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XTV 7:16 Aftershow Party


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Following on from last week's seeming reboot of everything we know about TWOStars, here's this week's main points:


  • Can Darkstar co exist with Brice Perrino?
  • Will Brice run out of bro-related punnery?
  • Igor appears and aligns with Sickness. It makes strange sense, to be honest.
  • Gringo and Jones both banned until further notice!
  • Tsunami wins! Tsunami Wins! TSUNAMI WINS!!!
  • Ángel de la Muerte coming soon - the new blood is starting to seep in. Ew.
  • Tiny Davies wins! Are the AWOE going to become major players?
  • The Chav actually spoke sense, once you translated it.
  • CVD takes out Draven Cage, admittedly with tons of extra curricular help from the pesky Brice.


Brice has his fingerprints all over TWOstars right now - can anyone stand up to him? Does anyone actually want to? Will there be more suspensions and firings next time? Tune in - same bat time, same bat channel

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