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TWOStars XTV 7:16 Recorded at the Allstate Arena, Rosemont Illinois


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We jump straight into the arena, where we find Darkstar waiting patiently in the centre of the ring for the cheers of the excited fans to die down.


Jim Ross: Welcome to XTV folks!! We’re coming to from the beautiful Allstate Arena, right here in Rosemont, Illinois, and it looks like our General Manager wants to say a few words to get this show started.


Paul Heyman: Don’t you mean CO-General Manager?


As something resembling silence descends upon the congregated masses, Darkstar raises a microphone to his lips.


Darkstar: This will just take a minute, folks.


Darkstar paces across the ring thoughtfully, before raising the mic once more.


DS: I’m sure you were all as shocked as I last week when witnessing the brutal actions of Evil Gringo...




DS: And the unrepentant assault he inflicted on Lucian L. Jones.




DS: For those of you who didn’t see our last show, here’s a catch up:


We cut to a replay from the previous week, with the voices of JR & Heyman heard over the top:


Mr. TWOStars takes his time in dusting himself down, but it’s pretty obvious to anyone watching that Lucian isn’t going anywhere in a hurry. Gringo looks around the loading bay, before his eyes finally settle on something he obviously likes the look of. With a gleefully sadistic look on his face, EG drags the nigh-unconscious King of Bling to his feet, Lucian barely able to keep himself vertical. Suddenly, Gringo runs the winded Head Honcho of Hip-Hop across the loading bay, and...




...drives Lucian head first into the driver’s side window on one of the nearby vans, the window smashing under the force and scattering shards of glass in all directions.




Lucian hangs lifelessly through the window, as Gringo leans against the van, a wicked smirk on his face.


EG: Well I think we learnt who’d win in a fight, huh?


The former firm fan favourite steps away from the van, noticing something out of the corner of his eye that brings an even more devilish grin to his face.


EG: But I think it’s about time we ended this...don’t you?


Gringo walks over to one of the storage crates littering the backstage area, reaching inside and retrieved a length of scaffolding pipe. With a grin on his face, Gringo walks back towards where Jones still hangs half in and half out of the window. As Gringo walks he swings the pole menacingly, the steel tube making an ominous “WHOOSH” noise with each swing.


EG: This has been fun and all...


Gringo reaches into the window, gripping the back of Lucian’s hoodie and pulling him out of the door. Jones offers no resistance, simply flopping to the floor unconscious.


EG: But it’s time we put you out for good...


Lucian lays spread-eagled on his back, blood running down his face, as Gringo holds the pole as if it were a golf club. Casually as you like, Gringo brings the pole close to the side of the skull of the prone Mr. Jones, no doubt checking his swing distance.


EG: It’s a shame kid...


Gringo pulls the pole back, before swinging it down and stopping mere centimetres away from the head of Jones. It’s only a test swing, but the Mexicutioner’s intentions are pretty clear by this point.


EG: I thought you coulda been something…


Gringo draws the pole back, a smirk on his lips.


EG: But you’re just as soft as the rest…


Gringo moves to take his swing, only to find the pole snatched from his hands before he has chance.


???: ENOUGH!!


The camera pans out to reveal Matt Denton, the Cardinal of Controversy holding the pipe and staring down at the smaller Gringo.


EG: What’s your problem? You done ten times worse than this!


Denton looks down at the spluttering figure of Jones, before glaring back at Gringo.


MKD: I beg you…give me one reason to use this thing…make a move…


Gringo eyeballs Denton, before looking at the steel pipe now being wielded menacingly by the former Consortium boss.


EG: You better watch your back Denton. And tell that bitch I’m not done with him.


Gringo backs out of shot, Denton still gripping the pipe until he’s sure Gringo is no longer a threat. As soon as the Mexicutioner exits, Matt drops to a knee to check on the beaten and bloodied Jones.




JR: Well this is certainly horrific viewing folks, Gringo assaulted Jones backstage, and the beating only relented when Matt Denton of all people came to Sultan of Swagga’s rescue.


PH: And to think I used to like that guy!


We cut back to the arena, where the crowd have broken out in a chant of solidarity with His Highness of Flyness.




The camera pans out across the crowd, picking out several signs egging Lucian on to gain a measure of retribution against The Mexican Sensation.


DS: After thinking long and hard about this, taking into consideration what both these men have done for this company...


The Co-GM gestures out towards the crowd in attendance.


DS: And taking into consideration what you, the TWOStars fans, would want to see happen...




DS: I believe the only logical conclusion I can come to is that I’m going to give Lucian L. Jones a chance at the one-on-one match he’s been bugging me about for months now...


The crowd wait with bated breath, hoping that the announcement they’ve been waiting for is coming.


DS: How about it TWOStars fans? How would you like to see Evil Gringo and Lucian L. Jones go one-on-one to finally prove who the better man is?




The crowd absolutely erupt at the prospect of the match, but they joy is shortlived however as...




...the familiar mantra of “I Got Money” booms out around the entire arena. The cheering of the crowd quickly converts to deep hisses and boos as Brice Perrino struts out onto the entrance ramp, iPad in hand, and a million dollar smile worn across his face. This man’s teeth are so bright that I’m fairly certain the Gucci shades he’s wearing are to protect him from “incisor glare” more than looking cool.


PH: Hey Jim, the real boss is here!!


JR: Well Brice Perrino has been looking to stamp his authority all over TWOStars since his appointment as Co-General Manager. He’s already ripped up the contract of Cari-Dee, and by all accounts has not made himself many friends backstage, Paul.


PH: Who needs friends when you have power and money? They’re the only two friends you need!


The Million strolls down to the ring, tapping away at his iPad, no doubt securing a few last minute deals (big business waits for no man). Perrino heads up the ring steps, grabbing a microphone from a nearby technician as he does so.




JR: Well the crowd are certainly making their feeling s about Perrino well known tonight! And I believe they think he sucks!


PH: You can’t say that!! Brice!! Brice!! Ross is saying bad things about you!!


But despite Heyman’s lamentations, Perrino seems much more interested in smirking in the face of his co-GM, DS rolling his eyes at this young upstart interrupting him...again.


Brice Perrino: So you’ve added a little match to the bro-gram, huh? Well sorry bro, but that’s not gonna happen.




Perrino turns out to address the crowd.


BP: You can boo all you want people, but the fact remains, Gring-bro vs. Jones is not happening!




The Million reaches out and flicks a bit of lint idly from the suit lapel of Darkstar, before straightening it out.


BP: You see Darkie, if you wanna start throwing those kinds of decisions around, well, you need to have the full backing of the board. And guess what? You don’t!


It’s taking Brice all his power not to laugh out loud in the face of Darkstar right now, so amused is he at his emasculation of the former owner.


