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TWO Desert Island


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In this thinly veiled who do you like best thread, I'd have a bit of a dillemma to be honest.




Pros: Easy to talk to, good to have a laugh with.

Cons: Dodgy stomach and weird eating habits would mean he'd die on a desert island.


John Hancock:


Pros: Always brings a new dimension to discussion, tall, so can reach the coconuts.

Cons: Doesn't drink, so wouldn't be interested in making a rudimentry distillery.




Pros: Talking wrestling, perhaps sparring to keep up morale, could use bits of his afro as kindling.

Cons: He's be the coolest cat on the island and the afro might take over the island.




Pros: Funny.

Cons: No deep fat fryer = early death.




Pros: He's American, so he'll be up to getting things done.

Cons: He's American, so he'll probably get himself killed or something.




Pros: He's a Bolton fan, so we'd get to talk about football.

Cons: He's a Bolton fan, and that's the only think Bolton fans talk about.


Matt Denton:


Pros: Shares a dry wit with me.

Cons: Most likely find a boat and bugger off on his own.




Pros: Would have the "Rimmer" effect.

Cons: Would go to "his side" of the island and would only communicate through smoke signals because he doesn't want to meet anyone face to face.


Jimmy Redman:


Pros: Would quell any argument with her irrefutable logic.

Cons: Would make me feel inferior due to the size of her wang.




Pros: Would be really enthusiastic about the island.

Cons: Wouldn't turn up...




Pros: I'd feel cool.

Cons: He did desert islands before they were cool.


I feel like an X Factor judge!

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The Fury, as he's one of my best mates in person, has cracking wrestling and sports banter, and also happens to be one of the most genuine nice guys i've ever met.


Other than that, it gets difficult because i know/don't know each of the rest of the guys equally' having not been around enough to get to know them more.


Omega seems into his Formula 1 so he'd be a candidate, bigmatt is into his cricket and tennis so he's another.

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I like that Saz thinks I'd even try and communicate with him on a desert island. If I have access to fire things are going really badly already...


I'd choose Maxx or Darkie because a) for a while he'd be fun to have on the island and then b) I can gut him and hang his skin over some branches and then fashion him into some kind of human canoe and escape.

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