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WWE Night of Champions 2011 Predictions - Win £20


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Join in with the WWE prediction league at TWO and compare your scores with the rest of the Talk Wrestling Online members. Both our WWE and TNA prediction leagues will be run in association with Fourown.org.


There will be a prize for the winner of the Talk Wrestling Online WWE league each season!


The Seasons


Season 1 = WWE Royal Rumble - WWE WrestleMania


Season 2 = WWE Extreme Rules - WWE SummerSlam


Season 3 = WWE Night of Champions - TLC Tables Ladders and Chairs


The Prize


The winner of the Talk Wrestling Online WWE League each season will win a £20 gift voucher to an online store (Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com). An alternative can be arranged, e.g. cash via Paypal or a gift voucher to a different store. You must be a resident of the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada or Australia. (This is so that I can send you the prize, I would need to use an English website to order the prize) If your not interested in the prize, you can enter from any country.


To be eligible for the prize you must be a Talk Wrestling Online forum member and you must participate within our league only, you cannot switch between leagues!


Previous Winners


  • 2011 - Season #3= ?
  • 2011 - Season #2= Springsteen
  • 2011 - Season #1= TWOKam (2nd + prize: headshrinker)
  • 2010 - Season #3 = headshrinker
  • 2010 - Season #2 = TWOmight
  • 2010 - Season #1 = Inno
  • 2009 - Season #3 = Nemesis Enforcer
  • 2009 - Season #2 = Jimmy Redman
  • 2009 - Season #1= headshrinker


How to play?


Already joined the league? Just login, go to the PPVs page and select the PPV name and make your predictions.




(1) Go to FourDown.org and register with your TWO username. If that name is taken just put TWO in front of it. So Kam would become TWOKam. For security reasons please do NOT use the same password as you do here!


(2) Reply here with the username you have registered with. (So I can accept you into the Talk Wrestling Online League when you apply)


(3) Join the Talk Wrestling Online League on this page.


(4) Go to the Night of Champions Predictions page and make your predictions.


Any questions/problems reply here.




Please keep any PPV discussion in the official thread: WWE Night of Champions 2011 Discussion

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