BP: See it’s all about stroke, and right now you’ve got none. Whereas I have fingers in all the right pies, if you catch my drift. Right now you can all think of me as your “Bro-mmander-in-Chief” for TWOStars. I make the decisions, because the board knows they can trust me to make the right decisions.




Darkstar starts to visibly seethe at the sheer arrogance of Perrino.


BP: This little problem you’ve got with Jones and Gringo? No need to sweat it bro, I’ve already sorted this little dilemma out for you! That’s how great a guy I am!




BP: You see I spoke to the board just last night, and we’ve reached a decision. I don’t feel comfortable with a maniac like Gringo running around this place, just dealing out beating s wherever and whenever he pleases, so this is what’s gonna happen...


Perrino licks his lips, savouring every moment of him knowing what’s coming, and more importantly, Darkstar not knowing.


BP: As of this very moment, Evil Gringo is banned from ringside at all TWOStars events indefinitely!










JR: Darkstar looks livid!! How can Perrino ban Gringo from TWOStars?


PH: I know, I was just starting to like his style too!! But the Boss has spoken, Jim. We don’t have to like it, but that’s what is gonna happen. Gringo’s gone!


BP: Sorry bro, but I have to provide a safe working envi-bro-nment, and with Gringo running wild, that just isn’t happening! That’s my decision, that’s the board’s decision, and if you don’t like it, you can take it up with them!




Perrino turns to walk away, before a devilish grin flashes across his face, almost as if he’s remembered something delightful.


BP: Oh that’s right! The second order of business. You see Gringo wasn’t entirely blameless in this. It takes two to tango, as the old saying goes. The other culprit in this is Jones himself!


JR: Oh no.


PH: Oh yes!


Darkstar looks furious. His trembling hand raises the microphone up to his lips, where he hisses the words...


DS: Don’t...you...dare...


The devilish smirk of The Million becomes a full on demonic sneer, as he takes great pleasure in the reaction of Darkstar and the crowd.


BP: Absolutely none of this would have happened if Jones could just learn to keep his damn mouth shut. He purposely provoked Gringo, and therefore can be held accountable for Gringo’s actions. For that reason the board and I have to decree that, until Jones can bring his mouth in check, then he too is banned from competing in TWOStars!!








JR: This is an absolute travesty!! Surely you can’t ban a man for being assaulted?!


Darkstar is now verging on apoplexy, shouting unheard remarks at Perrino, who bats them away with a pearly white smile.


BP: Jones’ mouth is danger to himself, and to others. How many times has he riled up his competition verbally, only for either himself or some other poor fool to reap the physical repercussions? Until such time that Lucian Jones can prove to me that he’s ready to control that verbal issue of his, he will NOT set foot inside a TWOStars ring.




PH: This is glorious!! Jones is gone!! There’s no way Jones is ever gonna shut that mouth of his, so he’s gonna have to stay gone!! OH HAPPY DAY!!


With a smirk, Perrino looks down at his iPad.


BP: Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a very important meeting with some very important people...


Perrino looks over at his enraged Co-GM, barely able to contain his laughter at Darkstar’s predicament.


BP: Hey bro, just remember this is business okay? It’s nothing personal.


And with that Brice exits the ring, leaving the stunned audience and the angered Darkstar behind.


PH: THAT is how you get things done Jim!


JR: Well if you’re just joining us folks, we’ve just heard from Co-General Manager Brice Perrino that he’s banned both Lucian Jones and Evil Gringo indefinitely from TWOStars! I dread to think how these men are going to react to that decision?!


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Jim Ross: Coming off from the most amazing, or should I say... disgusting announcement to our first exciting match Christopher Eagles takes on Jimmy Tsunami!


Paul Heyman: You call that exciting? I call it a whitewash, Eagles win, easy!


JR: Now, Paul, you know as well as I do that stranger things have happened here in TWOStars!


PH: JR! With the greatest of respect, I’d agree with you if it were say, the Chav, or Randy Roko, but let’s face it, Tsunami is up against Team Million tonight and I wouldn’t be surprised if Eagles has been sent out for a warm up!


The audience boo as the music kicks in






Tony Chimmel: Making his way down the ring, hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and weighing in at 235lbs, Christopher RYAN Eeeagles!


Eagles struts down the ramp, chewing gum and offering a wry smile to the baying fans.


JR: I ask, have you ever seen a man so cocksure, so happy right now?


PH: Wouldn’t you be too if you knew you were being paid BIG money for slapping a few idiots around, it’s easy street JR!


KR: Well, you know what they say about resting on your laurels Paul.


PH: Sometimes the cream is good for the cat, and this is one of those times.


The Cancer of TWOStars climbs the ring steps and enters the ring, stopping only to look at a fan placard that says “Eagles sucks”.


The music dies down, only to be replaced by the next entrance theme and the cheering of the fans.






TC: And his opponent, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts and weighing in at 170lbs, Jimmy TSUNAAAAAMIIII

Jimmy walks out to the ring full of smiles and high-fives, Christopher Eagles snorts to himself and leans back into the corner with a smug smile on his face.


JR: The fans certainly on the side of Jimmy Tsunami tonight Paul!


PH: Doesn’t matter who is on whose side JR, the fact is Tsunami has a whopping 65lbs weight difference there! That’s going to tell tonight!


Jimmy Tsunami jumps eagerly into the ring and climbs the turn buckle to the audience and points out to them before performing a back flip into the ring and turning to face Eagles, who still casually leans into his corner, giving off another snort whilst chewing his gum.


JR: Eagles not even doing Jimmy justice by taking him seriously.


PH: Would you? I mean look at him and look at his record!


Christopher Ryan Eagles, pushes himself up from his slouch in the corner and struts over to the waiting Jimmy Tsunami, the ref notices and goes to push the two back for the bell start, but before he can, Eagles spits his gum into Tsunami’s face.




JR: Eagles showing nothing but contempt for our young superstar!


The referee gingerly picks up the gum and throws it out of the ring, then calls for the bell.




JR: Tsunami and Eagles lock up...


Eagles easily pushes Tsunami down onto the floor.


PH: See? That’s what a weight difference and lack of experience does for you!


Eagles laughs at his opponent as he rolls up to one knee, Tsunami gives Eagles a look of anger, but quickly composes himself.


JR: Both men circle for another lock up, though I would have thought that Jimmy would have looked for another way!


Tsunami and Eagles power into the lock, only for Tsunami to be pushed down to the ground for a second time. Eagles steps back and laughs again at his opponent.


PH: Eagles can do this all day!


JR: Though I hate to say it, I think Jimmy needs to find another way!


Jimmy Tsunami however, decides to go for the lock up again, much to the pleasure of Christopher Eagles, who launches into the lock, but Jimmy isn’t there to work against him, instead he takes one arm and twists bringing his opponent over in a flip onto his back.


