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Xtreme Round up (Abridged X7:17)


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The intro rolls, throwing wrestling footage aplenty to a new logo marked TWOStars: Xtreme Round up, the camera switches to a height view of Todd Grisham standing in front of an XRU logo. The camera flies down to show the presenter making himself ready and finally the camera cuts to a front shot of Todd.


Todd Grisham: Welcome TWOStargazers to another action packed issue of Xtreme Round Up, where we look at all the goings on over the last show and we start off with the path to World War straight away with Darkstar telling Brice Perrino how things were going to be.


Todd turns to another camera with a graphic of Darkstar and Brice with a split between the two.


Grisham: As you may remember, Brice perrino has been running riot in TWOStars, he started off by firing Cari-Dee and continued on with removing TWO Superstars left right and center as well as forcing referees to accept interference in Craig Van Dam's matches. So much so that we here at Xtreme Round Up reported that the cornerstone of TWOStars Draven Cage went straight to Darkstar and this was the result...


DS: I've asked Brice Perrino to be out here with me, so I won't be interrupted this week


Brice lazily raises his hand, but concentrates on his I-pad.


DS: Last week, several members of the roster were placed on suspension and I, as one of the General Managers received several complaints. This forced me to approach the board with those complaints and it appears that, for once, the board has agreed with me.


Brice looks up from his I-pad, suddenly interested in what is going on.


DS: Brice, the board has agreed with me that, should you place anyone else on suspension, you will remove any form of competition in this, well, competition based entertainment organisation.


Audience: F*ck him up Darkstar f*ck him up!


DS: The board has agreed that, until you or I bring more wrestlers into TWOStars to replace the people you have effectively gotten rid of, there is a ban on suspending wrestlers!


The audience cheer loudly as Brice launches out of the corner of the ring and clearly mouths a "What?"


DS: Oh yes Brice! You see, you may have the same amount of power than me, but you haven't done this job as long as me. I'm not going to reverse any of your decisions, but I will do everything in my power to promote FAIR competition. That's what TWOStars is all about, and if that doesn't matter, then profit is another motivator. There is no profit in stagnating the competition.


Brice looks p*ssed and begins to mouth obscenities at Darkstar.


DS: Plus, those people on suspension? You didn't fire them, so we're still paying for them! You right royally dipped this months profits by a 6 mill drop... You know, even our mysterious "benefactor" has had to concede that this isn't a good result.


Brice moves rapidly to the technician to get a mic.


DS: So I've put all of the suspended wrestlers out there, looking for some new talent to bring into TWOStars, give them something to do, or, should I say earn their money?


Brice's body language gets more wild as the mic isn't coming anytime soon.


DS: You know, last show, when all was done and dusted, I had Draven Cage come visit me and you know what? He threatened to resign and guess what? The board has forced me to do everything in my power to keep the "Cornerstone of TWOStars" here and happy.


Brice looks back at Darkstar and again demands a mic, but the technician shrugs.


DS: There's only one microphone here at the moment Brice, so tonight you're going to be doing the listening and not the talking.


Audience: F*ck him up Darkstar f*ck him up!


DS: So tonight, in this very ring, Craig Van Dam and Christopher Eagles will face Draven Cage and Matt Denton.


The audience goes wild, as Brice looks shocked.


DS: Oh and one more thing! YOU are banned from ringside tonight!


If Brice's jaw could hit the floor, it would. The audience cheer their approval at Darkstar finally owning Brice Perrino. Darkstar takes a look at his watch and smiles a wry smile.


DS: Anyway, I'm done, mic's yours.


Darkstar moves to the end of the ring and drops the mic on the ring apron, as the camera switches angle and watches Darkstar walk away up the ramp.


Grisham: So, Draven Cage is given his opportunity for revenge and to ensure that his chance is fair, Brice Perrino is banned from ringside. But this is Brice we're talking about here and always ready to up the stakes, bringing his bodyguards with him, Brice paid a visit to Draven Cage.


The audience cheer loudly when the camera cuts to Draven Cage, he steps into the locker room and places his bag on a bench, a small smile hits the face of the Hangman as he shakes his head.


Draven Cage: I wish I could have seen his face!


