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Username change?


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I'll be doing a username change soon, if you would like it changed please reply below by 24th September 2011.


This will be the FINAL one - I don't have plans to do anymore in the future.


(Although Subscribers will still have the ability to have their names changed during special events like Halloween etc)

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Guest Dante Spears

Because some of us like to change our name?


I don't suppose we can make my name just Dante , dropping the Spears. Probably not because there's another Dante even though he hasn't been around for like 4 years.

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Dante is Puerto Rican. He's too lazy to post. All his time is taken watching soccer and bangin' hot chicks.


Question: What is the point? Needless trouble.


If you're a subber, you can change your name twice a year(Helloween and Christmas) if you want. Just a little fun thing us cool kids like to do to change things up a bit.


As far as regular usernames, I've changed mine twice. The first, which I had for all of about 3 months or so was MPX2k4 Then untill two years ago I was simply The Maxx. I like Maxximus and I don't think I'll ever change it for good. My identity is pretty well established on this here website.


Sometimes people get bored, or realize the original idea for their username sucked. It happens all the time. In fact you should change yours to Jamz. Or just ditch the '26' and go by Jamster.


Just a suggestion.



eta: If I did change my name, I'd change it to CD or NegaHenry.

Edited by Maxximus
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Guest Beefhead
I used to be TheDefinition2 lol. I much prefer TheDef. I was waiting for a name change thread but now that its here, Im kinda like nah had this one for so long now why get used to a new one.
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He's saying the name 'Jamster With Regards' is over the 15 character limit for a user name because you did this:


Yeah, do us a favour Kam and knock the numbers off my username.


With regards.


That can look like you meant you wanted your name to be 'Jamster With Regards'. It was a pretty clever, yet a bit cheesy play on word type joke.


Sad thing is, I had this explanation all prepared because I knew you probably wouldn't get it. I don't mean that in a bad way.

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