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Evan Bourne Suspended


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WWE has announced that tag team champion Evan Bourne has been suspended for 30 days.


The official statement from the WWE website reads:


"In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Matthew Korklan (Evan Bourne) for 30 days effective immediately for his first violation of the company’s policy."


Bourne and his tag team partner Kofi Kingston lost non-title matches on both Friday's SmackDown and Monday's RAW.


And another one...

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That's what makes this suspension most interesting to me is the WWE Tag Team Titles. Will they have Kofi Kingston represent both of them until Bourne can return or will they have a replacement for Bourne as a tag champion? With this week's SmackDown taping tonight, I would not be surprised to see a last minute decision made about the tag titles. Putting the titles on Miz & Truth could be a possibility, but I've lost track of all the teams Air Boom has jobbed to in recent weeks.


The word going around is that Bourne, as well as Heath Slater and Darren Young, failed their drug tests for a synthetic marijuana substitute. In other words, fake pot. Out of the two, I would have pegged Kofi as more of a pothead (even more so if he still had the Jamaican character).

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Well obviously not to Kendrick's extent. I meant more "why bother with fake stuff when the real stuff has a lighter punishment"?


Was Kendrick getting tested weekly towards the end of his WWE run then? Because $1000 every 3-6 months is passable, but a grand a week is pretty damn ridiculous. That's one committed stoner! :lol

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Smackdown spoiler:



Well as of this weeks Smackdown tapings, the belts were still on Airboom, which is strange given that Bourne was supposedly sent home after Raw. Makes you wonder if they'll even drop the belts at all. They might try and get away with keeping them on Airboom and just not have Bourne there for a few weeks. Wouldn't put it passed them.


Or they could always just say Bourne picked up an injury and give Kofi a new partner. It's not like they were a genuine tag team with irreplaceable members. I feel like the problem with having them potentially drop the belts is that the teams around them (Ziggler/Swagger and Rhodes/Barrett) already have their own individual stuff going on and there isn't any else really.



Edit: Also, didn't they change it so Weed offenders got 30 days also, instead of the fine to stop people doing "the Kendrick." I thought they did, or have I just completely made that up?

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