DC giggles to himself but as he turns around he comes face to face with Brice, surrounded by Craig Van Dam and Christopher Eagles, the look on the mugs of Team Million are pictures of rage and thunder.


DC: There something I can do fer you boys?


Eagles steps forth as though he's about to plant one on Draven Cage, but Brice puts his hand out and stops him.


Brice Perrino: Draven Cage... the so-called "Cornerstone of TWOStars", you don't deserve a "bro" from me, you've stabbed me in the back, you've led the snake into house Perrino and all because you were beaten fairly.


DC: Aye, well, I and a lot more people have had enough, you want to fight? We'll fight, but we'll do it to the rules of wrestling, not the rules of Brice Perrino.


The audience can be heard to cheer in the background.


BP: Well I for one would have accepted your resignation, but obviously the board doesn't have my foresight and I can't order you out, so here's my proposal, if team Million wins tonight, you retire, for good!


Draven Cage snorts and looks away.


DC: An' what's in it for me laddie? A pat on the back?


BP: Well, what do you bro-pose?


Draven puts one finger up to ask Brice to wait a second, then brings out a piece of paper.


DC: Your signature on this!


Brice snatches the paper from DC and reads it.


BP: You jest of course...


DC: I win, you sign it.


Brice looks at the paper again.


BP: Ok, you got a deal!


Brice puts his hand out to shake, but only gets DC's face very close to his own.


DC: Of course, you renege on that, I will have to choose between finding you personally, or threatening the board again...


Brice does his best to hide his fear at Draven Cage's Scottish intimidation, but a gulp escapes him and he backs off behind his team.


Christopher Eagles: We'll be seeing you out there soon!


DC: Aye, you will, now p*ss off and let me get changed!


Brice turns to leave followed by Eagles, yet Craig Van Dam steps up to DC with his belt over his shoulder, DC takes a long look at the gold, then to CVD. Van Damn turns away and walks out leaving Cage to shake his head and unpack his gear.


Grisham: So it appears everything rides on the result of the tag match tonight, should Draven Cage lose, he must retire from TWOStars, should he win however, then Brice must sign the paper that Draven Cage holds. So, what is on the paper? I don't know, but we'll check out the match later, to see how the future of TWOStars will be written!


The graphic turns to Jimmy Tsunami.


Grisham: Of course one Superstar to start shining recently has been Jimmy Tsunami, already he's managed to defeat Chris Eagles, no mean feat by any means, now he faces another challenger and yet another one who might be a struggle to get past, none other than the Chav.




JR: And we're off, both wrestlers lock up, Chav getting an early lead with a wrist lock.


The Chav, showing his superior technical skills, moves Jimmy into an arm lock, to a headlock and swinging Jimmy over his hips to the ground with the headlock held.


PH: Jimmy Tsunami is facing off against a technical genius here JR! Plus the thing about the Chav is that, unlike Eagles, the Chav is from the street, all his sense of entitlement is earned.


JR: Is that you criticising Chris Eagles?


PH: Not criticising as such, just pointing out key differences!


Jimmy Tsunami brings his legs up to pin the Chav's head and Rolls forward bringing his opponent out of the sit out headlock, both wrestlers get to their feet, but the Chav uses his arm to sweep Tsunami off his feet and onto his back, but Tsunami recovers quickly and sweeps the Chav back.


JR: Jimmy to the ropes coming in for a quick elbow drop.


But the Chav times the drop and moves and follows in with a quick elbow drop back.


JR: Chav taking control here with another couple of elbow drops to soften his opponent up.


PH: Good technical showing there by both wrestlers, but the Chav just has more experience in the ring.


JR: Sure thing! The Chav has been wrestling for a long time and has more in the way of tricks up his sleeve.


The Chav launches Jimmy to the ropes and casually knocks him down at the return with a back elbow.


JR: Back elbow and another elbow drop, the Chav keeping Jimmy down with quick strikes.


PH: I'd agree with that, the Chav is just not giving Jimmy Tsunami chance to think, let alone look for any form of reversal.


JR: It's all Chav at the moment as Jimmy is thrown harshly into the corner.


