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WWE RAW SuperShow Discussion Thread - September 19, 2011 from Cleveland, OH


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United States: Live, Monday Night, September 19, at 9/8c on the USA Network

United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, September 20, at 2AM on SkySportsHD3



Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, OH


Confirmed Matches/Events


Hugh Jackman to Appear as the RAW Guest Star


RAW & SmackDown Superstars to Appear


Night of Champions Fallout

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This wasn't bad but they have pretty much killed off what Punk brought back from his epic speech in July. This raw pretty much changed from punk campaigning for change, to the game strugging to maintain order. I am tad concerned about how punk is going to fit in this and how he's going to be able to continue especially with him no longer the main focal point, and with him cemented as a rogue babyface.


Fair play to Jackson, he actually did well as a guest host, and we got him interacting with zack ryder :lol


Del rio is playing the cowardly/pissed off heel well, morrisons just getting jobbed week in week out-won't be surprised if he goes soon.


I'm interested in how they take r-truth and miz and whether they form a stable something with nash/mr future endevoured or not. But creative have to be really smart and careful or else it could completely blow up and just epicly fail like that tna-esq main event from night of champions

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Haven't watched this yet, but after the news about Miz and Truth, then I'm absolutely certain their joining a group with Nash and Laurinaitis. It looks to me like Laurinaitis is getting every enemy of Trippers he can find together, then he's gonna make some kind of play for the COO job.


I can actually see Punk reluctantly joining forces with HHH in this, because as much as he wants change, he doesn't want a jacka*s like Johnny Ace in the driver's seat.

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What I caught of Raw this week was pretty great. John Cena doesn't know the basics my burning asshole. He looked great out there. Like I've been saying, he's getting better and better. I wasn't so happy with the Punk/Cena team up till I saw it. The joint promo put it in perspective and storyline wise, made a lot of sense. I loved Cena telling Punk they were the new Pock and Roll Express and the look on Punk's face when he said, "I wouldn't go that far." To be honest, they made a really great tag team. Double Team MOVEZ~ FTW! I can dig it. Their celebration in the ring post match was great as well. The devilish smile on Punk's face when Cena raised his hand to a huge pop from the crowd was great.


Unfortunately, my girlfriend showed up demanding attention and I missed the second half of the first hour. I'm gonna have to go back and re-watch it. I especially loved the Mark Henry goes psycho monster heel on the announce team. I just wish it was it would have been Cole put through the announce table. Second favorite bit was The Miz and R-Truth getting fired. It was the looks on their faces that did it for me. Beautiful sell.

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Guest Jamster26

Perhaps killed was the wrong word and I didn't just mean "killed", in that match.


What I meant, was I think they have missed the opening they had, to make him a genuine main eventer. They should have had him go over Cena at whatever it's called and continued the hype around him.


As it is now, he's entertaining still but I just feel that they have missed the boat. There was NO reason for Cena to win the title back from Punk.


But it's not the first time they have done this with Cena is it? Hello Del Rio!

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Guest Jimmy Redman

Have to echo people above, the main event was pretty great. Cena is a great Ricky Morton, and in general switching up the roles that way was refreshing and Punk did well on the apron and at the finish. Fun stuff.


I missed the start so I've absolutely no idea what the firing angle is about, but the way they did it, with the crazy brawl backstage and Hunter throwing them out, that was pretty boss. I'm sold just on that ending. Felt like the Raw of old for 2 minutes.


Didnt catch much else of Raw, but MARK HENRY IS F*CKING AMAZING. Great promo, "This is the part where you beg for your life" was IMMENSE, and the King beatdown was brutal. He looked like he DIED on the table, no wonder he was hurt.


Also enjoyed the Divas of Boob storming out all pissed off. Match was fun for 60 seconds but the finish came too soon, and really the Boobs need to actually win at some point if they want to continue this for much longer.


Apologies for missing a Raw Report for two weeks in a row. Its only when I dont get to see enough of the show to do it. The middle of the week is just hectic for me lately. I would have been fine only the tape I taped the show with broke. Raw literally broke my tape.


Yes, I still use a VCR.

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Vince McMahon was irate backstage at Monday's Raw SuperShow after his name was mentioned by Alberto Del Rio during the live broadcast.


Many people within WWE believe McMahon got upset because he is returning to television soon and did not want his name mentioned. Del Rio and the creative writer involved in the segment were both yelled at backstage by Vince.


Stephanie McMahon, who was on hand for the event, attempted to calm her father down but was unable to do so. He remained temperamental for the rest of the night as he was yelling at colleagues throughout the show and making life miserable for those around him.


- As noted before, Vince McMahon was apparently upset at Monday's RAW because Alberto Del Rio mentioned his name on TV. The mood at this week's RAW was described by some as the most negative environment they could recall. Vince McMahon was said to be in the worst mood.


Word is that Vince felt Del Rio gave away the end result of the Kevin Nash and John Laurinaitis storyline by mentioning him. Some say that Vince was in a bad mood before Del Rio name dropped him. It's said that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H both took more of the brunt from Vince this week than others, as did the agents, mainly Dean Malenko and Arn Anderson.


The writers had to do the usual script changes this week but sources say it was worse this week than most others.


Regarding the Mark Henry and Jerry Lawler angle, they went back and forth all day on whether or not to have Henry put Lawler trough the table. Shortly before RAW started, they made the decision to put him through it. The table was supposed to be gimmicked so it would break easier but because of the late decision, somehow the table wasn't gimmicked and Lawler was put through it the hard way.


Both Henry and Lawler were upset about the angle but Vince himself was said to be furious about it. After RAW ended, Vince called the agents and writers in for a meeting. Sources say Vince went into a "full-on red faced promo" where everyone felt they were being warned.


Source: WO

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