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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


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Still published by Activision though.


aiming seems to have been slowed down, despite the fact general movement seems quicker, which means I'm running very fast but cant get my gun up in time to enter a firefight. I seem to die after being shot by two bullets, yet can empty a clip into an enemy and not have any register. Crap AI, crap respawn points (respawning 3 steps away from an enemy who then just shoots you in cold blood), absolutely no variety of levels, every damn map is just bricks and rubble, still an emphasis on camping like a c*nt, create a class system has been made more restrictive and harder to work around, predator missiles, changing from spy plane to UAV (no difference in the function, but it now takes a lot longer to call a UAV, effectively taking you out of the game), an unbearable amount of game time being shot in the f*cking back, ridiculous repitition of level choices, already played Dome about 12 times, compared to just once on Seatown, f*cking stupid.


The only good thing I've encountered is the overtime round on demolition now only contains one bomb that both teams have to destroy, instead of the team with the highest combined kill count being the defending team, stops people camping like bellends and winning the game without planting a single f*cking bomb.


5 games in a row where I haven't broken 10 kills and yet have over 25 deaths means two things:


1) I'm really, really shit and shouldn't be allowed to play it anyway

2) my internet connection is so bad it's a millisecond behind everyone else, which means I'm reduced to shooting people in the back, or from an angle at which it is impossible for them to see me in time.


either way, I'm not playing on it again, it's as simple as that.

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since MW3 came out, Black ops has actually become really enjoyable, probably because all the tw*ts have moved over to the newer game. It's cool because Black Ops has some really cool levels (jungle, firing range, summit, nuketown, hazard, convoy) and some awesome weapons (uzi, ak74u, famas, galil, uzi, stoner, psg, Olympia), it was just spoiled by some of the people who played it.


not really come across a level or weapon i've truly fallen in love with yet on MW3, so maybe that's another factor that stops me from liking it as much!

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