The Chav gives Tsunami a boot to the breadbasket as the young star looks to return, the Chav lifts Jimmy's chin as his arm raises high in the air.


Flash of white.


Jimmy slowly rises to his feet only to be met by a dropkick from the Chav, Jimmy stumbles backwards and falls into the rope but the top rope drops withi him and traps Jimmy between the ropes.


JR: Uh oh.


The Chav hesitates for a second as the ref comes over to try free Jimmy from the ropes.


JR: Chav looking into his own corner...


The camera cuts to a shot of the corner, the Council Estate Bling lies in Chav's corner and the Chav looking towards it.


PH: Is it DQ time?


It appears so, as the Chav marches to the corner and picks up the bling, but the referee sees him and abandons helping Jimmy to rush over to the Chav and take the belt off the wrestler, the ref goes back to the Chav's corner closely followed by the Chav, who seems to have taken issue with the ref's interferance.


JR: Chav losing focus here as... Wait!


The Chav's face is one of surprise as he falls backwards from a School boy roll up pin from behind.










JR: Bah Gawd! Tsunami's won! Tsunami's Won!


PH: The Chav was so busy arguing with the referee that he didn't see Jimmy Tsunami manage to free himself and roll the Chav up!


Jimmy Tsunami leaves the ring immediately after the third count and walks backwards towards up the ramp celebrating, the Chav is just sitting on the mat looking shocked and disappointed in himself.


Grisham: The Chav of course now on a bit of a losing streak, his last opponent was Tiny Davies, who seemed to be wrestling at Brice Perrino's whim as the massive Superstar was up against Randy Roko, well, the results were inevitable.


Davies lumbers towards Randy, trapped in a corner. With no way out, Randy nips up on the turnbuckle, and turns to face Davies in the space of a second, and instantly launches himself into space with a flying cross-body… which bounces off of Davies, only slightly inching him back a step or two as Randy falls backwards to the canvas.






Randy slides out of the ring and curses more vehemently, before jogging around behind Davies and sliding in, attacking him from behind with various clubs to the back of the head which staggers Tiny forward slightly as he slowly turns to face his attacker once more.


JR: Randy may need to think about changing his game plan if he wants to win this match!


Heyman: Bah! He has this match in the bag!


Randy backs away from the giant-elbow-attack-of-death and faces Davies as he turns around. Randy launches some karate kicks to the gut of Davies, sending ripples through his blubber. When seeing they have no effect Randy curses and punches Davies in the face, causing him to back up slightly. A couple of more slugs and Davies pushes Randy in retaliation, sending him crashing into the ropes and rebounding right into Davies which sends Roko, once again, crashing down into the canvas.


JR: And again Davies takes Randy down!






Tiny bends down to pick Randy up and Randy launches into action, attempting a roll up! Randy drags Davies down but due to the weight, is unable to fully lock in the roll up! Instead Davies teeters… teeters…




Davies topples down onto Randy who realises his ultimate mistake and frantically tries to escape the crushing weight of Davies before it’s too late…




JR: This could be it!





Heyman: No, Randy will escape…!







Grisham: Naturally the true Messiah of TWOStars had a lot to say to Brice Perrino and he's got a lot to say to him.


Randy: Brice Perrino! You might have humiliated me out there tonight on national television, putting me up against that fat tub of lard Davies who probably bathes in barbecue sauce and eats horses for a living but it is a humiliation that I will never forget. You may think you have one up on me Brice, you may think that you have scored some points, you may think you’re so cool with your ‘Bro’ Van Dam but in reality you and Van Dam are nothing but two cowardly little pieces of scum!


Randy runs a hand through his hair, his eyes manic.


Randy: I worked and worked for that title, it was my big break after years of hard work and then Van Dam sneaks in and steals my title! You know if it were me I would have done the same thing… but not in the way he did! Van Dam isn’t a man, he isn’t a competitor, he can’t do anything anymore without having some help from you Brice and some muscle from Eagles! Eagles can’t do anything apart from be a sidekick in your little puppet-show! You have not only ruined this company Brice Perrino but turned two good wrestlers into pathetic excuses of men!


Randy’s eyes cast off into the distance as if remembering.


