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How It Works


When its your turn, simply post in this thread a YouTube video (or videos - if there are more than one please post ALL of the parts here, not just the first) of a wrestling match that you want to share with the Club.


ALL members of the Club review ALL of the matches as they're posted, giving their thoughts and a score for the match out of 10. I strongly urge you to keep up to date with your reviewing, as a) you wont be able to post your own match if you're not, and b) trying to catch up on loads of matches all at once will probably suck.


The only real rule about what you can or cant use is that the total length of the video(s) you post cannot exceed 30 minutes.


There's also an unwritten rule in effect in the Music Club that should probably apply here, in that, please dont post the most obvious matches in the universe. If its something that you're sure everybody would have seen, or seen very recently (like, for example, the main event of this year's Wrestlemania), then try and choose something else. Otherwise we're just missing the point.


The Schedule


I've slowed the pace down a little from the MC so that we will have an entire week to do a group of matches before the next group. That gives people who are busy during the week plenty of time to get it done before we move on, as I imagine that falling behind in this format wouldnt be pretty.


Of course, if people arent happy with the schedule for whatever reason, let me know and we can tinker with it. The first time is going to be trial and error to get it right.


Thursday 17th November


The Def



Thursday 24th November



John Hancock


Thursday 1st December





Thursday 8th December

Jimmy Redman




Thursday 15th December




Have fun!

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Do we post here?

Well I have anyways :D





I Imagine we put our thoughts too?


I really loved Hakushi. I've always liked smaller wrestlers. 'Proper' workers I always thought.

Hakushi came in in a hot angle with Bret Hart but was soon demoted to jobber status. Sadness.

A good feel out to start the match, the crowd seemed up for it which they seemed to back in those days before monthly ppv's. Also Perhaps because where it was held which was probably a reason for quite a few Hakushi fans too.

Apart from the tilt the world botch and a few other sloppy bits (by the 123 kid imo) it was a solid effort.

Also noticed the Kid took a Bronco buster! perhaps he stole it from Hakushi :O

What also surprised me was the range of moves done by Hakushi for a small guy. Also these days it seems wrestlers aren't allowed to do certain moves that are similar to other guys stuff.


I really enjoyed this match back when I first watched it live. I really enjoyed the whole card if I remember right, and I enjoyed the match just now as I watched it for the first time in over 15 years.



Would this match stand up today? I think so

Match rating back then? 8.5

Match rating today? 7.5



Let me know how the format for these reviews/comments should be. :D

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Yes, post them in this thread. You dont have to review your own choice, although you're more than welcome to anyway. The format is whatever you want it to be, all you need is to discuss what you thought of the match and score it out of 10. How you go about that is up to you.


The Def and Jamster, I need your matches ASAP. I know the forum has been playing up the last couple days so no worries, but as soon as you're able. I want to make it clear going forward everyone needs to post their match on the day they're scheduled for. I want people to have as much time as possible to review them.


I will also rework the schedule to reflect the delay. New posting day is THURSDAY each week.


I have to go out now so I'll get to reviewing when I get home.

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I don't even need to watch the video, as I've seen the match before, but I'd give it a solid 6.5/10


I probably would have given it at least a 7, if I hadn't seen plenty of better matches, but as a match by itself, it's a really good example of just how talented both Shinzaki and Waltman are. It's a very fun high-flying match, and that about sums up my thoughts on it.


So yeah, 6.5/10.

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Hakushi vs 123 Kid - Summerslam 1995


See, this is paying off for me already. This is exactly the kind of random match from years past that I feel I should watch but would never get around to.


Anyway, I liked the early lucha highspots. Early Kid, in general, is someone who I havent seen a lot of but who I reckon I'd really like if I had. Hakushi had some cool offense - the Bronco Buster I noticed, the Swagger Bomb-ish thing - but I was also quite bored when he was standing around stomping for what felt like an hour. However, the handspring backflip tope he did was INSANE and I marked. I also liked Kid's comeback and his Christian springboard tope. Its funny seeing these things in reverse order and seeing where moves come from. Finish seemed a bit anticlimactic, but I think thats partly a generational thing since for some reason it seemed to me a very '90s Undercard' thing to have happened.


