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Xtreme Round up (Abridged XTV 7:15)


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The intro rolls, throwing wrestling footage aplenty to a new logo marked TWOStars: Xtreme Round up, the camera switches to a height view of Todd Grisham standing in front of an XRU logo. The camera flies down to show the presenter making himself ready and finally the camera cuts to a front shot of Todd.


Todd Grisham: Hi TWOStargazers and welcome to the very first Xtreme Round up, where we go over the action of this week and perhaps show you some other matches that have happened over the week, while we look at the consequences of all of this action!


A picture of Lucian L. Jones appears behind Todd.


Grisham News has come in that Lucian L. Jones is stable in hospital after an horrific beating from Evil Gringo, Lucian was making comment to the other breaking news about the new Co-General manager, but more on that later! The footage you are about to see is shocking at best and viewer discretion is advised!


LLJ: So we under new management up in here, huh? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had more than my fair share of run-ins with Darkstar, but I’d take that jacka*s any day over a tool the magnitude of Brice Perrino! Anyone who refers to themselves in the third person needs a slap, y’knowhumsayin’?




LLJ: “The Million is large and in charge”, “The Million can make things happen for you bro”. Well y’know what? The Million can go take a long walk offa short pier, because right now I ain’t got time for bitches, and Perrino? He’s the biggest bitch a’them all!




WEB: Surely it’s not smart to be saying these things about someone who is now your boss?


Lucian pauses for a second, glaring at WEB in disgust.


LLJ: Bitch please! Perrino ain’t the boss of me! Ain’t y’all realised by now that I'm my own man? I tread my own path, and I’m gonna keep on doing like I always do, kickin’ as*es and takin’ names, and you know why? Because I’m…


The crowd erupt as one yelling…






Lucian sprawls to the floor as Gringo appears in shot, a wicked grin on his face as he quickly discards the splintered remains of what was a Kendo stick mere moments ago.




A maniacal laugh escapes the lips of the Mexican Sensation as he lands a couple of quick stomps to the fallen Master of Metaphysics. Stepping back to take a breath for a second, Gringo mockingly repeats the Duke of Jonestown’s words from moments ago…


EG: Taking names? Kicking ass? Are you for real?


A flash of white to indicate that there has been a cut.


Mr. TWOStars takes his time in dusting himself down, but it’s pretty obvious to anyone watching that Lucian isn’t going anywhere in a hurry. Gringo looks around the loading bay, before his eyes finally settle on something he obviously likes the look of. With a gleefully sadistic look on his face, EG drags the nigh-unconscious King of Bling to his feet, Lucian barely able to keep himself vertical. Suddenly, Gringo runs the winded Head Honcho of Hip-Hop across the loading bay, and...




...drives Lucian head first into the driver’s side window on one of the nearby vans, the window smashing under the force and scattering shards of glass in all directions.




Lucian hangs lifelessly through the window, as Gringo leans against the van, a wicked smirk on his face.


EG: Well I think we learnt who’d win in a fight, huh?


The former firm fan favourite steps away from the van, noticing something out of the corner of his eye that brings an even more devilish grin to his face.


EG: But I think it’s about time we ended this...don’t you?


Gringo walks over to one of the storage crates littering the backstage area, reaching inside and retrieved a length of scaffolding pipe. With a grin on his face, Gringo walks back towards where Jones still hangs half in and half out of the window. As Gringo walks he swings the pole menacingly, the steel tube making an ominous “WHOOSH” noise with each swing.


EG: This has been fun and all...


Gringo reaches into the window, gripping the back of Lucian’s hoodie and pulling him out of the door. Jones offers no resistance, simply flopping to the floor unconscious.


EG: But it’s time we put you out for good...


Lucian lays spread-eagled on his back, blood running down his face, as Gringo holds the pole as if it were a golf club. Casually as you like, Gringo brings the pole close to the side of the skull of the prone Mr. Jones, no doubt checking his swing distance.


EG: It’s a shame kid...