Randy: Eagles used to be tough, used to be able to handle things in his own way at his own time and pace and used to earn his own trophies and wins – now he needs you Perrino to give him wins and even then he is beat by Jimmy freakin’ Tsunami! Van Dam used to be the top of this company, and I mean the top, and now he has to have Eagles soften up his opponents and you tip the tides in his favour! Whatever happened to Van Dam and Eagles being men to respect? Whatever happened to hearing the name Van Dam and thinking “well that’s a man I’d be honoured with to step into ring with” or hearing Eagles and thinking “I fought that man, I’ve pushed him to his limits and I’m damn proud of that” whereas now all I can think of is how disgraceful it is that I’ve been in the ring with both of those men!


Randy gives out a laugh that’s more like a bark.


Randy: You think I’m going to let this go Brice? You think I’m going to let you run amok in my company? You think I’m going to let Van Damn wear my title? You think I’m going to let you drag my well hard earned name through the mud? You can think again Brice Perrino… I’m coming for you. It might not be today, it might not be next week, it might not even be this month, but one day down the line you will face your punishment for your actions and no-one, not a single soul will be there to stand in my way when that time comes. No Van Dam… No Eagles… I will make sure of it.


Randy stares directly into the camera.


Randy: You may play your games with me now while you have protection and power Perrino… But Randy Roko forgets nothing. You could fire me, I’d still be there. You could ban me from arena’s, I’d still be there. You could lock me up… I’d still be there. Do your worst Perrino for your time is short, it’s time to play with The Messiah Perrino and let me tell you, this is one game that money can’t buy…


With that Randy walks out of the shot


Todd gives the expression of "wow!"


Grisham: So Roko had an issue with the match AND an issue with Chris Eagles, then again, Eagles hasn't really been doing his utmost to keep up locker room relationships! However, Brice, being Brice, had to reply to Randy Roko!


b]Todd Grisham: Folks, I am standing here with none other than Brice Perrino, Brice, thank you for this interview, perhaps we could start with your overall mission here at TWOStars?


Brice pauses and smiles at Todd.


Brice Perrino: Todd, bro, I'm sure you'd love me to talk on and on about why the Million is here and what he has on the bro-rizon, but I am here for one thing and one thing only, to answer Randy Roko.


Todd raises his eyebrow.


TG: OoooooK?


BP: Roko, you're just not championship material, sure, Darkstar felt that a rematch should be on the cards, but it takes TWO to tango and I'm not dancing your tune bro! You want to b*tch and moan about lost opp-bro-tunities, you want to insult Chris Eagles' intensity when you and that other loudmouth, the Chav, can't even beat one minor string bit player here in this federation?! If you want to prove to me you've got what it takes then you're going to have to beat Tiny Davies... if you've got what it takes then perhaps you ought to face the "Hardest playa in the game" at the same time?


TG: Are you saying that to prove his worth Randy Roko is going to have to beat Tiny Davies and the Chav?


BP: Just like the Chav is going to have to beat Tiny Davies and Rok-bro... simple as, I am announcing at World War, those three will face off in a triple threat! Show me what you've got Roko, let's see if you have what it takes to overcome the odds just like I did when I helped two up and comers become Gods amongst children!


Brice Perrino walks off tapping his I-Pad.


Grisham: So we have our first match for World War, both Roko and the Chav have something to prove against Tiny Davies, Tiny made short work of them both individually, so, if Roko and the Chav could work together, then they might be able to deal with the "Massive one". With that announcement, we'll be back after the break with the debut of Ángel de la muerte and of course, Team Million versus Matt Denton and Draven Cage!

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We return from adverts as Todd Grisham looks straight to camera.


Todd Grisham: Last week we met a character by the name of Jimmy Hawthorn, who promised us excitement and thrills at the hands of his wrestler Ángel de la muerte, well tonight the man got to prove he wasn't full of hot air, when the Mexican sensation faced none other than the Sick one, Sickness!




PH: And we’re off!


Both wrestlers circle the ring, looking for an approach, but eventually move in for the lock.


PH: Collar and elbow tie up there and Sickness is being easily manhandled to the corner.


The ref moves in to break it up, both wrestlers put their arms up to show a clean break, but Ángel de la muerte gives Sickness a rapid open hand slap.


