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TWOStars XTV 7:17: When will I, will I be famous?


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Hi guys,


I've spoken with Darkstar about the next PPV, which should be World War, I have a card in mind for that event and I'd like to be able to have that posted on 10th December, I'll throw up the card shortly. However, I'd like us to start leaning promos and angles towards this conclusion for the year, so there are two more shows to come and, as long as you can get your matches for WW in as soon as possible, there shouldn't be too much hassle for anyone.


Anyhoo, here is the card:


Show open (Saz)


Chav v Jimmy Tsunami (Maxxy)

Roko v Tiny Davies (Ruderz)

Angel de la Muerte v Sickness (Saz)

Craig Van Dam & Cristopher Eagles v Matt Denton & Draven Cage (Craig)


Please can you ensure that if you are not writing, then you help the match writer out with promos, etc.


Theme of the show is the beginning of the fight back against the Brice regime.


Darkstar will orgnanise the Tag and Brice only agrees if Matt Denton and Draven Cage retire from TWOStars, DC says he'll agree if he gets something that he wants in return, Brice agrees, hence the match.


I'll be contacting a couple of you about specific promos for your characters.


Please look to get your matches in by 17th November and please let me know if you are having issues as soon as possible. If you need an extension of time, please let me know also.


Venue is The AT&T Centre in San Antonio, Texas


Thanks guys!



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