Gringo pulls the pole back, before swinging it down and stopping mere centimetres away from the head of Jones. It’s only a test swing, but the Mexicutioner’s intentions are pretty clear by this point.


EG: I thought you coulda been something…


Gringo draws the pole back, a smirk on his lips.


EG: But you’re just as soft as the rest…


Gringo moves to take his swing, only to find the pole snatched from his hands before he has chance.


???: ENOUGH!!


The camera pans out to reveal Matt Denton, the Cardinal of Controversy holding the pipe and staring down at the smaller Gringo.


EG: What’s your problem? You done ten times worse than this!


Denton looks down at the spluttering figure of Jones, before glaring back at Gringo.


MKD: I beg you…give me one reason to use this thing…make a move…


Gringo eyeballs Denton, before looking at the steel pipe now being wielded menacingly by the former Consortium boss.


EG: You better watch your back Denton. And tell that bitch I’m not done with him.


Gringo backs out of shot, Denton still gripping the pipe until he’s sure Gringo is no longer a threat. As soon as the Mexicutioner exits, Matt drops to a knee to check on the beaten and bloodied Jones.




Camera cuts back to Todd's concerned face.


Todd Grisham: I think it's obvious to all that Evil Gringo has lost any semblance of control and is now looking at affirmative action from the TWOStars board. So what's the future for Lucian? And does this finally prove that Matt Denton is on the level? Well, Matt had another chance to prove his sincerity when he faced the Chav later that night!


Matt decks The Chav with an open handed fist, sending him down into the canvas. Matt shrugs his shoulders and fakes sympathy before motioning for the Chav to get up. Chav does so, not before spitting at Denton’s feet.


Jim Ross: That’s disgusting…


Paul Heyman: Denton used to do that… Why did he have to change?!


Jim Ross: Maybe he found karma!


Paul Heyman: Karma, schmarma!


With both men at a vertical base, Denton and Chav lock up in the age old collar and elbow tie up. Denton harnessing his frustration at waiting a year to get Chav one on one in the ring, uses that rage to force Chav into the corner. The referee begins the 5 count, but Denton breaks it up at once.


Jim Ross: Clean break there…




Jim Ross: He’s not going to do it!


Paul Heyman: I’m talking to the Chav! He should remind Denton how good it is to be evil!


Denton backs off, making for the cleanest break he can, but Chav isn’t so gracious responding to the earlier open handed fist with a closed one of his own, knocking Denton to the ground. The referee admonishes The Kappa Warrior, but of course Chav isn’t listening.


Flash of white.


Denton quickly follows up with a leg drop to the back of the head, before Chav can react to kicking out. The Reformed Offender picks Chav and locks him in a belly to back waistlock. Chav wriggles and squirms, managing the create a large enough space to slide his hands in and break the hold. Denton quickly slams his forearm into Chav’s back before reapplying the hold.


Jim Ross: Denton is tenaciously trying to deliver that German Suplex he’s become known for!


Paul Heyman: It’s definitely not a ride that the Chav wishes to take!


Once again, Chav manages to break the hold in the same manner, but Denton again drives the forearm in and reapplies the hold, but this time pops his hips-


Jim Ross: DAS SU-


- but Chav manages to shift his weight and roll up Denton!




Chav breaks his own pin, walks around and hooks both of Denton’s legs, quickly flipping him over into a boston crab, dead center of the ring!


Paul Heyman: Smart thinking by the usually unorthodox Chav! He didn’t want to risk Denton kicking out and losing his advantage!


Jim Ross: He’s got that Boston Crab applied perfectly in the center of the ring! Can Denton escape from the shackles of this excruciating hold like he escaped the shackles of his evil ways?


Paul Heyman: Oh no, you didn’t… Psssht.


Denton screams out in pain, reaching out to the ropes which are so very far away from him whilst Chav smiles that sick grin, knowing he has Denton exactly where he wants him. Denton begins that long crawl to the ropes, dragging Chav’s 237 pound body along with him.


Jim Ross: The Chav isn’t making this easy for Denton!


