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TWO Wrestling Club - Expressions of Interest!

Jimmy Redman

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For real this time!


We've been talking about this seemingly forever, and the time is now.


The idea is basically to have a wrestling equivalent of the TWO Music Club - a certain number of people join, a schedule is drawn up, and when its your turn you post a YouTube video of a wrestling match of your choice. All members watch the all matches, review them and give them a mark out of 10.


As we've seen for the Music Club, its a great way to discover new matches, re-discover forgotten ones, and also to show the world your own personal favourites and see how they rate with others.


You can sign up by posting in this thread. Depending on the level of interest I'll establish the number of entrants needed and we'll go from there.


1. Jimmy Redman

2. Maxximus

3. Hancock

4. Jierda

5. SHL

6. Springsteen

7. Jamster

8. Paul

9. Horowitz

10. Chris2k

11. Chicharito

12. The Def

13. Laffy

14. Hanahbananabob

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OK this is a good turnout, sweet.


I will leave entries open over the weekend and look to start on Monday.


Just so everyone is aware, I know matches are necessarily going to be longer than music videos, but in the interests of accessibility and not making it too arduous to participate, there will be a maximum length of 30 minutes for your entry. This is not the match time itself, but the total length of the video(s) you post.


My apologies to anyone who had their heart set on posting a Rumble or something, but I dont want participating to seem like an ordeal, especially as we're watching an entire round's worth of matches in a short space of time.


(Of course, this is our first attempt so the rules are obviously flexible going forward depending on how they work.)

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