JR: Jimmy using Eagle’s momentum against him with an arm drag! And another, and another!


Tsunami holds onto the arm for the third arm drag and holds Eagles in a sitting wrist lock.


JR: Jimmy Tsunami showing some real potential here!


PH: It’s just a blip!


Eagles manages to struggle to his feet with his weight advantage and tries to work his way out of the lock, but Tsunami has him in tight. Eagles pauses then pulls his arm in and reaches down for his opponent’s legs bringing him up into a fireman’s carry, but Jimmy is too quick and spins down Eagles’ back and pulls him over for a half sunset flip pin.




TW- Kickout!


PH: It’s going to take more than that to defeat a lion like Eagles!


Tsunami is onto his feet quickly and is rebounding off the ropes by the time Eagles gets to a vertical base, Tsunami hits Eagles hard with a Shoulder tackle, but Eagles just stands there, perhaps a little dazed, the pause is electric as both contenders work out where they are and again, Jimmy Tsunami is first off the block hitting the ropes for another attempt.


JR: Second shoulder block has Eagles staggering back to the ropes. Jimmy Tsunami looks like he’s going for a third attempt!


Tsunami rebounds off the rope at speed, travelling like an express train on rocket fuel towards his opponent, Jimmy tenses up to hit Eagles, but Eagles is no longer there, holding onto the top rope, Eagles drops leaving Tsunami nowhere to go but out of the ring.


JR: Clever manoeuvre by Eagles there, using the ropes to spill his opponent to the outside.


PH: Ok, I’ll give it to the pipsqueak, he’s done ok up till now, but no one outwrestles the Cancer!


Eagles rolls out the ring and even manages to spend some time answering the crowd back before picking up the collapsed Tsunami and dealing him a loud chop.




Jimmy screams in pain and walks away holding on to his brightening chest.


JR: Could it be that Eagles wants to humiliate Jimmy here?


PH: I could almost guarantee you, this match should really be over by now!


Jimmy turns around to attack Eagles, but the Cancer of TWOStars has been stalking him and cuts him off quickly with a clothesline.


JR: Eagles large and in charge right now, rolling Jimmy Tsunami back into the ring.


Jimmy recovers quickly, gets up and runs to the ropes whilst Eagles rolls in, the Cancer spots Tsunami at the last second and ducks the clothesline, anticipating the return Eagles ducks again, but Tsunami slides between Eagles’ legs, gets to his feet and grabs his opponent’s head for a bulldog before Christopher Eagles even knows what is going on.


JR: I don’t think Christopher Eagles thought this was going to be as hard as Jimmy Tsunami is making it!


PH: It’s just a phase!


JR: Couple of stiff punches there sees Christopher Eagles into the Corner.


Tsunami moves to the other corner and begins a run, followed by a cartwheel and then a kick towards his opponent. The desperation on Eagles’ face is clear as he dives to get out of the way and leaving Jimmy Tsunami with his leg over the top of the top turnbuckle.


JR: Ref coming in to help and ... OH! Low blow by Eagles and the ref didn’t spot it!


PH: What a shot! I knew that Eagles could get out of it and before you start going on JR, we both know if the Ref didn’t see it, it was legal!


The Ref helps Jimmy Tsunami off the top turnbuckle and doesn’t seem surprised when the wrestler collapses to the floor and holds his groin, though his attempts to stop Eagles from laying in a few stomps to his opponent fail miserably.


JR: And typically Eagles shows everyone what good sportsmanship isn’t about!


PH: It’s Tsunami’s fault!


JR: This should be good, go on, I’ll bite, why?


PH: Tsunami should have made it easier for Eagles!


As Tsunami rolls over to get up, Eagles bends down hands on his knees lining up Tsunami.


JR: Uh oh! Looks like it’s time for “The end is near” punt!


Eagles begins his charge as Jimmy Tsunami manages to get to his feet.


PH: Good night Tsunami!


Unbelievably Jimmy spots the punt coming and springs to his feet, Eagles punt flies wild as it totally misses and a look of confusion hits the Cancer’s face as Jimmy Tsunami wraps his arms around Eagles’ waist.


JR: Roll up pin attempt!














JR: BAH GAWD! Jimmy Tsunami just beat Christopher Eagles!


PH: He cheated! Look at him getting out of that ring!


JR: Nonsense! It was just hard work and a willingness to persevere, plus, with someone like Eagles, you can never be sure of a revenge attack!


Eagles looks aghast, he stares at the ref who confirms his loss then grimaces at the retreating, yet delighted Jimmy Tsunami!


JR: I’m sure Brice Perrino will not be happy with this and Bah Gawd! I don’t give a damn! I’m celebrating with Jimmy tonight, chalk one win up to the underdog!

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We cut to the dressing room of one Mr Sick Ness, no relation to Elliot. For once no leather couch, plasma screen TV nor even a massage table is in view. Instead The Sick One is sat on a pile of cardboard boxes. I say sitting, more perched carefully so they dont collapse if he actually puts any weight on them at all.


Sickness: This is far less fun than they said. Boxercise my arse.


A knock at the door makes Sickness smile and jump to his feet.


S: If you’re a tall blond come in!


The door swings open and good old WEB walks in with Tony the Pony on a leash.


S: Hah! I knew it. Tall and blond, just the way I like my little pony. Tony can pull the birds in the nightclubs. Well, he probably could if he wasnt ill. The last time we went to a club he must have eaten something funny and he had a pooh pooh on a lady and her drink. I blame the shrimp. I never knew ponies ate shrimp before.


Work Experience Boy: Err, Mr Sickness, your match for tonight has been announced. You’re facing Randy Roko tonight, one on one. Shouldnt you be getting ready?


S: Roko... Roko... Roko... is that the one who looks like a hot air balloon?


WEB: No, thats Tiny.


S: Oh yeah. Roko’s the one that has a lazy eye and uses a superkick. Won the WWF title from Bret Hart.


WEB: Shaun Michaels.


S: Teamed with Boyo to make the best tag team ever?


WEB: You.


S: Invaded France.


WEB: That could be anybody from Europe's history.


S: Scared his mum by sneezing.


WEB: That was a baby panda.


S: Well I’ve drawn a blank then.


WEB: He used to be a pirate... teamed with Angus McDonald... had a relationship with Cari Dee... wrestled you on multiple occasions... is Scottish... has a red jumper.


S: OOOHHHHHHHH. Randy Roko! Yeah, I know who you mean. I thought he was called Anton McPants. OK, yeah, I can face him. Take Tony away please Steve, I need to prepare and if hes’s here he’ll try to drink my beer.


WEB shakes his head, but turns and takes the pony away, closing the door behind him.