In short, when they were doing lucha it was pretty fun, when they werent, not so much. Perfectly fun to watch but I cant say it really captured my interest or that I'd ever watch it again. 6/10

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Sorry guys this is the first time Ive been able to sign on in a few days. I had narrowed my choices down to two on monday night but fell asleep before I posted em. Anyways the extra few days was nice because I changed my mind thinking one of my two choices most had probably seen, and the other was too recent. So heres a little classic ECW for you.



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Its so easy to forget how good a worker Waltman was, but back in the day he really could go for it. Mordecai stole Hakushi's intro. :lol

Nice exchanges at the start, the hair pull got the crowd popping nice. The double kip up wasnt bad, timing was a tad out but I think that can be forgiven. Oooh, loving the counter at about 5.50

Terrible scoop slam near the end, Waltman was too small for that to look any good. I really enjoyed the ending, that out of nowhere style finish always gets me pumped for whats coming next on a PPV.


Yeah, a solid 7/10 for me.

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Hakushi vs 123 Kid - Summerslam 1995


I haven't really seen any pre-1999 wrestling and before I watched this I had never heard of Hakushi! But this match was pretty good, it was pretty fast paced which is good, I'm not really someone who enjoys slow technical matches! I liked the bit where Hakushi kicked Kid out of the ring and then did the flip thing over the top rope, that was nice! As others have said the finish was a bit sudden, but I guess it was a surprise that Hakushi won when it seemed Kid had the victory!

So yeah, pretty good match, but wouldn't be something I would watch again, so I will give it 5/10!


Taz vs Yoshihiro Tajiri - ECW Heat Wave 1999


Tajiri! He was awesome, I loved watching his matches in WWE so its pretty cool to see some of his early stuff. I really liked this match, Tajiri hit some nice moves at the start and Taz's suplexes are always awesome! Some parts of the match were a bit slow, nothing seemed to happening in the middle. I don't really know the background of this match, like who the guys were on the outside of the ring, so wasn't too sure why some guy got thrown out of a wheelchair lol! Nice table spot, I always liked hardcore matches so anything with table spots in is good for me! Slightly random ending with the choking using barbed wire, was wondering what was going on as they had the cameras so far away, but going by what the commentators were saying I assume they got in trouble for that? But yeah good enjoyable match so I'm gonna give it 6.5/10.

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Haukshu vs. 1-2-3 Kid (SummerSlam 1995)


I actually started buying DVDs of shows from KOTR 1995 onwards earlier this year, so this one is a bit fresher in my mind than I'm sure some of the others will be. The first thing I noticed is how much more interested the crowd were in what is essentially a preliminary match. I liked Hakushi a bit but at the time I was very much influenced by who was winning and who wasn't, and Hakushi certainly wasn't after his run against Bret. His gimmick really was great though, the sort you probably wouldn't see today due to it's whackyness. Waltman is Waltman, and it's difficult for me to put aside how much I dislike him these days when I watch his old matches.


The start of the match was very fast-paced but still technically sound which is all you can ask for from a cruiserweight match, particuarly one that's kicking off a PPV. The tilt-a-whirl backbreaker screw-up was more noticeable because it would have been the first impact move of the match. I was surprised at how the crowd were very much behind Hakushi when he was on the attack, east coast crowd perhaps, but I personally was hoping it's because nobody liked Waltman, even back then. I wouldn't call it a bronco buster as there wasn't the latent homosexuality in the move that Waltman managed to convey with the move in later years. If you'd seen that for the first time in 1995 it wouldn't even be that noticeable a move. Hakushi's cartwheel moonsault to the outside was incredible, and the crowd really reacted to it because high-flying stunts hadn't worn out their welcome back then. Waltman's attempt at his springboard plancha was almost good, but he looked so out of control in the air that it could have been very dangerous. Hakushi winning actually surprised me because of the pre-match footage of him losing to Barry Horowitz, plus Waltman's on-off push in 1995 before he joined the Million Dollar Corporation.