Paul Heyman: Maybe this is karma telling Denton that he needs be evil again!


Jim Ross: Can’t you just be happy for him?


Paul Heyman: …


As Denton continues moving, Chav lets go of the hold and jumps backwards, spinning into a body splash onto Denton’s back.


Jim Ross: That was unusual! Huge body splash to the back of Denton! He wasn’t going to let him escape unscathed!


Paul Heyman: PIGPILE!!


Chav rolls Denton over and makes the cover, shoving his forearm into Denton’s face as he does so.








Jim Ross: Almost a three right there, that sequence of moves took a lot out of Denton right there!


Paul Heyman: Good! More pain onto that damn turncoat!


Chav looks at the referee with frustration, picking up Denton as he does so. He scoops Denton up and onto his shoulder, stepping back a few centimetres, before falling to his knees looking to drop Denton with the powerslam, but at the last second Denton slips out!


Jim Ross: That could have been it right there!


Paul Heyman: Chav just lost his grip! That was close!


Jim Ross: Amazing how Denton landed on his feet from certain doom there!


The former Cardinal of Controversy shoots the Burberry clad Chav into the corner, following him in as soon as his back slams into the turnbuckle pads. Charging in swiftly with a high knee, catching Chav in the jaw.


Jim Ross: What a high knee! That looks like it just extracted another tooth from the Chav’s mouth!


Paul Heyman: …


The Chav stumbles out of the corner, doubling up to catch his breath and check on the state of his mouth, but Denton quickly capitalizes, kicking Chav in the gut, hosting him upside down, stepping over his arms and then dropping to his knees completing the move known only as…


Jim Ross: THE A.T.M! It’s academic, Paul!


Paul Heyman: I don’t even…


Denton rolls the Chav over into a cover…








The bell rings whilst “Cool” by the World Without Logos blares through the sound system. Denton quickly gets up and has his hand raised in victory. For the first time since turning over a new leaf, the fans seem to accept Denton as a good guy and applaud his victory.


Jim Ross: Just a year ago, Matt Denton got taken out of this company by the Chav! Tonight, Denton got his payback, by God!


Paul Heyman: How could he do it so… cleanly?! Denton really has changed! Son… I’m disappointed…


Jim Ross: I’m glad he’s turned over this new leaf


Grisham: With the fans now firmly on Matt Denton's side and Lucian having Matt to thank for just cuts and bruises rather than severe brain trauma, it certainly looks like Matt has finally convinced people of his sincerity. So, what is the future for Matt Denton? Only time will tell!


The screen behind Todd, changes to the ever smiling face of Brice Perino.


Grisham: Of course, the future is something that everyone is worried about here at TWOStars, with a mysterious board member taking 50% of the stock and that member insisting that Brice Perino was placed as a co-General Manager, the Million was all smiles when his position was announced!


Brice appears at the entrance way, closely followed by his two charges, Christopher Eagles and the Unified Championship holding Craig Van Dam. Both wrestlers look smug and proud as they join their manager down the ramp towards the ring ignoring the baying audience members close to the barrier, who are less than happy to have Brice at the helm of TWOStars.


Ross: Can you believe it? A mysterious benefactor, if you can even call them that, has bought their way into TWOStars and made Brice Perrino, perhaps THE most manipulative and selfish man in wrestling a General Manager!


Heyman: Brice is not selfish, he works hard for those on his team and if I have to be a "bro" I am on board brother!


Eagles jumps up onto the apron and holds the ropes open for Brice when he eventually climbs the steps and makes an overly exaggerated "You have that much respect for me? I'm touched" sort of gesture before climbing into the ring with the biggest sh*t eating grin ever and grabbing a mic. The music fades as Brice brings the mic to his lips.


Brice: Darkstar, Darkstar, Darkstar! Finally you and I can look upon our relationship as partners, as bros as comrades in arms!


Darkstar looks at the floor, perhaps in rage as the audience tells Perrino exactly what they think of him.


Brice: No? Nothing to say? Not going to shake the Million's hand and say congratulations bro, you deserved it?