S: Hang on, where is my beer? Maybe I should send for a delivery. Oh, I could send that little fella, whats his name...


Another knock at the door gets the attention of Sickness and he prepares himself to answer...

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We cut to Christopher Ryan Eagles pacing angrily back and forth across what looks like the back stage, boxes and packing crates are strewn about the place, with him holding his arms to placate the Cancer of TWOStars is Brice Perrino.


Brice Perrino: Chris! Broski! This isn't the end of the world!


Chris stops and looks at him with an evil glare.


Christopher Eagles: Not the end of the world you say? Brice, I just got beaten by a Jabroney, a loser a.. a... a Jobber!


BP: Whoa! Bro, let's not bro-ach that subject, these things happen... what did happen anyway?


CRE: I think he cheated... he must have! I mean he can't actually have any skill, it's Jimmy Tsunami.


BP: Well, rest assured someone will get fired over this... oho broski!


Eagles looks in the direction that Brice is looking notices someone in the distance and smiles evilly back at the bro-generall manager.


CRE: Perfect!


BP: If you'll excuse me bro, I have someone to fire...

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We return to Sickness as he opens the door to his dressing room only to find a silhouette blocking nearly all the light from the corridor. Defying all logic we hear a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning illuminates the face of the giant in the doorway. If you were kind you’d call it a death mask but the face is near china white apart from the deep set lines and sunken eyes and general dirt and grime splattered across it.


We hear a thud and the camera turns round to find that Work Experience Boy has fainted. Sickness turns his attention back to the massive stranger at his door.


S: How do did you do the lightning?


Stranger: I don’t know. It just happens. Like if I say “You can take shelter in..... The Castle”


Another crack of thunder and flash of lightning lights up the room


S: In the castle?


The apparition shrugs its shoulders indicating that indeed the castle may or may not have something to do with it.


S: Can I help you? Did you bring my beer?


The stranger reaches into the recesses of his long trenchcoat and pulls out a can and offers it to The Sick One...




Sickness takes the can, eyeing it carefully.


S: No ring pull.


The Stranger reaches out and squeezes the can causing the lid to split in one corner sending a spray of ancient beer skywards. The former Triple Crown champion smirks appreciatively at the straight forward solution and takes a long swig of the foul beverage.


S: Grrk skolp naah phanargh?


Stranger: Yeah, it’s my favourite too!


Sickness drains the rest of the can impressively and wipes his mouth with his forearm.


Stranger: You need to read this.


A grubby envelope magically appears from the coat and Sickness opens it slowly and pulls out some expensive if slightly yellowing paper. The camera can’t make out the cramped but very neat cursive writing but a wax seal is attached to the bottom of the page. Sickness reads the letter through a couple of times with his brow furled in concentration but finally he looks up at the stranger.


S: Is this all true?


The stranger shrugs again indicating succinctly that the truth of the letter isn’t something he knows or cares about but that the contents are known to him and whatever else he thinks he believes in them.


S: And your name is..


Stranger: Igor. Igor Dragmanov, the first and third.


S: First and Third?


I: In part. The old country does things differently.


Sickness looks Igor up and down.


S: No shit! Look, I’ve got stuff I need to do but when I come back we can talk.


Igor nods curtly and steps through the door into Sickness’s room, only now do we get some sense of the size of this man. He’s toped, curved in the back but this serves to mask the man’s true height. What can’t be hidden is his width and his huge shoulders and arms. Almost disproportionate in both girth and length his arms hang halfway down his thigh. The trenchcoat hangs off his shoulder almost like long leathery wings but we can make out enough to see the black t-shirt and cargo pants. Igor slides himself down into a corner and wraps his arms around his knees.


I: I’ll be here....


Almost visibly the lights turn off behind Igor’s eyes, he literally seems to have turned himself off or gone into hibernation. The only movement is from a long sliver of drool hanging off of his lower lip.


Sickness turns to leave but as he gets to the doorway he looks back at the man now filling a corner of his “dressing room”, looks the letter again before shaking his head and heading off.


A few seconds after Sickness disappears Igor comes out of his trance and looks down at the unconscious body of WEB.


I: A plaything? Time to wake up new friend...


Only now does Igor’s face crack in a lopsided grin as we cut to adverts.

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We fade back from adverts with Randy Roko just entering the arena with his new entrance video and music.







Randy makes no bones about walking down the ramp to the ring, he's completely focused, ignoring the outstretched hands and the booing from the crowd.


Jim Ross: Welcome back as we're in full swing of our match tonight, with Randy Roko facing off against Sickness!


Paul Heyman: Randy Roko looking particularly focused tonight JR.


Roko's expression doesn't change as he awaits his opponent, just looking focused on the task at hand.






Tony Chimmel: And his opponent, from Doncaster and weighing in at 234 pounds, Sickness!!!!!



Sickness is all smiles and greetings to the fans, slapping each outstretched hand and acting the complete opposite of his opponent.


JR: Well, it's good to see at least one Superstar here acknowledging the fans.


PH: One man is here to mess about, the other is here to win a match and I can tell you which one is which.


Sickness enters the ring and begins to pick at his ear whislt waiting for Randy Roko to finish his stretches.


JR: We’re about to start off!


The referee quickly checks over both men then signals for the bell to be rung.




Sickness and Randy circle each other, before going in for a lock up, however Sickness side-steps around it and hops over to the turnbuckle, turning around and pouting at Randy.


JR: Sickness is... well, being Sickness.


PH: And Randy is having none of it!


Randy charges forward but Sickness just cartwheels, yes – cartwheels – out of the way leaving Randy even more infuriated than he was before.


Sickness sticks the tounge out at the referee as Randy turns and launches himself across the ring, catching Sickness with a quick elbow smash, knocking him across to the right before irish whipping him to the ropes... which Sickness purposefully ties himself up in.


JR: Randy just not being able to outsmart Sickness here tonight.


Randy however has other plans, he runs forward and boots Sickness out of the ropes, sending him crashing to the floor below where he lands with a dull thud. With a look of pained annoyance on his face, Roko follows suit and drags him back into the ring, sliding in himself... only for Sickness to slide back out.


JR: HAHA! Randy is being made a fool and this crowd love it.


Randy angrily stomps his foot and slides out once more, this time catching Sickness with a forearm and smashing his forehead down against the apron before sliding him in and following, ensuring that Sickness has no time to get back outside. With him in the ring, Randy lashes out with vicious kicks to the back and legs of Sickness, before bouncing off the ropes and driving his knee into the small of his back.


JR: This is a classic match up of serious versus... well... not so serious. Totally different styles.


PH: However we all know that Sickness is no stranger to pain, being a TWOStars legend.


