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XTV 7:18 Last one before World War


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Hi guys,


This is the last show before World war, so we need to promote the matches that will happen at that time, so when you do your promos, make sure that you hock the matches.


Roko v Chav v Davies was announced last week, so Rudie can push that if he wishes.


The rest of the matches are here : http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum/showthread.php?55858-TWOStars-World-War-booking


Hopefully someone will want to take up the slack on that, skit writers might want to take a look and see where they can help out.


Christmas break will start after World War and we will beging writing again on 11th January, which is a nice long break and allow some of you guys who have been real busy time to recharge your batteries.


I'd also like to give my heartfelt thanks to the guys who have been busting a gut writing for the shows, I'll be ensuring each of you gets a Christmas present from me, just to say thank you for supporting me.


Anyhoo, here is the card, please shout up if you want the match.


Show opening: DC forces Brice to sign the contract

Randy Roko v Jimmy Tsunami

Angel De La Muerte v DC (Saz)

Chav v Sickness

Matt Denton v Craig Van Dam


I'll take the show opening if no one else wants it.


I'll put the deadline on this as the 3rd December which will give you plenty of time, especially with writing your World War matches as well, I'll also be putting the World War deadline back to 10th as I will be away that weekend so I can compile it next week.


I look forward to see what you guys come up with, I am available by PM as usual if you want to discuss anything.



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