If anything the match made me long for being in a time when more simple moves could entertain a crowd just as much as the most dangerous of stunts. They had a really entertaining match full of interesting moments and a finish that came out of nowhere. As a match on its own it would definitely score highly from me, but I'll add an extra mark on for being a match that performed its role in a show perfectly. As a result I'm scoring it 8 out of 10.


Oh, and I'm surprised the name "SummerSlime" didn't catch on as well as "SummerFest" did...



Tazz vs. Tajiri - ECW


My knowledge of ECW is very limited, and my watching of ECW matches is even lower than that. Personally it's not my kind of thing but I'm happy to become a bit more educated if more ECW matches are posted in the club.


I have absolutely no idea what we're joining this in progress of, but Joey Styles is excited so it MUST be interesting. It's immediately noticeable how both Tajiri and Taz are much quicker than when I saw them in the WWE, Tajiri's handspring elbow was the smoothest I've ever seen. They give me a PERFECT example of what I mentioned in the Hakushi/Kid match, Tajiri did that massive Asai moonsault and nobody cared. It just shows how people had become so used to those moves, and still are today. I was amazed to see a resthold so quickly in the match, even if Taz did suplex his way out of it and nearly broke Tajiri's neck in the process. I'm all for realistic moves but the suplexes (or Taz-plexes) thrown in the match just seemed so unnecessarily dangerous, although I'm certain not one person will agree with me about that. I will say the overhead belly-to-belly was perfectly done, and Tajiri's kicks were as impressive as always. And then there were lots of people involved, some I recognised, some I didn't. The wheelchair stuff I'm sure was fun for some people, I'm just not sure what it had to do with the title match taking place. I saw the suplex through the table coming a mile off but it was still a decent spot, but then I go straight back to wondering why this match needs brutal violence like barbed wire strangulation, and to be honest the widescreen at the end left me completely clueless as to what the finish actually was. I'm assuming Taz won based on the fact his music was playing.


So yeah, it's not that I didn't enjoy the match, I just didn't really get it. My lack of ECW knowledge really played into it as I didn't know any of the context of why this match was taking place, what the storyline taking place on the outside had to do with anything, and I still haven't worked out how the match ended. Sorry ECW fans, I'm only giving this 5 out of 10, all of which is for the in ring action and nothing for the outside stuff.

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Taz Vs Tajiri


Yeah, both these guys ruled in ECW. I forgot how bad ass Taz looked back then. Its a testiment to his gimmick that C2K thinks his suplexes are that much more dangerous than a normal one. Snug yeah, dangerous nah, not if you know what you're doing.

This is a perfect example of how to do a hardcore style match, limit your spots and sell them like a bastard. The Styles stuff at the end 'stay wide, stay widfe, this selfish bastard is going to get us thrown of pay per view' was brilliantly done.


Yeah, loved this entire thing. 8.5/10

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The only real rule about what you can or cant use is that the total length of the video(s) you post cannot exceed 30 minutes.



Jamster, learn to read you plum!



edit: I should add that I'm joking. I imagin that tiny bit over isnt actually going to bother anyone. :lol

Edited by Paul
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Yeah I'll let it go, but please do learn to read.


Taz vs Yoshihiro Tajiri - ECW Heat Wave '99


The amount of ECW I've watched from this period is miniscule. In fact I'm not sure if I've even seen a single match post-97.


Despite the fact that I have no idea whats going on I liked how the video cut in 'in progress'. Gave it that chaotic, ECW feel. Anyway, I liked this match probably more than I thought I would. I liked the early moonsault outside, and especially the Tarantula countered with an Alabama Slam. I hope someone else thought to do that, thats a cool spot. I liked Tajiri kicking him and Taz going "F*ck that" and suplexing him onto his head, although the headdrops in general make me cringe. I legit laughed at Corino being wheelchair'd, for whatever reason. The powerbomb on the ramp looked like it sucked. I totally loved Taz doing the badass no-sell of the Kicks ending in the table suplex, that rocked.


Finish was weird as hell to me watching it, to me the "go wide!" panicking was overly contrived and didnt interest me, especially as it only resulted in me not having any idea what was going on. I didnt even realise it was barbed wire until reading this thread afterwards. I'd probably be more impressed/grossed out with the spot had I actually seen it. As it was, it was anti-climactic.


