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Top 10 WWE Survivor Series Moments


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From Wrestling 101:


So it’s Survivor Series time, which is personally one of my favourite pay per views. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the Rumble, SummerSlam is generally a hoot, and who doesn’t love WrestleMania Season?? But it’s Survivor Series that gives me warm nostalgic fuzzy feelings and leaves me with some brilliant wrestling memories.


In the spirit of those great memories, let’s take a look at my all time top 10 Survivor Series moments shall we?


> Top 10 WWE Survivor Series Moments

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The start of the Team DX match is one of the funniest things of all time. Shawn eliminating Mike Knox is actually my favourite part, above the pre-match stuff. It gets funnier every time you see it.


"But was he actually in the match?...OK, so we're doing good?"


But you actually didnt mention my favourite moment, which is Teams Austin vs Bischoff and Shawn making the greatest comeback you ever saw. Its pretty much the greatest match of all time.

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I had the privilage of attending 3 survivor series events live from my hometown and all were stellar events.


I first attended the 91' series from joe louis arena. Who could ever forget the day Hulkamania should have died. I remember being one of those fans who cheered on as the undertaker dominated hogan from start to finish. Little did anyone know how huge the career of the deadman would truly be.


The survivor series returned to detroit in 99' and again another huge moment in wwe history. The day austin was runover, sparking one of the largest mysteries in wwe...who hit stonecold.


I then attended survivor series 2005 where again the undertaker made a surprise appearance coming out of a burning casket on the ramp to get revenge on the ortons.


These were all great events and made sure i stayed hooked into wrestling 4 life.

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