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Call me paranoid but with the 5th person agreeing to doing something and then just not bothering, I have the distinct impression there is something going on here.


Whether it's to "teach me a lesson" or whatever, which would be pathetic, I'll say right here, I'll keep TWOStars running if I have to write every word myself.


I think it's best to strip Maxximus from the group, it's obvious that he's just there to be in the know of what's going on, not sure about Wayne yet, he said he's coming back, DC said he's busy with things, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt as if he had left, he'd have objected to his character being used by now.


I'll see where we're going after Christmas and make my decisions then.


The Fury and the Magic are also interested in joining the group, so it will be nice to have fresh blood in there soon :)

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Well, Wayne and Maxx both agreed to do a match then just plainly didn't do it, Wayne was all excited until Spaz criticised the format and then he's all not into it any more and perhaps maybe he'll come back.


I'm going to have to push Kam about that 1 page splash for the E-Fed, so I can use it to start promoting the fed. I might even ask him if he can ask his cartoonist friend to do some likenesses.


Anyway, I got a lot of work to do, will be trying to get the Profiles page sorted in the reader's section today and then the XTV round up tomorrow, plus it looks like I'll be writing 3 matches for World War (awesome) :roll


Funny thing is I genuinely don't mind :)

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