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Fave Tunes @ The Mo.


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My fave songs in no particular order:


Delta Goodrem - Born To Try

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Can't Stop

Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River

Eminem - Sing For The Moment

T.a.t.u. - All The Things She Said

Christina Aguilera - Beautiful

Electric 6 - Danger! High Voltage!

DJ Sammy - Heaven (Candlelight Remix)

Spirit In The Sky - Gareth Gates feat. The Kumars


Yes, i'm a pop fan, and no, I'm not female :)

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I love the gareth gates song...he rocks :D only songs I like listenin to at the moment are:


Andrew Wk: We want fun

Placebo-The bitter end

Finch-Letters to you

Hot hot heat-Bandages


I've had that bandages song stuck in my head all day...its damn good

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Oh i forgot that bandages song, first heard it on the colin (best thing since moyles) murray show, only heard it a few times since.


But great track.


I heard that that colin murray and edith bowman are doing the saturday morning show on radio 1 should be better than jo whiley talking about how much cake is in the studio.


But won't be as good as when moyles did the slot about a year ago.

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No russian lesbian bashing!


Moyles tries to play music he likes.


but the bigwigs at radio 1 towers seem that we all want to listen to remixes of boys of summer at like 10 in the morning, hardly the time for dance music, i blame uni students.

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Originally posted by BRM

Liberty x vs richard x


Oh man, I only heard that for the first time today. Not a huge pop fan but that song is fantastic. Awesome beat and a nice video to go along with it.


Gareth's song is good, although the Kumars make it what it is (well, the video anyway). Great acting by the guys. Shame Gates can't act for his life (when the old lady does a cartwheel, you think he looks like he could give a toss? Hell no...). Personally, I prefer Will. Much better voice, and less "Pop Idol" than Gareth as in he's trying to broaden out and so on. But God, he so needs to quit pop and get onto Broadway. His voice is so much more suited there.

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It's a shame about bowman and murray taking over scott mills as I think Scott Mills is a great Dj and deserves a hell of a lot better treatment then he's getting from radio 1 at the moment being chucked all over the place and being given the graveyard slot. personally I think they should get rid of whiley as she just olays crap music and put Murray in, fire cox (she's just so friggin annoyin) and give mills the early mornin slot and get rid of nemone and try and sign up either Bam Bam from kiss and make it a dance/hip hop scene or sign up Zane or Christian O Connell and turn it into a rock show.
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Guest russman10987

fav tracks


freeway - flipside

2Pac - Still Ballin

Clipse - Grindin' Remix

Jay-Z - The Watcher 2

Jay-Z - Guns & Roses

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My fav at the mo, is Girlfriend by The Vandals, the video has me in stitches, especially the animated one, where the girl keeps getting killed!, the live version is pretty cool to, "where shall we put her, shes dead, stick her on the drums" lol, :)
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Ehhh basically anything on LP Meteora.


Breaking The Habit And Lying From You Are Brilliant tunes. Then from Hybrid Therory i always listen to Push Me Away, Crawling and all the other good ones...in the end etc...LP are the damn best.


So eh yeah anything from Meteora And Hybrid Theory.



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