Anyway, on the whole I rather enjoyed it, despite the issues. The match itself I liked, as a sort of bomb-throwing sprint, with Tajiri throwing all his offense at Taz and Taz being the badass ace and tossing him around. 7/10

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Taz vs Yoshihiro Tajiri - Really liked the start of this one, the fast-paced high-flying and suplexes make it seem as if each man wants to beat the other up as quickly as possible. Of course, the match then slows down, but it's still very enjoyable. The outside stuff was fun too.....that wheelchair to the face looked really dangerous, good grief! The finish was ruined by the "go-wide" thing though, way to ruin what could have been a nasty looking finish, instead you can't see anything! I'll also say this: this is far from my favourite match of either man, but overall I really enjoyed it. I just think that if the pace didn't slow down shortly after it began, and the finish was actually shown properly, I would have enjoyed it far more. Still, a good match, and it gets a generous 7/10 from me.


I'll review Jamster's pick later.

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Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle vs Christian Cage - I may have said this before, but any time I see Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe in the ring against each other, I always enjoy it. And while I may enjoy their singles matches more, this match here is different, obviously, so I'm not really comparing it to the Angle/Joe singles matches. Also, between the pre-match comments, Sting, and the introductions, it seems to take forever for the actual match to start.....anyway, this match also illustrates something that I hate about TNA, asn that's that they ruined Samoa Joe. Enough of that though, onto the match itself. I quite like how Joe and Christian take out Angle and then wrestle between themselves...only for Angle to suddenly trip-up Christian and UPPERCUT! Good fun there. Then more fun, as Angle belly-to-bellies like mad, launching Christian right onto the floor. Then onto more Angle/Joe goodness. As I said before, I always enjoy Angle vs Joe. Of course Christian suddenly appears again and GROIN! Since I'm sick of going into specifics all the time, I'll just say that I enjoyed the rest of the match, but some points I will bring up: A couple of those German suplexes that Angle does to Christian look nasty, as Christians head bounced off the mat. Christians arm-drag from the Angle Slam position was fun, as was Angle's Ankle Lock setup from the outside. And I think I know the answer already, but is TNA capable of having a match without a screwey finish involving interference? Now that that's all said and done, the rating. I'm pretty sure I've seen this match before, but I had to watch it again as it wasn't at all fresh in my memory. I enjoyed the match, it was very much worth watching, but it left me with a lingering thought in the back of my mind: that is that I'd rather be watching any of the Angle vs Joe singles matches. Still, it's a good match in its own right, and I'd give it a 7.5/10. :)
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123 Kid vs Hakushi


I remember this match pretty well as it's always been a favourite. It surprised me when I first saw it as i really wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was. And on subsequent viewings the match hasn't deteriorated in quality any. A quality match, 7.5/10.


Tajiri vs Taz


Not something I've seen before actually, but I enjoyed it. Both pretty good workers here. The pace throughout is maintained nicely. There are a couple of issues as mentioned but overall fine.7/10


Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle vs Christian Cage


I can't remember if I've seen this match before, probably haven't. It's good, wouldn't go so far as to call it great, but between good and great (very good I guess). Didn't reallly like the finish but the action is high. 8/10.

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I'm probably reviewing these in far more depth than I need to... I'll review this in quarters as I probably won't have time to review it all at once. Please look out for my "TNA~!" symbols for things I find TNA-riffic.


1st Quarter


I have to laugh immediately when I see Samoa Joe with the world title. Remember when he was a legitimate threat and not a joke finishing a tournament series on minus points? The promo made little sense seeing as it was primarily aimed at somebody not involved in the actual match. And by "primarily" I mean "completely". TNA~! Creepy video package man is always fun to listen to, but I never understand why we need video packages to hype a PPV we have theoretically already bought. I was wondering what was going on with Booker before the "travel issues" were mentioned. Main eventers missing the show? TNA~! And it looks like we're heading into video 2 before the match starts...