Randy brings Sickness upto his feet...But Sickness fights back! Elbow after elbow after elbow, from apparently no-where, Randy is dazed as he staggers back into the ropes. Sickness motions to the crowd and lifts him up for the GTS!


JR: You’re kidding me, this one could be over already if he hits this move folks!!


PH: Wait wha-? A minute ago he was skipping all over the place now this!?


Sickness pushes Randy up in the air, but was too close to the ropes! His kicking foot gets tangled and he falls over, leaving the crowd with a disappointed yet also worried sigh...


JR: This is a golden opportunity to make this match over with very quickly...


And Randy senses it, kicking upto his feet just as Sickness gets untangled, he turns into a boot and very swiftly following...


JR: The Riptide!




JR: One big slip up from Sickness, attempting to end this quickly, cost him the match in under a minute!


PH: One slip up is all it takes, JR.


Randy covers Sickness quickly.

















Tony Chimmel: Ladies and gentlemen your winner of this match up via pinfall... Randy... Roko!


JR: Randy wins in under a minute due to an error from Sickness, shame but it happens folks!


Randy walks over to the camera and does the ‘title’ motion around his waist, then a thumb across the throat before mouthing the word ‘bro’ to the camera. The message is clear as we fade out to...

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Todd Grisham standing wearing a black suit with a purple shirt and black tie, he is with Jimmy Tsunami, who, unsurprisingly has the biggest sh*t eating grin on his face.


Todd Grisham: Welcome TWOStars fans, it's been an interesting night so far and I am with one of the most interesting developments Jimmy Tsunami, who pulled off a spectacular win over Christopher Eagles tonight, Jimmy, can you tell us how you feel?


Jimmy Tsunami: Well Grish, you know it feels pretty damn goo...


???: You want excitement? You want thrills? Then perhaps you should talk to me?


Both Grish, Jimmy and the camera turn towards a man wearing a suit with a polo shirt, he is slightly aged and opens his arms as if to welcome the world to his corner.


TG: And you are?


???: Jimmy Hawthorn is the name and I am the manager of the most exciting talent to hit the shores of the USA since Simon Cowell brought his high waist banded Britishness to American Idol!


TG: Oh? And who is this new star?


Jimmy Hawthorn: Just you beware, all you you beware of Ángel de la Muerte, THE hottest talent to hit TWOStars since Sickness ate a curry!


JT: Now hold on a second, this is my interview.


JH: Yeah, we know, you're happy, you beat someone way out of your league, get over it!


The Grish realises that he should be interviewing Jimmy and returns to mic towards him.


TG: Do you have anything more to add to that?


Jimmy looks crestfallen.


JT: No...


JH: Good, now we have that sorted, get outta here and get yourself some muscles or something!


TG: Woah! Woah! That's pretty rude!


JH: Hey! It's a dog eat dog world out there, and this kid is a milk bone!


Jimmy skulks off angrily as Todd adjusts his tie.


JH: Is that your shirt?


TG: Why yes it is, do you like it?


JH: Do I like it? Heck there's good news and bad news about that shirt, the bad news is that shirt looks hideous on you, the good news is that the greatest Luchadore in wrestling history is moving in!


TG: Ángel de la Muerte?


JH: Ángel de la Muerte!


The two stop for a second to take in the name but Todd manages to snap out of it, Hawthorn stands right next to him and grins at the camera.


TG: Well, there you go! Jimmy Tsunami wins his match tonight and...


JH: Ángel de la Muerte...


TG: And the announcement of a NEW wrestler coming soon to TWOStars!

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We cut to a rather sterotypically gothic dungeon looking room. The lights are flickering, all kinds of strange objects and wires are hanging from the stone walls, beakers of odd coloured liquids are bubbling over bunsen burners and, most disturbing of all, Sickness is strapped face down and topless on a wooden table in the rooms center.


Sickness: So... I’m not sure on what you’ve done with the place. I liked it when it was a McDonalds. They gave me food to go away. And how did you do it so quickly? I was in here getting a burger less than an hour ago, where did all the bugs go?


Igor limps into shot, looking like an overly muscled Richard O Brian.


Igor: Its the circle of life. The bugs eat the leftovers, the bugs are then eaten by... higher life forms.


S: Like mountain goats? They’re high. Koalas, they’re high. A monkey went to space, because he got high, because he got high, because he got high. Ba de de de dum dum.


I: I dont understand what you mean, master.


S: Im not your master.


I: No master. You’re Sickness master. Not master master.


S: Are you sure I inherited you?


I: Yes master.


S: Huh. OK, so you think you can help with this dislocated shoulder? Massage?


I: No master, nothing so... primative. I will use first a bioform to extract the sanguine fluids. Then I will apply multiple voltaic charges of a constantly increasing level. Finally you must eat the heart of a rat, the brain of a goat and a Pot Noodle.


S: Is this the bit where I make a joke about ‘ugh, Pot Noodle’? Its just I like Pot Noodles.


I: This may be trickier than I thought.


S: But it sounded an awful lot like you were going to drain my blood with leeches and then electrocute me. But you wouldnt do that. Igor? Igor? Igor.... oh bugger!

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We return to Todd Grisham who has a stone faced Randy Roko next to him, the Grish springs into life when he sees his cue.


Todd Grisham: And welcome back, this time I have with me Randy Roko, who just took apart Sickness in near record time! Randy, do you have anything to say?


Randy Roko: I don't know about you Grish, but I feel the ebb and flow of the tide turning back into Randy Roko's favour, I feel the energy of truth forcing its way from my mind into every... single... fan out there! You see my quest is a glorious one, and one sanctified and proven on my travels with the fallen, the fallen is Sickness and I have proven to all that I can beat the challenger to the belt, I can beat anyone! I want my title shot and I want it right now.


TG: So you're pretty please huh?


RR: Pleased means I have emotion, I am not emotion, I am a force, an unstoppable force that won't be sated until I get what was stolen from me back. I deserve the shot and I deserve my accolades, but I, like others can feel the forces that be try to twist and turn like reeds, bending just out of my reach. They don't realise that I am the true messiah of TWOStars and I will deliver them from anything but my righteous will!


???: Is that so?


Todd looks up into the air.


TG: Can't I do one interview without an interruption?


Brice Perrino moves into shot and looks directly at Randy Roko.


Brice Perrino: Listen up Randy Rokbro, you'll get a title shot when I give you a title shot, do you understand? I am in charge here and you'll have to go through... I don't know... Tiny Davies first, next show!


TG: In all fairness to Randy Roko, he was the last title holder and he deserves his shot.


BP: I'd worry more about keeping your job here broski!


Todd gulps as Brice storms off towards the Gorrilla position.


TG: And, er, there we have it, a great win for Randy Roko has earned him a match against... Tiny Davies?


