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What is TWOStars?


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TWOStars is short for TWO Superstars and is a creative writing wrestling E-Federation.


Writers have characters that are members of a wrestling show's roster and work with other writers to create matches within that show and engage readers with the feeling that they are immersed in a wrestling show.


How are shows created?


The booking team give out a card in the writers' section and writers volunteer to write the matches, other writers will help out by writing the skits and interviews that will surround the show. Though it sounds a huge task, the creation process is laid back with all writers given 8 days to submit their work and a further few days to edit the show, so everyone has time to get what they need done, even with a busy home life.


When are the shows?


The show is released every fortnight on a wednesday.


Where can I read the shows?


You can read the full shows here.


You can also read an abridged version of the show in the same section.


What if I want to say something about the show?


Inno will be leading the aftershow party, you are more than welcome to place your comments within that area, or if you have specific comments that don't revolve around one show, feel free to make your thoughts known in this section, we may not reply to you, but we will be reading.


How do I join TWOStars as a writer?


All you need to do is PM Saz and let him know and he will add you to the writing roster.


I'd like to join, but I'm not sure if I would be any good


There is a full training section available with handy hints on making your character to putting on your first match, plus, every writer in the area are happy to help you with friendly pointers, you'll get chance to practice and your better matches may be showcased on the abridged show Xtreme Round up.


If you have a question that you feel hasn't been answered here, please feel free to PM Saz with your questions.

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