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The Term "Wrestling"


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Something that I've noticed creeping into WWE, these last couple of years. What is it about the term "wrestling" that Vince seemingly hates so much? It's like it's frowned upon now, for some reason.


Someone posted an article a while back, saying that Vince retracted a WWE article, because it labelled them as a wrestling company. And apparently they aren't wrestlers who WWE employ. They are Superstars andDivas. I think Vince said at one point that WWE was a global media entertainment empire or something like that.


What is so wrong / distasterous about the term "wrestling" now? I mean, don't sugar coat it...


Is it because they are trying to break into other markets or something? Just seems alittle odd to me. To distance yourself from something that brought you to the dance in the first place?

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Basically it's the other market thing. Vince doesn't want to be known for just "wrestling", he wants to run a successful "entertainment" company. Hence it not being wrestling anymore, but being sports entertainment. Wrestler become sports entertainers, superstars, and divas, and you get WWE Films, the WWE Network, and all this other WWE branded stuff that uses the initials instead of having to put the word wrestling in there.


In fact isn't the company just "WWE" now instead of "World Wrestling Entertainment"?

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From what I've heard, Vince thinks the term "wrestling" is too connected to it's history as being a circus / carnival event that's more linked to the history of the Southern states. I've heard a fair few stories of him backstage referring to things being too close to "rasslin", with an intentionally ludicrous hillbilly accent, if he thinks they're too basic and sporty. Really, it's down to Vince hating the idea of pro-wrestling having;


A - Any link to the South, which he hates

B - Any link with sports, because that's kayfabe, and any sort of off-screen kayfabe is apparently a dirty carny trick now


He wants to pretend he's got something to do with the media. It's television and films and merchandise that interest him, respectable, white collar, impressive, main-stream, corporate Yankee industries, not that silly, antiquated Confederate country fair nonsense of *spits on floor* "rasslin".

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Yeah, but traditionally the people that are more apt to watch wrestling are the ones that he hates. Not the white collar corporate titans of industry. Seems odd that he's hating the people that support him.


Vince doesn't expect to sell his product to white collar corporate types any more than Ford expect to sell the F150 to white collar corporate types. Doesn't stop their bigwigs being white collar corporate schmucks. Besides, in the southern states in the US, a lot of wrestling fans are hillbillies who actually do say it as rasslin and as an educated person, it's no surprise he holds them in disdain. Hating your customers is pretty much the corporate standard these days. Just ask the banks.

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I wouldn't put it as provocatively anti-corporate as that. It's not like it's a class issue or anything like that, or corporations vs. consumers. I think, like a shocking amount of things in America, considering how long it's been, like Republican vs. Democrat, like Jewish and Catholic vs. Protestant, like New Europe vs. Old Country, it's effectively still the Civil War, it's Yankee vs. Confederate, not in terms of actually animosity, but in terms of attitude, and a man divided between his own peers, and the company he's found himself in. It's the fact that Vince is embarrassed of being involved in wrestling because of what the average wrestling fan is. Wrestling is Southern, it is xenophobic, it is sexist, it is homophobic. In the eyes of most people who don't like wrestling, not just the corporate elite, not just the liberal media, not just people from New England and the Tri-States, the average wrestling fan is, rightly or wrongly, a f*cking idiot. Now you can make a case either way to whether or not that's true, but that's not the issue for Vince, the issue for Vince is that he knows people think it's true.


John Cena's in the movie, but it's got to be a stupid movie, because he's a wrestler.

Micke James's released an album, but it's got to be a stupid album, because she's a wrestler.

Brock Lesnar's in MMA now, but he's got to be bad at it, because he's a wrestler.


People had those opinions, lot's of people had those opinions. Hell, I had those opinions, and I actually like wrestling.


Vince McMahon, right now, has one intrinsic problem; he's bored. He's bored of wrestling, and understandably, because he created the two biggest pro-wrestling boom periods of the television era, and now both of them are over, and now he wants to do something else. He wants to do non-wrestling T.V. shows, he wants to do movies, he wants to do music, he wants to things in the media that his peers, his friends, in New York, and Connecticut, and Massachusetts actually respect because there's glory there and, more specifically, glory there that he hasn't yet achieved. But, he can't achieve that, because of what wrestling is to non-wrestling fans. Any connotation with wrestling writes off an enormous amount of people right off the bat, especially Vince's Yankee friends who think that wrestling is a dying backwater carny trick from the circuses and county fairs of Georgia and Tennessee for toothless hicks too stupid to realise that it's scripted. It's a vicious circle. Vince wants to do something other than wrestling, but he can't because he does wrestling, but he can't stop doing wrestling, because he has nothing else set up to go to, because he can't do anything else, because he does wrestling, but he can't stop doing wrestling...


In a lot of ways, I think Vince's hatred of the word "wrestling", and a lot of the words that go with it, like "belt", are almost a form of self loathing. Vince McMahon keeps a pretty exclusive list of friends, Donald Trump, Dana White, the "New England Republican" circuit of socially liberal fiscal conservative politicians, and, by their standards, Vince McMahon is, effectively, a ring master in a tent in some incestuous swamp in Louisiana. He might be respected as a business man, but the business he's in isn't respected, and I'm completely guessing here, but, man, that's got to piss a guy off.


But Vince's solution is pretty insane. He's going to keep doing wrestling shows, but he's going to flirt with the mainstream Yankee media by effectively doing an even older carny trick that wrestling; sticking a fake horn on a horse and pretending it's a unicorn.


It's not 'rasslin', it's sports-entertainment

They aren't 'rasslers, they're superstars and divas

They aren't title belts, they're championships

They aren't fights, they're matches

It isn't fighting, it's action


"It's a movie guys, it's a live action stunt show, like you guys in Hollywood, like you guys in New York, like you guys in Boston. It's not a sport like those stupid hicks think, it's not 'rasslin' like those inbred hillbillies say, I'm just like you. So can my wife run for office now without you all laughing at me please?"


EDIT: Wow, didn't plan on going on for that long.

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I completely understand where Vince is coming from. From a business and marketing standpoint, it makes all the sense in the world. However, he needs to realize that not mentioning the word "wrestling" on WWE television, will not help get rid of the "wrestling stigma" from the world's largest pro wrestling organization. Wrestling is wrestling. You can't call it something else. If he wants people to associate his company with other things than just pro wrestling, it will have to be another way as opposed to simply stop mentioning the word "wrestling" on television. Edited by Pavitar
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To be fair to Vince, he always mentions the word 'wrestling' when he needs to. He knows it's a company that specialises in wrestling. He says it in every stock meeting when he hammers home that "we are an entertainment company who do wrestling." His point is merely that they are more than just a pro wrestling product, and thus doesn't want the stigma attached.


The problem is that kids don't grow up watching sports entertainment, asking their parents for tickets to see the sports entertainment show in the local town hall, getting a second job to fund their way into sports entertainment school to learn how to sports entertain. It's wrestling. They're wrestlers. And Vince McMahon, despite his best efforts, will die as the greatest promoter of wrestling who ever lived.

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Vince is just trying to do whatever it takes to get Illuminati tickets to an underground bunker. You guys really think the world elite want a "silly wrestling guy" surviving the apocalypse?


I bet they told Vince he's in if is company can make it as a mainstream corporation, then they secretly laugh behind his back as he tries to do just that. That's also why Linda is running for senate. They're doing whatever they can to get seats on the ark, man.

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