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World's population is to hit 7 billion, where do you fit in?


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So the world's population is to hit 7 billion in the next few weeks but where do you come in?




So I was born on the 24th March 1992


When I was born, I was the 5,447,991,720th person alive on Earth and the 80,603,426,593rd person to have lived since history began.



Have a go, you can also have a look at facts about your country and gender.

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29th August 1986


I was the 4,962,696,132nd person alive on earth and 79,844,392,667th person to have lived in the history of the earth.


so in the 6 years between me being born and shaun being born the population went up by about 1.5 billion. That's scary!

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7 Billion is probably fine. In fact, 15 billion would be fine if we'd just get our shit together and co-operate for the good of mankind.... but we're jumped up monkeys, 2 mental steps away from throwing our shit at each other, so no hope of that. The irony is that people look at the vast majority of human suffering and go "Oh, the humanity". Personally, I'd put a question mark on the end of it since the vast majority of human suffering, no matter the kind, has 1 thing in common.... it's man-made.


The single greatest cause of human suffering in Africa, and a direct result of European occupation.... the drawing up of lines on a map and stamping places as countries. Oh, and number 2 is religion... also one of ours.

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I would be a lot easier too if hippies didn't think that "genetically modified" meant the same thing as "baby killing Nazi poison". Space isn't the issue, it's resources, especially food and water.


I'm 5,068,065,100th on the Earth by the way, and 80,009,208,822nd ever.


Now there's a band name if ever I've heard one!!

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