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XTV 7:17 Aftershow Party!


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Welcome to the (belated) roundup of XTV! We are the only place to be, and we're off the hook, off the chain and we have set the pigeons loose. Whatever that means.




  • The show opened with Brice Perrin-bro suspended from suspending, if you get my drift. Darkstar fires his first salvo back towards his co-GM...
  • Jimmy Tsunami wins again! The plucky underdog is really riding the crest of a wave now (I apologise)
  • Do we really need Igor experimenting on Sickness? Isn't he bizarre enough?
  • Randy Roko loses in the age old tale of young and thin isn't as good as old and fat. Or at least I tell myself that every day...
  • 2 burning question that I at least have: What tune was Sickness humming as he scrubbed in acid, and does Tiny Davies eat horses?
  • Ángel de la muerte makes his debut, and The Reaper looks like it could be a difference making move in TWOStars
  • Brice announces the first official match for World War - ROKO vs. CHAV vs. TINY DAVIES
  • DC and MKD team for the first time and have a 100% record - in the words of Mitchell Cole... "WHAT DOES THIS MEAN???"
  • Also, What is the mysterious document that DC wants Brice to sign? Is it a loan from Wonga.com? Is Brice about to adopt DC? Or worse?


Tune in next time to find out...


in the meantime, why not share your thoughts with us RIGHT HERE!

(or below here, in the next post... you get the drift)

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