JR: Ángel de la muerte showing little respect for his opponent here tonight!


PH: And why should he?


Sickness holds his throbbing jaw and talks to himself, as though prepping himself for the next move.


PH: And here we go for the lockup again...


Once again Sickness is pushed back into the corner, once again the ref comes into break and once again a resounding slap is heard across the arena.


Audience: OOOOOH!


Sickness holds his redenning cheek and looks up angrily at his opponent who calmly walks backwards to his corner; outside the Ring Jimmy Hawthorn is clapping.


JH: Why do I get the feeling that Jimmy Hawthorn is as much to blame for Ángel de la muerte’s tactics than the wrestler himself?


PH: Don’t get many managers these days, but I have to say I am more than impressed with this one!


Once again Sickness and Ángel de la muerte tie up, Sickness again loses out to the weight and strength difference and finds himself again in the corner. The ref instinctively comes to split the wrestlers apart, Ángel de la muerte comes in with another slap, but it is blocked by Sickness and a pair of fingers probe into the eyesockets of Ángel de la muerte’s mask.


JR: Ángel de la muerte getting what he deserved in my book!


PH: That’s an illegal move and you know it JR, isn’t it funny how you’re morals can be a bit lax when it comes to people you like?


Ángel de la muerte holds his face and moves away from the corner, the ref gives Sickness a telling off and the Sick One feigns an apology.


JR: Oh wait, Sickness is distracted and here comes Ángel de la muerte!


The Monstrous Mexican charges Sickness in the corner, but is only met with an elbow, a second attempt met with a foot to the gut, in pain Ángel de la muerte doubles over and turns away from his opponent.


JR: And here comes Sickness with a... BULLDOG!


Flash of white.


Jimmy Hawthorn can be heard openly mocking Sickness on the ground, Sickness obviously landed on his head as he begins punching wildly out at anything. Ángel de la muerte makes his move, running to the opposite rope, then back, springboarding then laying a plancha on the now risen Sickness.


JR: He’s pretty acrobatic for a tall guy!


PH: He’s Mexican, they all can do that flippy stuff!


It takes a moment for the two to untangle, but Sickness really isn’t going anywhere and it doesn’t take long for Ángel de la muerte to take control. Sicky is brought to a vertical base and then whipped into the upright.


JR: Ángel de la muerte totally in control here with Sickness vaulted into that steel post!


Sickness tries to get up but several punches bring him back down to earth, the Sick One crashes into the time keeper’s desk, giving Ángel de la muerte enough time to break up the 10 count by rolling in and out of the ring.


PH: Wait! Lookout Ángel de la muerte! Sickness has a weapon!


Ángel de la muerte doesn’t hear Heyman in time, as the Mexican Sensation pulls up Sickness, the insane one strikes.


JR: Well I don’t think that’s going to cause a disqualification do you?


The audience allow a small laugh as Sickness is desperately hitting Ángel de la muerte with the blow up club he had earlier. Ángel de la muerte doesn’t share the amusement and throws Sickness into the ring. Sicky drops his weapon in pain and holds his back.


JR: Ángel de la muerte bringing Sickness back into the ring and following up... wait!


Ángel de la muerte climbs the outside and stands on the top turnbuckle, Sickness once again rises but is met with force.


JR: Missile drop kick there by Ángel de la muerte!


PH: This man is really selling Mexico to me!


Ángel de la muerte goes for the pin.














JR: Late two for Ángel de la muerte, Sickness has taken a beating, but as we all know, one of Sickness’ strengths is being able to take a beating!


Flash of white cut.


JR: Sickness showing signs of tiredness here and he’s going to have to find a way to suck this up and look for a win.


Ángel de la muerte brings Sickness to his vertical base and whips him to the ropes, Sickness hits them and returns to a massive back bodydrop.


JR: Ángel de la muerte looking to knock the wind out of Sickness and going for the pin.














Jimmy Hawthorn smacks the ring apron in disgust, shouting something about slow counts, Ángel de la muerte doesn’t show any emotion as he brings Sickness back to his feet, but this time a little too close to the ropes.