Randy looks p*ssed and storms past the Grish.


RR: Goddamned Tiny Davies...


Todd looks apologetically at the screen.

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Jim Ross: It's been a pretty eventful night tonight and our next match up tonight is another one that the audience is really looking forward to.


Paul Heyman: Well, they might be looking forward to it, but I think we both know what the end result will be.




JR: Well, that may be your opinion, but this much invigorated Kyle Gilmore looks like he means business and could go a REAL long way!


Tony Chimmel: And coming down the aisle with a weight of “Get yo nose out of ma buzniss beyatch!” , hailing from “The Streets” The Chav!







The Chav appears, smoking a roll up and leaning against the entrance way, the Chav takes one last swig of a cider can and carelessly tosses it aside. The Chav adjusts the his shoulders and hip-hop struts his way to the ring mainly to boos, but some cheering can be heard faintly.


JR: And Chav getting his usual mixed appreciation here tonight.


PH: I think the important thing is that some people like him and some appreciate him, but others, the stupid ones, don't.


JR: Then again, there are those that cheer a villain, and rest be sured, the Chav IS a villain!


The Chav finally looks around, stubs his nub end on the ring post and leaps into the ring over the top rope.


JR: Chav looking spry and ready for action!


PH: You mean ready to kick some butt?


JR: ... we'll see!


The arena darkens a little as the next tron kicks in.





But no one appears at the curtain.


JR: Strangely, it appears that Kyle Gilmore has not appeared at this time!


The Chav begins looking around, waiting for a sneak up attack.


PH: HAH! I knew he'd be too scared to show up!


Eventually, someone appears, but it's not Kyle Gilmore.


Brice Perino: Chav! Broski!


The audience kick in with a massive chorus of boos.


BP: Chav? Here was me thinking today, Kyle Gilmore versus the bro from the streets, is it fair? Is it bro-portionately equal that I let someone so involved with Lucian J Jones come into this ring and wrestle? Hell, Chav, bro-Ned that you are, I can't let something like that happen.


The Chav, obviously irritated paces back and forth.


BP: So, along with Lucian, I have put Kyle Gimore on suspension until I see fit that he is able to return.


The audience go apperplexy at Brice.


BP: But the bro must go on! So Chav, how about you wrestle, I don't know, say Tiny Davies?


The audience, less than fickle, cheer the name of the popular fat man!






Tiny Davies walks out to the crowd with an ice cream sandwich in hand, takes one look at Brice and ambles down the ramp, licking a little bit of the chocolate sauce that seems to have dribbled down his arm.


JR: Well I'm betting that the crowd aren't liking this one bit!


PH: They're cheering, they seem happy!


JR: They are cheering Tiny because he's the innocent in all of this, this is another prime piece of Gawd damned meddling from Brice Perino.


PH: I think we all knew that Kyle didn't have it in him, the guy gets his chances and they get taken away from him, it's a little ironic that he was supposed to face the Chav, then got fired!


JR: Suspended!


PH: Fired and we all know it! The world is better off without Kyle Gilmore "proving" himself.


JR: You mean challenging Brice and his puppet title holder?


PH: I don't know what you mean?


Meanwhile Tiny Davies has stopped short of the ring step determined to finish his ice cream sandwich, the ref tries to call him up, but Tiny just raises his hand as if to ask for a minute.


JR: You know exactly what I mean, Kyle Gilmore beat Randy Roko in fair competition, that means he could have easily contended for the number 1 slot. Kyle's just a victim here!


PH: Says you! Gilmore had to prove himself and beating the former Unified Champion... well... it proved nothing!


JR: Just listen to yourself!


Tiny finally downs the last of the ice cream and steps into the ring.




JR: Referee calling for the bell early.


Chav begins to circle around Tiny Davies, but Tiny just stands still, a little unsure of himself.


PH: Well what do you expect? Tiny would have stopped for lunch if the ref didn't get him going!


The Chav goes for a rear lock, but realises that his arms cannot reach around the girth of Tiny Davies, the audience manage a giggle at the sight of the Scummy Ned trying to wrestle with a man 3 times his size.


JR: Tiny Davies proving way too big for the Chav.


The Chav changes tactics and goes for a meaty thigh. Tiny just looks down to see what is going on down there, but cannot see around his massive girth, so he picks up each leg to see what's attached, the Chav follows suit.


PH: Wow! That's embarrassing!


The Chav drops off and runs to the ropes to try a different tactic but only hits a brick wall on the return and bounces off.


JR: Clever to change tactics, but perhaps not the best?


PH: Let's see how good you'd do!


The Chav looks at Tiny Davies and visibly sighs, runs to a corner post and leaps off with a missle dropkick.


JR: Still no luck for the Chav!


Tiny then strikes, well, when I say strike, I mean falls forward on the prone Chav.


PH: Well, I think I can see some of the Chav, there under the 15th roll of fat!








The audience cheer as Tiny tries desperately to get up and has to roll over the now very flattened Chav.


JR: Well, a predicable ending when you let a superweight go against a lighter heavyweight!


PH: The Chav had him where he wanted him, but it wasn't enough!




JR: Seeing as Tiny Davies was sprung on the Chav, seeing as everyone was expecting a showdown, much like Matt Denton had, I think this match was a thorough disappointment and all because one man wants to keep his team's belt safe.


PH: I have to agree, watching Chav kick Gilmore would have been much more entertaining, but Brice has a plan, Brice has a vision and we should all bow down and follow him.


JR: If you think I, or any of these Superstars are going to do that, you have another thing coming!


Cut to Ads.

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We return from the ad break to see the locker room where a very agitated Lucian L. Jones is packing his gym bag, the way he throws his stuf into his bag, you know the Highness of Flyness is upset.


???: Come on now, there's no need to be so angry...


Lucian stops and looks at the voice, his shoulders sink and he goes back to packing his stuff away.


Lucian: I ain't got nuffin' to say to you b*tch!


The camera pans around to see Brice Perrino, he is without his usual entourage and his trademark smile betrays a glimmer of satisfaction.


Brice Perrino: Lucian L Brones...


Lucian, stops and points a finger at Brice.


LLJ: Do not start that "bro" sh*t with me Perrino, say what you came to say and then get the hell outta here!


BP: Well, Br... Lucian, I just wanted to say that it really wasn't personal between you and me that I got you suspended, I just wanted you to know that.


LLJ: That it?


Brice turns away, but then returns back to Lucian.


BP: You know what Broski, I lied, it was very personal! You're dangerous! Dangerous to me, dangerous to all my team and you know what Brones? I'm gonna bro-tect my Brotal Package! And getting rid of you is the first step!


Lucian stops and gives Brice a frown.