2nd Quarter


Wow these entrances sure do go on a bit. At least the ECW match in this week's round completely cut them out. It does remind me though that Angle's entrance is about 100 times better than any other TNA wrestler in history. Oh, here's Sting. This must be unrelated to the match. And there goes Sting. We're finally starting the match after FIFTEEN MINUTES of build-up. Two faces beating up a heel two-on-one? TNA~! At least I think Joe is a face, the previous fifteen minutes have given me strong indicators to both being a face and a heel.


3rd Quarter


Angle took a a sick bump on his neck on the way out the ring, reminding me again that the man is absolutely insane for still being in the wrestling business. A lot of people get annoyed with the concept of a 3-way match having the same sort of action, two guys fighting and the other guy having a break, but I've never minded it that much as it always keeps the action fresh. Speaking f bumps leaving the ring, Christian went FLYING and had a horrible landing. I guess Joe's strikes are a bit "snug" as well and I'm sure glad I'm not on the receiving end. We get some contrast with the old school BITING~! followed by the new school top rope belly to belly suplex. Jack Brisco never did that. I did like the choke/Angle Slam/suplex series, Angle and Joe really do work sensationally well together.


4th Quarter


Well that was certainly a nice variation on the tower of doom spot, and it was probably the highlight of the match overall. The german suplex off the apron is a bit annoying because everyone knows that it's not going to actually happen, so the crowd don't react to it. Don West is so great, "he went for that kick that he does!", I wish he was doing commentary still. A double ankle lock? That seems a bit too whacky for me to accept I'm afraid. OK, Joe is insane, that corkscrew looked great and was incredibly risky considering the guard rail was so close when they had the six-sided ring. I would ask why a no-DQ triple threat match needs a ref bump to bring a chair in and do a low blow, but why would I question it? Oh lord here's Jeff Jarrett. Hey, he hit a guy with a guitar. This must be that No Surrender from the year 2000. And it bust Angle open hardway (I think), so that's lovely. But the video gains some respect with the 1920's dress-up advert at the end.


I'm giving the match a 7 out of 10, it was a lot shorter than I thought it would be based on the length of the videos (over half of which wasn't actually a match), but the in-ring stuff was good and I don't really know why Booker T would have been needed for it. I found the major drawbacks to be the over-booked start and finish of the match with Sting and Jarrett.


By the way, I've decided that when I do my videos they're deliberately going to be matches designed as guilty pleasures... Whatever that may be...

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Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle vs Christian Cage - TNA No Surrender 2008


Ah, Joe's title reign. Lulz. I hate to turn this into a LOLTNA thing, but the way they left in that video of the four-way when Booker obviously wasnt there is just such a terrible lack of quality control. There was just no reason to play that video.


This isnt hepled by the fact that there were so much extra-curricular stuff going on that the match didnt start until the end of the second video. This isnt Jamster's fault, more the fault of whoever made the video, because while I dont mind that stuff watching it live, there's no need for it when I'm watching it on YouTube and feeling like I wasted my time for the first 15 minutes wasnt fun. Plus, the Joe and Sting rubbish was rubbish.


Anyway, there's a match. Christian really held it together early with his crazy bumps and his offense. There were some cool spots that I liked in this - the Killswitch into the Germans, then the choke-Angle Slam-German sequence. Then, my God, Angle did hit the Angle Slam and NOBODY F*CKING CARED. At all. It could have been an arm drag. It was pathetic really, the worst kind of validation for me saying over and over again that Angle kills finishers. I have to say they recovered huge with the powerbomb/Angle's Throw Tower of Doom, that was cool. I also liked the Angle/Christian sequence of Christian's Rope Stomp thing to the apron German tease to the Pendulum to the Ankle Lock. Fun times. My problem again is that I never bought a single Ankle Lock. F*ck a Kurt Angle.


Joe's TORNILLO dive was insane as always though. "This is Awesome" was pretty hilarious at this point but I'd take easily pleased TNA crowds over depressingly dead TNA crowds any day. The last great spot in this was Christian seeing Angle running towards his Throw and LEAPING OVER into the frogsplash. Loved that. Then of course we get finishers and ref bumps and Jarrett interfering with the guitar for the finish. So lame.


And like Joe didnt have enough problems. He's in a sh*tty feud with someone not even in the match, a babyface champ being booked like an asshole and a chump, he gets booed in this title defense, and needs help from Jeff f*cking Jarrett to win. Before he loses the belt cleanly to Sting at BFG to end his lame ass title run and send him back to the midcard. F*ck TNA.