PH: What’s this a back body drop over the ropes! I’s so excited!


Ángel de la muerte whips Sickness to the ropes and bends down for the body drop close to the ropes, but Sickness manages to slow his momentum, kick Ángel de la muerte and perform a stunner on the Mexican Sensation, Ángel de la muerte stumbles backwards, hits the ropes and returns to meet a foot in the breadbasket, doubled over, it’s child’s play for the Sick One to perform a DDT.


JR: And Sickness has managed to break the momentum, all hell and highwater won’t stop Sickness.


PH: Whatever, it’s still taken everything out of him!


Indeed, both wrestlers lie motionless on the ground.


Flash of white.


JR: Sickness performing his “Bareback” maneuver on Ángel de la muerte.


Jimmy Hawthorn has seen enough and launches himself to the ring, Sickness goes to pin, but hearing the kerfuffle behind him, gets up to see what’s going on. Sickness makes the mistake of turning his back on Ángel de la muerte as his opponent gets up swiftly jumps onto Sickness with his knees firmly in his back and falls backwards.


JR: Sickness caught out by a double knee backbreaker and this looks like he’s setting up.


Jimmy Hawthorn suddenly doesn’t have a problem as Ángel de la muerte climbs up the outside of the turnbuckle.


JR: Wait! Was Sickness playing possum?


Not quite, Sickness desperately tries to get up but slips and falls onto the ropes, unfortunately for Ángel de la muerte, this means that his foot slips and a ball crushing sit out follows for the Mexican Monster.


PH: That’s cheating!


JR: One bad turn deserves another, Jimmy Hawthorn distracted the ref.


PH: Two wrongs don’t make a right JR!


Sicky begins to recover from the agonising back pain and sees Ángel de la muerte holding his crotch, as if a new wind has hit him, the Sick One vaults straight up and begins a punching 10 count.


Audience: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.....


Sickness finishes his 10 punch with his crotch.


JR: Sickness with his unorthodox “Timewarp” combination.


Sicky finishes off with a massive superplex.


JR: And that has to be the end of Ángel de la muerte!


Sickness rolls over his opponent.

















THRE.... Kickout!


The audience oohs at the closeness of the pin.


JR: So close there for Sickness!


Flash of white.


The Sick one sighs and brings Ángel de la muerte to his feet, then brings him up to a fireman’s lift.


JR: Looks like we’re going for the “Coma” Go 2 sleep maneuver.


However, Ángel de la muerte struggles and gets his legs free, falling down the back of Sickness, Ángel de la muerte brings his right arm around the front of Sickness’ neck, using his other hand as a guide, sickness is rotatated backwards so he is lying across Ángel de la muerte’s shoulder. Sickness is pulled down into a half Tombstone position and Ángel de la muerte sits out.


JR: BAH GAWD! Ángel de la muerte could have just broken Sickness’ neck with that move!


PH: It’s a cradle sit out piledriver and I believe Ángel de la muerte calls it the Reaper!


Sickness looks out cold as he lays on his back, Jimmy Hawthorn is heard to scream “Pin him! Pin him!”


Ángel de la muerte casually lays on Sickness’ unconscious form.

















Ángel de la muerte’s music kicks in as Jimmy Hawthorn enters the ring to celebrate with the emotionless Mexican wrestler.


JR: And so Ángel de la muerte beats Sickness on his debut here at TWOStars!


Grisham: So Ángel de la muerte showing the skills and wrestling Sickness in an impressive backwards and forwards match, I have to say that, though I'm not that encouraged by Jimmy Hawthorn and the way he does his wrestling, it was great to see Sickness really put through his paces in a great matchup. In fact, I would go so far as to say that both those wrestlers really showed what TWOStars is made of!


Cut to a mini break


Coming to you 14th December




We cut back to Todd waiting patiently.


Grisham: So with World War announced, we'll be looking forward to the matches coming next week, perhaps the aftermath of this next match will help shape what is to come, as Matt Denton and Draven Cage take on Brice's Bro-tal Package... Team Million!


Ding! Ding! Ding!


JR: Here we go, this tag team main event is underway.


Eagles and Cage step out onto the apron leaving Craig and Denton to start off.