LLJ: You really are a crazy-ass cracker now aren't you? There's one basic element of wrestling you're ignoring.


BP: The fame?


LLJ: No you inbred Jersey Shore wannabe! Lissen up "Broski" I am gonna educate! You're trying to p*ss out the fire in TWOStars, but there are too many stars burning that you can't stub out!


BP: Hah! Craig Van Dam is unstoppable bro!


LLJ: You know what? Why don't you let him prove it? He's got DC tonight, you know, the Cornerstone of TWOStars, if he can beat DC fairly, he can beat anyone!


Brice starts to answer but suddenly the colour drains out of his face.


BP: I, I gotta go!


LLJ: Yeah, you take your cheap ass outta here and let me get back to some packin' bitch!


Lucian shakes his head and begins packing his bag even more vigourously than he did before.

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Cut to Mean Gene Oakerlund, readying up for the camera with a certain Burberry b*stard standing beside him and the Kappa warrior is not looking pleased.


Mean Gene: I am standing here today with the Chav who has just suffered another loss in a string of defeats since Brice Perrino took charge.


The Chav double takes at Mean Gene.


Chav: Let da Chav tells you'ze sumfink Mean Gene... da Chav ain't afraid of losin', da Chav ain't afraid ta take on anything, but da Chav has gotta take dis latest affront personally.


Mean Gene looks at the camera, then returns to his interview.


MGO: What affront was that?


Chav: Mean Gene... Da Chav wuz expectin' Kyle Gilmour, da fanz wuz expectin' Kyle Gilmore and what did Brice Perrino hand out? A fat man with a mental problem.


The Chav changes his stance.


Chav: Perrino, da Chav warned you once before dat you'ze and yo bum boyz stay outta da Chav's way! Jus' because you'ze got yo'self a little bit of power don't mean dat don't still ring true today! Now, if Darkstar wants ta sit around wif his finger in his ass all day den fine! Da Chav'll bring da fight ta Brice.


MGO: But Chav, Brice is now the general manager, there is little you can do that won't get you fired.


Chav: Not sure you're gettin' dis, but da Chav is no competition fer da Unification Belt, da Chav ain't here fer belts, da Chav is here fer da ruckus. Da Chav don't know if you'ze noticed or not, but Brice is getting rid of challengers, potential people who could lift dat belt offa CVD!


MGO: So you're saying Lucian, Gringo, Gilmour, they've all been removed because they could win?


Chav: Da Chav knows you'ze gotta summarise ta throw in drama, but don't be stupid, dey were removed because dey woulda won! CVD, you'ze knows da truth, you'ze too weak ta face a decent opponent and da Chav will be lookin' forward to seein' DC rip you'ze a new one!


MGO: Now, though I won't be drawn into an argument, some people may say that Craig Van Dam would be fine without Brice's help.


Chav: Dat's fer Craig ta prove innit? Look! Da Chav wuz humilated tonight, da Chav is angry, but anger can make you'ze see things clearly. So da Chav asks this of da TWOStars board... How long you'ze gonna allow Perrino ta fire people who stand in his way? Until you'ze has no Superstars left? Fink you'ze tax dodging morons! Dere ain't no show wit no talent!


The Chav holds his gold necklace out with the thumb of one hand and points to the chain with the other before marching off camera.


MGO: Sobering words and a sobering message to the TWOStars board: WHEN is this going to stop?

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We come back to the arena where Tony Chimmell is in the ring.


JR: Welcome back to XTV and it’s time for our big main event.


PH: That’s right, non-title action. Craig Van Dam battles Draven Cage.



“Silent King” blasts out of the speakers








JR: Here comes Draven Cage!


The Tag Team legend steps through the curtain looking focused and intense.


PH: What a chance this is for Cage. If he beats the champion he has to be the #1 contender.


JR: You’ve have to think so.


Draven Cage makes his way to the ring, slapping hands casually as he goes.


JR: A couple of months ago Cage had problems with CVD’s buddy Eagles but tonight he’s up against Team Million’s Champion.


DC climbs on the apron and enters the ring.


TC: Introducing first, the challenger, from Detroit Michigan and weighing in at 257 pounds. Draven Cage!!!!!!!!!!


“Silent King” fades out replaced by “Miseria Cantare” enciting boos from the crowd.






The Brotal Package steps through the curtain looking confident. He ignores the fans and walks down the ramp.


JR: Last week Van Dam got lucky against Sickness. Sickness was dominating before Brice ruined the match.


PH: That isn’t my recollection of events.


JR: Shocking.


The champion continues to walk down the ramp, ignoring various taunts.


JR: This match is non-title but if Craig loses that’s got to be a massive blow to his momentum.


PH: Absolutely even when your not defending your title you always want to win.


Van Dam climbs into the ring and walks over to the corner.


TC: Making his way to the ring, from Durham and weighing in at 235 pounds. The TWOStars Unified Champion, Craig Van Dam!!!!!!!!!!!


“Miseria Cantare” fades out as the ref finishes his final checks.


Ding! Ding! Ding!


JR: Here we go, this main event is underway.


The two wrestlers circle around the ring and get into a strong, aggressive tie up. This is where Cage’s superior strength is on demonstration as he shoves CVD to the canvas.


JR: What strength shown by Draven Cage on that occasion.


The Brotal Package doesn’t look amused as he gets back to his feet, he charges at Draven Cage only for The Hangman to shove him right back down.


PH: This match is not starting too well for CVD right here.


Craig returns to his feet and swings for Draven only for Cage to block it and hit Craig with three heavy punches. The big man takes control of Van Dam’s arm and Irish whips him off the ropes and when Craig comes back Draven knocks him to the canvas with a big boot.


JR: Draven Cage really getting the better of Van Dam early on here.


Cage drags Van Dam to a vertical base and powers him into the corner, before nailing with a stiff chop to the chest.


Crowd: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DC follows up with another stiff knife edge chop.


Crowd: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Knowing he is in trouble The Package kicks Cage in the stomach three times before attacking with forearm strikes.


JR: Van Dam attempting a come back here.


The Package takes control of Cage’s right arm and looks to Irish whip him into the corner but is unable to budge Cage’s bulk. The Hangman drags Craig forward and nails him with a short clothesline knocking Craig down once again.


PH: Man! Is Cage in total control early on or what?


Craig rolls out onto the apron but Draven grabs him and promptly tosses him back into the ring, The Champion then begins to back away.


JR: Look at Van Dam backing off here.


PH: He needs to be patient and find his spot JR.


Unfortunately for Craig he accidentally traps himself in the bottom corner of the ring.


JR: Van Dam has nowhere to go here Paul.


PH: This doesn’t look good for The Champ!


Draven Cage has a big grin on his face looking down at Van Dam. He begins stomping all over Craig’s chest.


