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WWE RAW SuperShow Discussion Thread - September 26, 2011 from Kansas City, MO


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United States: Live, Monday Night, September 26, at 9/8c on the USA Network

United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, September 27, at 2AM on SkySports3 & SkySportsHD3



Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO


Confirmed Matches/Events


CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio


RAW & SmackDown Superstars to Appear


Final Build to WWE Hell in a Cell

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Guest Jimmy Redman

Yeah, that. Its not billed as Raw guys appearing on Smackdown shows as well, even though in reality they do it anyway when they feel like it.


For example, last week Miz, Truth and Beth were all Raw people on Smackdown, building their tag title and women's title matches respectively.


But Smackdown isnt officially 'supershows' though.

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is there anywhere on line i can get to see wwe again? i dont have sky in my place and my folks recently got sky sports taken off their subscription to sky as i wasnt around here enough. i'm lost!!!!
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If not, I'm sure their's a bay where you can find torrents of the stuff you seek. Only you have to speak like a pirate in their bay. Or you might find kickass torrents of data somewhere if you just google certain kickass words to get a torrent of information.



Or you can just ask etz for help. :lol

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I usually record highlights from the shows for my own collection, but putting them on YouTube is a waste for me most of the time as my WWE videos are usually taken down.


Well, it used to be that WWE used the term "SuperShow" whenever they were taping RAW and SmackDown on the same night in the same arena if I remember right.


The idea for a SuperShow now is for the SmackDown stars to appear on RAW as well, but not the other way around. In kayfabe, the Divas and WWE Tag Team Champions can appear on both shows, but it seems like they have the unspoken rule that the #1 Contenders for those titles can appear as well.


To me, it seems like only a handful of SmackDown stars are actually appearing on the RAW SuperShow. It's usually Mark Henry, Randy Orton, the Sin Caras, and Cody Rhodes.


WWE seems to have no plans to end the SuperShow concept anytime soon as they are advertising RAW SuperShows well into 2012.


By the way, CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio has been announced for tonight's RAW SuperShow.

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Seriously I loved that segment. "I ain't afraid of you!"


So far I gotta say Raw has been pretty damn great. I have a feeling that, as sad as it may be) John Morrison may be future endeavored soon. Did anyone else catch him mocking Sin Cara's pointing spot?

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I pretty much blocked out Cena's promo myself. I didn't mind the Kelly Kelly stuff, It bugs me, sure, but I'm used to it. The ladies did a pretty good job here I thought.


It was cool to see Punk back on commentary, but man, how bad did Del Rio suck? Week after week I'm finding him to be a less credible contender to the main event.


Teddy Long and an on-the-spot 6 man that turned into a 5 man handicap match? Awesome!

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MASON RYAN! And the best part was, HE WAS AWESOME!


I was just thinking how bad ass a stable of Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and Mason Ryan was gonna be when WHAMMO SWERVE! Mason Ryan ain't nobody to mess with. His little press slam move was great. It still amazes me how much he looks like Dave Batista.


It's really nice to see how popular and over Zack Ryder has gotten based on all the work he's put into brand recognition. More guys need to do this. I don't mean have their own internet show, but do anything to get some type of public recognition.


Wrestling is so much better when the wrestlers can get over with their real(amplified) personalities.



edit: Okay, after that main event, I take back what I said about Del Rio. He looked brutal here. He was calculating and chose his spots. That makes him a better heel. The cowardly heel role just doesn't suite him. He needs to be able to get over babyface's clean with just a little help from Ricky Rod in tough situations. Speaking of Ricardo Rodriguez, I love how Del Rio always throws him to the wolves. Without him, I don't think I'd like Del Rio at all. I think it's his promo that throws me off from really getting behind him. I hope they never have him on comentary again.

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Guest Ciaran The King
Cole: Jerry Lawler has bruised ribs and well ah...with all due respect he's suffering from...from anal bleeding.


This is a PG show don't you know

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