Darkstar keeps his opinion to himself whilst the audience still scream their disapproval.


Brice: Well, get a load of this Darkstar... your precious belts? I've petitioned to the Board that all but the Unified Championship will be made defunct! Yes that's right! The board agrees with me that the only belt that matters is the one that my bro in arms Craig Van Dam is holding is the only one that matters, the only one that matters to the Million!


Craig Van Dam takes the belt off his shoulder and holds it aloft moving to every side of the ring to show that he is the one holding the only gold left in TWOStars.


Audience: F*** off Bromance! F*** off Bromance!


Brice: And you know what I found in my office, which I might say bro, is much bigger than yours, sitting on my to do list? That's right! Cari-Dee's contract! And you know what Darkstar? I don't think I feel like signing it as Co-General Manager! You see, as far as I am concerned it's bro's before ho's in this business and trust me, if I feel that someone isn't worth my time here in TWOStars they are OUT! Chris, be a bro and deal with that contract!


Christopher Eagles produces a contract and begins tearing it up, this time Darkstar reacts but is pushed back by Chris Van Dam.


Brice: I wouldn't be like that Darkstar, any misbehaviour on your part and I will retain full control, so be a good bro and play nicely with me and my boys! I promise you all that I feel that my team are the focus of this show and I will ensure that you will see them defeat anyone and everyone!


Brice raises his hand in the air as if to expect a full ovation from the audience, but only receives boos, however, Brice reacts as though he's received the reception he wanted and continues to leave in celebration, leaving a deflated Darkstar in the ring.


Grisham: So Brice callously threw Cari-Dee out of TWOStars based on her gender, then proceded to gloat about all the changes he will be making to TWOStars itself. Does this mean the end for all the female superstars? What other changes will Brice make to ensure that no one challenges him and Team Million? More on this after the break!

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Todd Grisham: Welcome back to Xtreme Round up, where we saw before the break Brice Perino had managed to gain control of TWOStars through a mysterious backer and it wasn't long before Brice began to abuse his power! Not only did Brice try to persuade Sickeness to throw the match, he took matters into his own hands when Sickness refused!


Ding! Ding Ding!


JR: Here we go, this Unified Championship match is underway.


Van Dam and Sickness circle around the ring and get into a strong tie up. They wrestle around the ring where they eventually go into the corner with the ref forcing a break.


PH: A stale mate here and we get a clean break.


While he does cleanly break Van Dam does slap Sickness right across the face.




PH: Ha I love it! Van Dam with a humiliating slap across the face.


JR: Yes Paul but look, Sickness appears to like it.


JR is correct, Sickness has a weird grin on his face which freaks the champion out a bit. Not knowing what else to do Van Dam slaps Sickness across the face a second time provoking a similar response.


PH: Sickness is playing with CVD’s mind here.


JR: Sickness plays mind games very well.


PH: With such a small brain capacity I’ll never know how.


The Sick One double leg take downs Craig to the canvas, he gets in a mount position and starts laying into The Brotal Package with heavy punches.


JR: And Sickness all over CVD here!


PH: Come on Craig! Don’t let this moron outsmart you!


The Package eventually breaks free and leaves the ring. Sickness doesn’t give Van Dam anytime to rest, he also leaves the ring and begins to chase Craig.


JR: Look at this, Sickness trying to catch Van Dam here.


CVD and Sickness do a couple of laps around the ring where Craig slides back in the ring. Seconds later Sickness climbs onto the ring apron where Craig is there to meet him with a drop kick which sends Sickness off the apron and into the floor.


PH: Did you hear the sound of Sickness’ body crashing into the floor?


JR: I certainly did Paul and I didn’t like the sound one single bit.


A smile breaks on Craig’s face and he looks down on a fallen Sickness. The Package leaves the ring and drags Sickness up and places him back in the ring. Craig climbs onto the apron, spring boarding over the top rope before landing on top of Sickness with a leg drop.


A flash of white.