JR: Draven Cage stomping a mud hole in CVD and walking it dry!


PH: Don’t use those tired old lines JR.


Draven Cage takes a few steps back before charging at Van Dam, full speed ahead, he drives his knees right into Craig’s face.




JR: Draven Cage basically just drove all his weight right into Craig’s face.


PH: The impact of that was tremendous.


Knowing he is in control Draven begins to taunt Craig.


DC: Come on, get up “champ".


PH: Look at the arrogance of Cage.


JR: Not arrogance, just confidence.


Van Dam uses the ropes to aid him to a vertical base. Cage scoops Craig up by his side, drops to his ass and drives Craig’s back into the canvas.


JR: Nice side slam there.


Cage climbs on top of CVD, going for a cover.



































JR: Two count only there.


Both men return to their vertical bases. Draven Cage takes control of Craig’s left arm and Irish whips him back first into the corner. The former Triple Crown champion charges at Van Dam only for Craig to get his boot into Cage’s face.


PH: Van Dam with a nice block there.


The Package skips up the second turnbuckle, he flies across the ring, knocking Cage to the canvas.


JR: Craig has got Cage down for the first time, can he take advantage?


The Brotal Package stomps on the prone body of Cage. He takes a few steps back before doing his rolling thunder.


PH: Rolllllllllllllllllllling Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhunder!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The champion climbs on top of Cage, hooking the leg.

























THR………. Cage raises his left shoulder from the canvas………. A familiar voice can then be heard.




Crowd: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JR: Are you kidding me?


The General Manager steps through the curtain to loud boos.


BP: Bro, the GM is not happy with you referee you counted slowly there.


JR: Oh for the love of God. This is almost identical to last week.


PH: What? Brice is the GM and he’s just making sure our referee are competent.


The Champion and gets up and smiles at his boss.


JR: And look at Van Dam knowing he has Brice out here.


The Package stomps on Cage, then climbs to the top turnbuckle of the ring. Once he has his balance correct The Package dives off the ropes, looking to land an elbow but Cage moves out the way, causing Craig to crash into the canvas.




Draven Cage gets up first and glares at Perrino. He waits for Van Dam to get up and when he does he knocks Craig back down with a punch.


BP: Closed fist ref, disqualify that bro!


DC is visibly angry merely at Brice’s presence and begins shouting at him.


JR: And just like last week Brice is blatantly distracting CVD’s opponent.


PH: He’s just making sure this is a fair match that’s all.


JR: Oh cut the ass kissing Paul! He’s out here to cause trouble and you know it!


As DC is arguing with the ref Van Dam sneaks up behind him and nails him in the back.


PH: If Draven was a professional he wouldn’t focus on Brice and just concentrate on CVD.


JR: What a ridiculous statement on so many levels.


The Brotal Package spins Cage around and nails him with a forearm. He wants to follow with a roundhouse kick but Cage grabs the foot.


PH: What a catch from Cage!


The Tag Team legend holds Craig in a T-Bone before throwing him over his head.


JR: What a t-bone suplex from Draven Cage!


Cage climbs on top of CVD, hooking the leg and going for a cover.






































THRE…………. Craig places his left foot on the shoulder.


BP: SLOWER! Count slower!


You can see the anger in Cage’s face. He glares at Brice for a moment, he walks over to the corner and crouches down.


JR: HERE IT COMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Van Dam slowly stumbles to a vertical base as Cage charges. At the last second Van Dam kicks Cage hard in the head.


Crowd: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




PH: Van Dam with that stiff kick right to the temple.


The Brotal Packages jumps upwards. He drives his knees into Cage’s chest while holding on to the back of his head as they fall to the canvas.


PH: Code Breaker! Van Dam scores.


JR: Can Van Dam score the win here.


Craig climbs on top of Cage, hooking the leg and going for a cover.




































THRE……………. Cage barely raises his left shoulder from the canvas.


BP: Faster bro, count faster!


JR: Is this for real?


The Package looks down at Cage and looks to perform a standing moon sault only for Draven to get his knees up.


PH: Draven Cage getting the knees up.


A seriously pissed off Draven Cage exit’s the ring, walks over the time keepers table and snatches a steel chair.


PH: What the hell?


JR: Come on Draven, think about this!


The Hangman re-enters the ring and holds the chair high, waiting for Craig to get back up.


BP: Don’t you do that bro!


Obviously Cage ignores Brice and smashes CVD in the skull with a steel chair to MASSIVE cheers. This act has consequences though.


Ding! Ding! Ding!


PH: HA! You idiot! You got yourself disqualified!


TC: The winner of his match by disqualification, Craig Van Dam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JR: Brice pushed and pushed DC until the breaking point.


PH: Oh don’t justify Draven Cage using a steel chair!


BP: Hey bro I told you not to use that chair. You know who I am? I am The General Manager of this company so Draven I could fire your ass in the morning.




Cage smirks and asks for a microphone, which he gets from Tony Chimmell.


DC: Brice, I’ve seen more GM’s come and go than you’ve had hot dinners. You’ve already shown how power hungry you are by banning Gringo and Lucian Jones, if you got rid of me you’d have nobody for these fans to care about.


BP: Oh Draven, Draven, Draven. Maybe you’re right maybe I’ll just have to find another form of discipline for you.


DC: Oh yeah?


BP: Yeah.




The reason the crowd are booing is because Christopher Eagles can be seen coming up from behind with a steel chair.




BP: Draven, this discipline comes in the form of Christopher Eagles.


Eagles smashes Cage full force in the back of the head knocking Cage out. He doesn’t stop though as Eagles continues to smash the chair across Cage’s body.


PH: What a brilliant plan from Brice here.


JR: This is a damn mugging that’s all this is.


BP: Bro that’s enough. Referee don’t you go away because I’ve decided I’m going to restart this match right now.


JR: WHAT???????


PH: Yes! Great call.


JR: Great call?


BP: Now ring that bell bro!


Ding! Ding! Ding!


The Package crawls over and places an arm over Cage’s chest.

















































Ding! Ding! Ding!


JR: That was so stupid.


PH: What a hard fought victory.


TC: Here is your winner, Craig Van Dam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Miseria Cantare” blasts to MASSIVE boos from the crowd.


The fans are furious as Eagles comes in the ring with the title belt and hands it Craig.


JR: Last week it was Sickness and this week it was Draven Cage. Since Craig won the title he’s been protected at all costs.


PH: It’s just smart leadership, protecting your most valuable asset.


Eagles helps Craig to his feet and hands him his belt.


JR: Well all I know is Draven Cage was pretty much in control tonight and probably would have won if it wasn’t for this idiot.


The scene fades out with Van Dam stood over Cage, holding the belt high above his head.


TWOStars copyright 2011.

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