kendrick. Matt finally goes over Rey, but after the match they do an angle where they find out matt was too heavy to be a cruiser. *gasp*


Raw Tag Title Match No DQ: 3 Minute warning v.s Dudley Boys v.s Regal & Storm v.s RVD & Kane... As it's the opening match this match should be super stiff to warm up the crowd. Gradually the weapons will come out, chairs, tables, ladders. The 4 teams put each other through tables and get their trademark spots. There'd also be plenty of interference from Spike, Morley etc. Personally I'd have 3MW go over because I think their characters have got potential and maybe have Cena join forces with them and taking out Rico.

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Brock vs Angle vs Benoit - 30 minutes (3 Way Dance with Angle eliminated early)


Rock vs Austin - 25 minutes


HHH vs Booker T - 15 minutes


Jericho vs HBK - 20 minutes


Matt Hardy vs Rhyno - 15 minutes


Los Guerreros vs Team Angle - 15 minutes


RVD vs Kane - 15 minutes


Dudleys vs Regal & Storm vs 3MW - 10 minutes


Jeff Hardy vs Christian - 10 minutes


Rey Jnr, Kidman, Kendrick & Tajiri vs Noble, Moore, Guido & Crash - 15 minutes


McMahon vs Hogan - 10 minutes

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