Craig takes control of Sickness’ arm again and Irish whips him right into the opposite corner of the ring. He once again charges at him, only this time Sickness raises his feet into Craig’s face.


JR: Was that a case of Van Dam going to the well one too many times?


The Mini Monster bursts out the corner and knocks Craig to the canvas with a clothesline. The Champion only takes a couple seconds to return to his feet, when he does Sickness knocks right back down to the canvas with a drop kick.


JR: It’s The Sick One taking control here!


PH: Come on Craig.


Van Dam once again returns to a vertical base where Sickness kicks him in the stomach. He slaps on a front face lock before dropping back and driving Craig’s face into the canvas.


JR: DDT! That’s a big move from The Sick One.


Sickness turns Craig onto his back, before climbing on top of him for a cover.






TH……….. The Package raises a left shoulder from the canvas.


PH: Two count only.


The Sick One returns to his feet where he stomps all over the prone body of the champ, he drags Craig to his feet where he meets him with a stiff knife handed chop. He scoops Craig up and slams him into the canvas.


JR: Sickness is beginning to look strong here.


The Brotal Package is close to the ropes and helps himself to his feet. The Mini Monster boots CVD in the stomach, wraps his arm around his neck before dropping to his ass. As he is close to the ropes Craig bounces off them, where Sickness catches him in a front face lock and drives Craig’s face into the mat.




JR: Is Sickness about to become Unified Champion?


The former Dark Alliance member climbs on top Craig, hooking the leg and going for a cover.







THRE………….. The Package raises his left shoulder from the canvas.


Crowd: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JR: Oh and Sickness came so close.


Another white flash cut.


BRO! BRO! BRO!!!!!


JR: What the hell is this?


Crowd: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PH: It’s our esteemed GM JR!


Brice Perrino steps through the curtain to massive boos from the crowd.


JR: What the hell does he want?


BP: Now listen up Bros and especially you Broness'. I’m just out here to remind everyone that this match is a non-title match.


Crowd: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JR: WHAT???????


PH: Just a reminder JR.


JR: Come on, are they just changing the rules as they go along here???


PH: It was always non-title, you obviously forgot.


JR: Like hell it was.


BP: I also want to say that I’m not happy with some of the decisions you are making bro ref so I’m staying out here to keep an eye on you.


JR: This is absolutely ridiculous. Sickness was in clear control and probably on the verge of winning.


The Sick One is on his feet and shouting at Perrino. As this is happening Van Dam sneaks up behind him and rolls him over into a pinning combination.







THRE…………….. The Sick One just about rolls out in time.


PH: What a brilliant man Brice is, he has totally thrown Sickness off his game.


JR: Cheating to save Craig’s title more like it.


The two men return to their vertical bases where Sickness strikes with a punch……


BP: Bro check those fists.


Crowd: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JR: Is this for real? Brice has totally ruined this match.


As Sickness’ attention is on Brice, Van Dam scores with a high kick to the head, knocking Sickness to the canvas.


JR: How the hell are Sickness and even the ref supposed to concentrate with this idiot out here?


PH: That’s your boss JR, show a bit more respect.


The Package walks over to the corner and begins to ascend then turnbuckles.


JR: Van Dam looking to finish The Sick One off.


Van Dam gets on the top rope but Sickness gets half way to his feet and dives into the ropes. This knocks Craig off balance, landing groin first onto the top turnbuckle.




PH: CVD’s face tells the entire story there.


BP: Disqualify that bro!


JR: Can someone just cut this man's mic?


PH: You know he’s telling the truth.


This time Sickness is able to ignore Brice and climbs to the second turnbuckle and lays shots into Craig.


BP: Bro, again check the fists.


Just to try and shut Brice up the ref grabs Sickness’ hands and takes a look at them. This provokes a furious reaction from the challenger.


JR: Sickness is pissed off and rightly so.


Van Dam takes advantage by head butting Sickness in the stomach. He forearm strikes Sickness three times, which knocks the Mini Monster off the ropes and crashing into the canvas.


PH: And look at Craig taking advantage, so smart.


