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WWE TLC 2011 Discussion Thread - December 18, 2011 from Baltimore, MD


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The third annual WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs will come to you, live on pay-per-view on December 18 from the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, MD.


The official theme song for WWE TLC is "Days Are Forgotten" by Kasabian (featuring LL Cool J) off of the album, "Velociraptor", which is available now on iTunes.




WWE Championship: Triple Threat TLC Match:

CM Punk © vs. The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio


Sledgehammer Ladder Match:

Triple H vs. Kevin Nash


World Heavyweight Championship: Chairs Match:

Mark Henry © vs. Big Show


Tables Match:

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett


Intercontinental Championship:

Cody Rhodes © vs. Booker T


United States Championship:

Dolph Ziggler © (with Vickie Guerrero) vs. Zack Ryder

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Sorry, been busy this weekend but vBookies are up HERE for anyone with time and emoney to kill before the PPV.


I'm looking forward to it actually. Mainly for the Smackdown side of things. Henry/Show is my favourite thing in forever and ever and I cant wait for it. Orton and Barrett have had a good feud and work well together, if they work out the tables match format it should be good. Cody and Booker sold me on the go-home so I'm interested even though I dont like Booker in the ring. Dolph/Zack should be great and hopefully Zack gets his big win. The three-way TLC should be a good match if nothing else. HHH/Nash horrifies me but whatever. TLC has always been a good show.

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From Wrestling 101:


Only one PPV means there will be brutally mad bumps, crazy spots-a-plenty, and perhaps the odd sneaky joke about someone “getting wood”. IT’S TLC TIME BABY!! What better way to countdown to Christmas than watching carnage unfold before your very eyes? And with 4 HUGE title matches, you can bet there WILL be carnage. Join me and take a look, won’t you?


> WWE TLC 2011 Preview

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As a Triple H fan, even I'M worried about how this match is gonna look...Nash has no business being out there in something like this, and Triple H hasn't recently been doing matches enough for me to be confident that it won't be a mess.


Just gotta trust in the wrestlin' gods tonight on this one...and hope NO quads blow out in the process. XD;

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looking forward to watching it. Rhodes, Barrett and Ziggler should go over for the good of the company, but I do fear the worst. Nash/HHH could be an accident waiting to happen, why Nash is in a WWE PPV in 2011 is beyond me.

I wish Show and Henry never got together and with the way they have portrayed Miz and Del Rio over the past few months the WWE title match doesn't really excite me.


But to end on a high note and for me an early Christmas present.....NO CENA:lol

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As Ciaran said, having a Cena-free pay-per-view is definitely an early Christmas present. Let's just hope that he remains off the card.


As an added bonus, there is no Divas match scheduled either. Though recent rumors say that Vince is very unhappy with the Divas division, so this may be a punishment, even though it is a treat for us.


For the Triple Threat TLC Match, I am hoping that they keep the WWE Title on CM Punk. Not only am I huge Punk mark, but it is also too early for WWE to be taking the title off of Punk. I am hoping that Punk holds the title well into 2012. So, in other words, I see Punk retaining.


I, too, am worried about how the Sledgehammer Ladder Match will go down. I am confident that Triple H can work the match, but I have absolutely no confidence that Nash can work the match. He will have to be carried through it by Trips and, if they are smart, they will only have someone climb a ladder at the end of the match and try to keep them on the ground (not that Nash can work a normal match all that well, anyways). My prediction is Triple H winning.


When the third pay-per-view match between Mark Henry and Big Show was announced, I could almost hear a collective groan from everyone watching (including myself). The fact that this one is a Chairs Match does not make me feel any better about it. I would like to see Big Show win the World Heavyweight Title just for the stats, but I don't see the title being taken off of Henry. I suspect that, if and when Undertaker returns (depending on if the whole "on the second day of 2012" thing leads to his return, which I think it does), then we will see a feud between Taker and Henry, possibly leading to WrestleMania.


I could really see either Randy Orton or Wade Barrett winning the Tables Match. I believe that the push of Barrett will continue regardless of the outcome, so I am going with Orton to win it.


I would so love to see Booker T win the Intercontinental Title and either come back full-time or, at least, be the reigning champion and also continue as a commentator (I have an image of Booker being in a suit at the announce table with the IC Title belt on the desk in front of him). That would be nice and would be something interesting to happen with the Intercontinental Title (which is easy to forget that Rhodes even holds), but I still see Rhodes retaining.


Given his mega push as of late, there is no way I can see Zack Ryder losing. Plus, it would be nice to see a new champion crowned in the mid-card division. I can honestly see Dolph Ziggler being moved up to main event status (even if it is for only a month or so).


I would not be surprised to see a WWE Tag Team Title match added to the card as a "bonus match" between Air Boom and Primo & Epico.

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