Match itself was fine, although I have to say not as good (or as long) as I expected outside of a few cool spots. And the finisher killing and usual TNA bullsh*t offended me far too much. 5/10

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Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle vs Christian Cage - TNA No Surrender 2008


I don't watch TNA at all, ever, I honestly cannot stand it, so having to sit through all that was painful! Like others said, if there wasn't so much stuff before the match started it might not have been so bad! I think TNA need to learn from WWE how to do video packages and when to use them, having a video build up each guy that was in the match right before the match was awful. Like i said, i don't watch TNA, so i'm just wondering does the ring announcer talk that much at the start of every match? "Who weighed in this morning at..." lol why would you even need to say that for?! Samoa Joe's promo was dull, the stuff with Sting wasn't really needed and one of the commentators (no idea what he was called) had a really annoying voice! Okay, so now that that's out of the way I can talk about the match lol!

It was okay, but definitely not something I would want to watch again. Having not seen a Kurt Angle match since about 2005, I was looking forward to seeing his stuff to see if he is as good now as he was in WWE. Sure he still wrestled well, but he didn't seem as into it as he used to, I mean when he used the ankle lock at the end it just looked rubbish! Christian was good in this match, i liked the frog splash bit and he took some pretty sick bumps, particularly the suplex over the top rope and onto the floor.

Was Samoa Joe supposed to be a face? If so, then that was a pretty weird ending, the crowd were booing him a lot through it, but I couldn't really tell if he was a proper heel or not? I lol'd at the fact that the crowd were saying "This is awesome" after that move by Samoa Joe...if that was awesome then TNA must be pretty bad normally? The crowd were pretty quiet for this and I always think that it makes matches a lot harder to get into if the live crowd are dead. Like Jimmy said, no reaction for the angle slam which was weird!

So yeah on the whole it was an okay match, but there were far too many negative things about it for me to like it. Sorry that my thoughts on it haven't really been written in order of the match, but oh well! I give it 4.5/10 (Yes thats incredibly low, but yeah TNA really isn't my thing at all, sorry!)

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I didn’t really start getting hold of ECW stuff till ‘99/2000 so I’m not too familiar with storylines though I did keep up to date with goings on through PS.


Nice start to the match, straight into the action. Nice moonsault which sadly should have been a wow moment but I guess ECW fans were abit spoiled 

I’ve always liked Taz’s suplexes 

The dropkick on about 6 mins was awesome. Table spot was well done I think.

The in ring action wasn’t long enough if I’m honest and I thought the finish was abit confusing and didn’t do the rest of the match justice. I don’t see why Taz ‘snapped’ really.


Match rating 6.5/10

Would have been 7 were it not for the finish.

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123 Kid vs Hakushi

Wasnt a bad match was quite fun, but nowhere near as enjoyable as other cruiserweight matches ive seen, the tilt a while botch really throught the match for me though as it was the 1st major impact move. But i enjoyed the finish so ill give this a 7/10


Taz vs Tajiri

Good old classic ECW now were talking really enjoyed this showed what these two could really do early in their careers, loved Tajiris kicks and the tazplexs, plus the table spot was fun. Extra bits with the wheelchair any everything were good as well. Only disappoinyment for me was the wierd wide angle finish which spoiled the end of a good match 8/10


Kurt Angle vs Christian Cage vs Samoa Joe

This is the first TNA ppv match ive seen ive occasionaly dipped into impact but never bothered with the ppvs, so this could be interesting. Didnt understand the point of all the stuff with sting at the begining, why is that happening? I cant remember who else made this point but why does Borash have to say so much during the introduction, wouldnt just a reading of names and match be fine? Christian getting belly to bellyed over the top rope was fun as was the top rope stack spot and the double ankle lock. Sigh as this was TNA i knew there was going to be atleast one ref bump, oh and a run in finish, its like their trying to prove the sterotypes right. Those two events at the end brought down what was a really good match for me so im gonna give it a 6/10.


Sorry if the last review there is a bit rambling i was writing it as i watched the match

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