The Brotal Package stands up on the top turnbuckle, he dives high in the air, crashing down on Sickness with nothing but pure impact.




JR: Damn it! Brice caused the distraction and Craig is going to steal one!


The referee has his head in his hands realising his blunder. As Craig climbs on top of Sickness Brice screams out.


BP: COUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Reluctantly the official begins his count.








Ding! Ding! Ding!


JR: Damn it!


TC: Here is your winner and STILL Unified Champion, Craig Van Dam!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Miseria Cantare” fades out to massive boos.


JR: What a start to his reign, first he fires Cari-Dee and then costs Sickness the Championship.


PH: Brice is going to be an excellent GM.


Grisham: So Brice has set his stall out that he's going to personally oversee Craig Van Dam's matches to ensure that CVD can win everytime. Now, I don't know about anyone else, but that's going to kill the Championship!


With no one to really challenge CVD, will our own champ stand for it, knowing that he's only champion through Brice's interferance? I doubt it, but we can only hope!


The screen behind Todd changes once again to a beer bottle.


Grisham: Of course, we end tonight on a positive note, personally, it was great to see the legend that is Kyle Gilmore return to the ring and, after defeating Randy Roko, no mean feat I might add, he had this to say to me.


Randy ducks! Ducking under the leg leaves Kyle out in the open as Randy uses his momentum to swing back around with an Enzuguri, connecting square on the side of Kyle’s head and bringing both men down to the canvas!




JR: This could be it, Kyle went for the finish too early on...


Heyman: I told you JR! Kyle has a lot to remember.


Randy covers Kyle, still in pain from the flying DDT.






THRE- Kick out!




JR: Kyle is still in this thing!


Heyman: He’s tough, I’ll give him that!


Randy now looks frustrated, returning to his feet he seems to think about his next move momentarily, before seemingly deciding upon something as he yanks Gilmore upto his feet roughly before booting him in the gut, locking in his leg onto Gilmore’s shoulder...


JR: Going for the Ripti- NO! Gilmore with the headbutt!


Randy stumbles back, in shock from the sudden attack, as Gilmore unleashes a flurry of attacks, kicks and punches, knocking the former Unified World Champion back even more before taking an Enzuguri of his own!


JR: Kyle fighting back with the spirit of a lion Paul!


Kyle struts around the ring, fire in his eyes as he drags Randy upto his feet, Irish whipping him into the corner he charges in and splashes into the corner, crushing Randy underneath his chest. With Randy dazed, Kyle finds it easy enough to suplex him up and over into the middle of the ring, controlling him with ease.


JR: I have this great feeling that Kyle Gilmore is back in the house, Paul!


Heyman: Yeah, yeah yeah...


Kyle drags him up-to his feet again, Irish whipping him against the ropes once more. This time, on the rebound Randy leap frogs over Kyle, and on the second rebound...






The roof is almost blown off in total excitement as Kyle hits the superkick to the face effortlessly and Randy slumps down to the canvas. Kyle follows with the formality that is now the pinfall.












Tony: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of this match via pinfall, Kyle....Gilmoreeeee!!








Kyle sits up in the ring, a genuine smile on his face as he gets up-to his feet and his music cuts in.


JR: He’s done it! His first match back and he’s beaten our former Unified World Champion! What a way to come back into the company!


Flash of white to the backstage interview.




Todd Grisham: So Kyle how does it feel to be back and to have a victory straight out the gate against the former world champion Randy Roko?


Kyle Gilmore: Man Grish, I gotta say it feels great to be back. The victory against Randy was just icing on the cake, the big deal tonight was being back with my TWOStars family.


TG: I see that your planning on celebrating your victory tonight like only a "prime time playa" could?


Gilmore looks rather lovingly at the two beer bottles in his hand before handing one to Todd, who takes it a little apprehensively. Kyle looks rather sad almost as he stares at his beer bottle for a few minutes before answering.


KG: Actually Todd, these two brews here are rather special for a number of reasons. One, I love a good harvest pumpkin ale.


