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TWO Wrestling Survivor Returns~!


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Yeah, this is a re-post of the FAQ in the Tournaments forum, but it might get some attention here ;).


Back in 2005/2006 I ran a series of polls to find out TWO's favourite wrestler. In the end, Kurt Angle pipped The Rock to the post at the last minute, after ten months of polls and voting brought it to between those two.


Now I intend to do it again, six(!) years after the first tournament started, to see how both TWO and wrestling has changed over the years. We did try it again a couple of years ago, but that fell apart as I drifted off. Again.


Anyway, here are the rules for the tournament and the basics for how it works:


  • We start with wrestlers representing each letter of the alphabet tHE first names decide which letter a wrestler represents, i.e. Chavo Guerrero would be a C. With wrestlers called "The", they go to their second name, so The Undertaker goes to the U bracket.
  • 1st Round - You get an unlimited number of votes to give to any wrestler you don't like on the list. After 24 hours I work out the average number of votes per wrestler, those who have more votes than the average are then eliminated.
  • Subsequent Rounds - You get one vote this time, and vote for the wrestler you don't like, in the hope to eliminate them from the competition. The bottom two wrestlers will then be eliminated each round.
  • Final Round - When there are two/three wrestlers remaining, you vote for your favourite to try and get them to win the round and advance to the Ultimate Final. The runners-up will be put into another poll after Z is done where a lucky loser will be promoted to the final.
  • The Ultimate Final - The winners of the Letter Rounds and the Runners-Up poll meet in the final, with the votes again going to your least favourite until the Final Final. There will be 2 eliminations per round from the start.


I'll hopefully get the new version started tomorrow or Thursday, so keep your eyes peeled in the Tournaments Forum. That's right the TOURNAMENTS FORUM will have its first post since January.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Some examples for newbies to it:


The First Final Final


The First Final Begins


An example of the first round voting system


An example of a letter-based final

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Yeah, it'll be everybody who's ever been a high level professional wrestler, or to be more exact, everyone that I can look at a list and say "I've heard of them".


Just a small change, the poll of the current round is going to be in the main US Forum, then when it's done it'll be moved to the Tournaments Forum. So keep an eye on THIS forum for the first round!

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