PH: Champion Vs Champion here.


Van Dam and Denton circle around the ring and get into a strong, aggressive tie up. After a brief struggle MKD shoves the Unified Champion to the canvas.


Crowd: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JR: Oh look at that!


The Package is not amused as he gets up, he appears to be going back into a tie up but actually pokes Denton in the eye and follows up with a forearm.


PH: What a great move.


JR: Great move?


Van Dam takes control of MKD’s left arm and Irish whips him off the ropes, when he returns Craig throws a clothesline only for Matt to duck it. Denton then pops CVD with an elbow which knocks him to the canvas.


PH: What a shot from Denton!


The Package shuffles backwards towards his corner and tags in Eagles.


JR: Van Dam wisely re-grouping and tagging in Eagles.


The former TV Champion climbs into the ring and charges at Denton only for Matthew to cut him off with a shot. DC then begins shouting to be tagged in.


JR: And Draven Cage wants a piece of Eagles!


MKD obliges and tags in Cage to massive cheers.



Flash of white.


Cage takes control of Eagles’ right arm and looks to Irish whip him off the ropes but Eagles reverse it. When DC comes into the ropes he is met to the back with a knee by Van Dam to loud boos.


JR: HEY!!!!!


PH: Great move from the champion.


Eagles follows up with a stiff kick to Draven’s ribs. He then tags back in Van Dam.


JR: And now the champ is back in.


The Brotal Package stomps all over the body of Draven. Then he jumps high and lands on Cage with a standing moon sault.



















THR…………. Cage powerfully kicks out.


Flash of white.


PH: Draven Cage on fire here!


Cage takes a few steps back before charging towards the champion only for Craig to lift his foot up right into Cage’s head.


Crowd: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JR: What a shot from Van Dam!


PH: And Cage crumbling to the canvas there.


The Brotal Package drops to his knees and begins to violently choke Cage. The referee has no choice but to count.










The Package breaks his grip on four.


PH: Craig perfectly in the rules there, breaking on the count of four.


JR: He shouldn’t be choking to begin with.


The Package climbs to his feet, walks over to the corner and tags Eagles back in to LOUD boos.


PH: Good strategy, quick tags in and out.


Eagles re-enters the ring, and stomps all over Cage. He drags the big man to a vertical base and hooks him in a front face lock, only for Draven to elevate Eagles over his head.


Crowd: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Hangman crawls over to his corner and is able to tag in Denton to LOUD cheers.


JR: And here comes Matt Denton!


Denton runs right through Eagles. Eagles is quick to his feet as Denton hooks him in a front face lock, lifting him up and falling back into the canvas.


PH: Nice suplex from Denton there.


The former TV Champion attempts to crawl over to CVD but Denton drags him away. He then drags Eagles to his vertical base. Slapping on a front face lock but this time he falls back, driving Eagles’s face into the canvas.




Denton turns Eagles onto his back, climbs on top of him and goes for a cover.




























THRE…………… Eagles raises his left shoulder from the canvas.


PH: So close, so close.


Flash of white.


JR: Blind there, Draven Cage is in.


As Denton comes back he ducks a clothesline attempt by Eagles. What Eagles doesn’t see is Cage charging at him!


PH: LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Hangman drives his body right through Eagles.


PH: GORE!!!!!!!!!!! GORE!!!!!!!!!!!! GORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JR: Draven Cage scores with a big time Gore!


Cage climbs on top of Eagles, going for a cover.











Van Dam climbs into the ring but Denton tackles him to the ground.































Ding! Ding! Ding!


“Silent King” blasts from the speakers.


TC: Here are your winners Draven Cage and Matt Denton!!!!!!


JR: And a big time victory by Matt Denton and Draven Cage here the BIG news is that Brice will have to sign whatever is it and DC's job here is safe!


Todd Grisham makes an expression like "Phew!"


Grisham: So Draven Cage manages to win the night, keep his job here at TWOStars and further to that, Brice agreed to sign the paper that Draven Cage had, what was it? Well, we'll have to wait till next show to find out, and that's me done for another show, take care and see you next time!


I've been Todd Grisham and this has been Xtreme Round up!


Cut to credits.

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