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FWL Update 25.4


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Hi all,


Tomorrow is your only chance to change one pick...don't forget! See below for how to go about it, if you experience any problems, you need to contact me before the deadline has passed - midnight GMT time.


Here is your 4th update...



CHANGE A PICK - Monday 28th November



You will be able to change a pick anytime on Monday 28th November (UK Time). All you will have to do is login as normal (on the 7th), and you'll notice it will let you change a pick - as long as you dont go over your budget! But remember ONLY 1 PICK can be changed.




Once you've logged in, click the 'make my picks' link and de-select the superstar you do not want anymore and select a new one to take their place. Remember it will not save your picks if you go over budget.


If for whatever reason you wont be able to change a pick during that day, reply in THIS THREAD with the name of the superstar you would like to change along with their replacement by midnight 27th November, and I'll change them for you on Monday 28th November :xyx






> > > Raw:


- Nothing of note


> > > Superstars:


- Nothing of note.


> > > Smackdown:


- Daniel Bryan did not receive any extra points for the title win since the match never officially happened.







> Leaderboard


> Usergroups (click the name of any usergroup to see their respective leaderboards)


> FWL User Control Panel (If it said "Access Denied Entry Deadline Past", ignore it, if you registered in time, you will still be able to login. Don't forget, you have to be logged into the forums before you can login to the FWL section)

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