Todd laughs a little at this.


KG: No shit Todd, I wait all year for a good pumpkin beer. Second, I spent a lot of my youth vacationing with my grandparents in Oregon, and I drank a ton of Blue Moon ale. The best small brewery beer in America by far. This is a Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale. Double special. There's a third reason though, and it will be obvious to you in just a moment.


Gilmore twists his top of his beer and gestures for Todd to do the same, they both take tentative drinks, Gilmore's slightly larger, but the look on todd's face as he takes the drink and then looks at his label, shows he likes it.


KG: To second chances and third chances. Ya see Todd I came to TWOStars about five years ago. I was offered a spot in the company because I used to tag with Mike Ward, and him and Damon Kori were looking for some kind of guru of sorts to get their asses into some kind of a cohesive unit. Well I've out lasted both of them. See their tag program didn't really make them into the stars that the company was hoping for so they started to focus on yours truly instead. I was given matches against Evil Gringo and Barry Gower, and a world title match against one of my two best friends in the world Twiggie.




KG: So I beat Barry Gower, and I went toe to toe with The Triple Crown champion, and what did I do afterwards? I partied with Twig. Well, eventually I started to focus more on partying with Twig then winning matches. So I staggered along until my paths crossed with Damon Kori again, this time him and The Maxx are hassling me, and Lucian L. Jones. So what do we do? We form a tag team, and whoop their sorry asses.




KG: And then we went onto beat Draven Cage and Barry Gower for the TWOStars tag team championships, and afterwards I partied with my best friend in the whole damn world, his highness of flyness, Lucian L Jones! Then we won a hell of a lot of matches and outsmarted a whole bunch of assholes, like Matthew Kennedy Denton, and Christopher Ryan Eagles, and Craig Waldo Van Dam.


Grisham and the crowd both have a little bit of a laugh at this.


KG: And with each victory we had a Primetime Party, until eventually Jones moved onto bigger and better things. Rightfully so too, that kid is the best damn wrestler in the world, for my money. Bell to Bell that man is a champion, without or without a title! Each time he won, we partied. Eventually I just partied, I'd make a comeback and spend all of it planning PTParties with Twiggie, and Dori Sugar and the guys. I'd lose and we'd party, I'd get an injury, and I'd say "oh well more time off for partying!".


Gilmore takes a long draw off his beer, as he gathers his thoughts before continuing on.


KG: Finally they didn’t renew my contract after my latest injury against The Chav. A funny thing happened though, a few weeks ago I was sitting at home thinking about how to spend my PTP royalty check, and I'm thinking a huge freaking beer bash. Well the phone rings and it's Jimmy Tsunami, and the kid's like "Dude, where you been, man? It ain't the same without you." So I turned on XTV the next night and I said "You know what? He's right!". It ain't the same there's a spark missing. I figured out right there and then how to spend that royalty check. I walked into 24 hr Nautilus right there in Manteca, and I bought a lifetime membership and I started getting back into ring shape. I called Darkstar, and I started making arrangements to come back. Ya see I don’t wanna be Marty Jannety, and for all intents and purposes I should be Marty, because Jones IS HBK. The thing is though that The PTP were not The Rockers they're the god damned PTP!


Gilmore swigs back the rest of his beer, every last drop.


KG: So the third reason that this beer was special is that I came here five years ago to drink beer and kick ass, and while I may have drank far more than I planned, I'm all out of beer.


The Primetime Player tosses his empty bottle into a recycling bin and walks off.


Grisham: So Kyle Gilmore setting his stall out, putting the whole roster on notice that he's there to win wrestling matches and not party all the time. Is this now Kyle's moment in the sun? You can find out if you follow XTV!


The camera cuts to Todd in a more distant shot.


Grisham: And that's about it, where we look to the next show and wonder how Lucian will respond to this beating, how Brice will effect the next matches and look forward to cheering on Kyle Gilmore as he proves to the world that he is TWOStars material, see you next show, I've been Todd Grisham and this has been Xtreme Round up!


Cut to credits.

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