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Marquez vs. Pacquiao


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Usually, the correct title would be "Pacquiao vs. Marquez" but after that result, I don't think it does Marquez service to come second yet again. I had a bet on Pacquiao on points and whilst I'm glad I won and my prediction of a close fight came somewhat true, I didn't deserve to win that money and Pacquiao didn't deserve to win the fight. I had it 7-5 Marquez and that was with some heavy bias towards my man. I think 8-4 or even 9-3 could have been the right decision. Marquez was simply robbed.


Giving a biased, awful decision to a cash cow does the sport no favours. It's sad that such a great rivalry can be spoiled by biased judges. We all know Pacquiao is a huge star but that doesn't excuse the judges for this absolute bullsh*t. It's inexcusable and I say that as a huge Pacquiao fan too because no matter how big a fan I am of Pacquiao, he doesn't define the sport for me and I'll be a huge boxing fan long after Pacquiao has retired and that's the reason this bothers me so much. The real loser isn't Marquez - who can hold his head up high - but it's boxing. Fans can't continue to be pissed on like this.


Marquez deserved the win. Great performance from hmi and he deserves a lot of credit. As for Pacquiao, he looked poor, I have to say. After about 4 rounds, I thought that his legs had gone and nothing in the remaining rounds changed my opinion. I'll have to rewatch the fight to pay more attention but if Pacquiao isn't finished as a truly elite, ATG fighter, he's certainly on the slide.

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Ridiculous decision, can't say I was totally suprised Marquez was robbed though which is a pretty sad state of affairs. Really sends a poor message out when a guy fights an almost perfect fight for nothing.


On a more positive note the Prescott fight on the undercard was outstanding, high pace, blood and a hugely dramatic finish, good stuff.


Some Twitter stuff from boxers:

OscarDeLaHoya: "I'm still sitting on my couch in disbelief. Paquiao cannot compete with a counter puncher like Marquez. Juan has the Patience to wait and capitalize on mistakes. I think this shows how superior mayweather is


Marvin Hagler "Disgusting result!


Andre Berto "Smh WOW..... Come on u know Top Rank was gonna let Marquez **** the money up!!! Great fight though"


Fernando Vargas "Well I'm DISGUSTED at tonight's event. It's sad that u can TRAIN your butt off for months and get jobbed at the end of the day! Truth is that EVERYWHERE Marquez goes EVERYONE will tell him that he WAS ROBBED & HELL FEEL LIKE HE WON BECUZ HE REALLY DID!!! SAME FOR PACMAN. EVERYWHERE HE GOES PEOPLE WILL TELL HIM HE REALLY LOST AND HE GOT A GIFT!!! LOVE THIS SPORT. But this is a SAD MOMENT FOR ME.


ZAB JUDAH "Robbery!!!!

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