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7:15 Thoughts


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I liked it. I really did. Coupla wee niggles, but meh, nothing's perfect.


Josh Matthews: How can you have an interview that doesn't start with his catchphrase "Joining me at this time..." ? :D


Thought the matches were just about right length wise, I didn't skip one bit (for a change) although, they did feel a little samey? Denton took punishment, got a win off one move basically, Gilmore more or less did the same? Maybe just the way I'm reading it, I dunno.


The title match was a good way of establishing that Brice will do anything to keep the belt on his man (or under his control, that could be an interesting future plot point, Evolution HHH/Orton style?)


Dug the Gilmore return promo, and the Sickness DVD toss :D

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I think for the first time under a new regime, we can forgive people who are a little unsure of themselves as I think it will take at least till Christmas for people to:


1. Get used to the new format.

2. Get over their resistance to change.


I'm also thinking that we need to start using a heel version of the AWOE, just to mix things up a bit.

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