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IMPACT WRESTLING - 22nd September 2011

Guest FreeSpirit

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Guest FreeSpirit







Tuesday 13th September


TV Schedule:

USA: Thursday 22nd September on Spike TV at 9/8c

UK: Sunday 25th September on Challenge at 9pm




The Road To "Bound For Glory" Continues

22nd September 2011


Don't miss Thursday's huge "IMPACT WRESTLING" broadcast on SpikeTV at 9/8c, as the road to "Bound For Glory" on Sunday 16th October continues. Here is a preview of this week's broadcast:


The road to Bound For Glory continues on "IMPACT WRESTLING". By defeating Ric Flair, the insane icon Sting has earned his shot to fight Hulk Hogan at "Bound For Glory". What will happen when the two legends appear this Thursday night? Tune in and find out.


Bobby Roode has the biggest opportunity of his career at "Bound For Glory" as he is scheduled to face Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship. However, first he has to make it to the PPV, and this Thursday night, Kurt Angle plans to call out Bobby Roode. Will all hell break loose between champion and challenger on "IMPACT WRESTLING"?


"The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy is trying to make amends and reclaim his standing in TNA, but he's still got an uphill battle for respect with his fellow Superstars. What's next for Hardy? Tune in this week to find out.


In a huge tag team match, Mr. Anderson teams with Rob Van Dam to battle Bully Ray and Jerry Lynn.


To determine who will battle for the Knockouts Championship at "Bound For Glory", Karen Jarrett has decreed another "Queen's Qualifier" takes place this week with Mickie James vs. Brooke Tessmacher, where the the winner advances to "Bound For Glory".


Plus, new X Division Champion Austin Aries will defend the gold against number 1 contender Jesse Sorenson.


All this and much more on "IMPACT WRESTLING" this Thursday night on SpikeTV at 9/8c, as the road to "Bound For Glory" on Sunday 16th October continues!

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Guest FreeSpirit







Airing Sunday 25th September in The UK


Sting opened up and called out Hulk Hogan. Hogan says he won't wrestle Sting at Bound For Glory because he's not cleared to perform. Sting shows a clip of Hogan roughing him up a few weeks ago. Sting calls it proof that Hogan still has it. Hogan acts like he's hurt and says he has nothing to prove because he's all about business now. Eric Bischoff comes out and Sting punches him. Sting says Hogan can't stop their match from happening.


Mickie James, Brooke Tessmacher, Traci Brooks and Karen Jarrett are backstage. A match is announced where the winner of Mickie James vs. Tessmacher will face Winter and Velvet Sky in a triple threat for the Knockouts Title at Bound For Glory.


Mickie James beat Tessmacher to earn the spot at Bound For Glory.


Austin Aries defended the TNA X Division Title against Jesse Sorensen. Kid Kash ended up interfering and using Jesse's football that he brought to the ring.


Kurt Angle calls out Robert Roode to the ring. Daniels vs. Roode is announced by Angle. Roode cuts a great promo about how he will be the new World Champion after Bound For Glory. Angle brings out James Storm who comes face to face with Roode. Storm says he's out here on his own rules and is out here to talk to Angle. Storm wants a match with Angle tonight


Daniels comes out and announces he won't be facing Roode tonight because he has nothing to prove since he beat AJ Styles recently. Styles comes out and isn't happy with Daniels for his actions of late. AJ proposes another match but Daniels has nothing to prove. AJ knocked the mic out of Daniels' hand and they came nose to nose. Daniels calls AJ a bitch and they go at it. They brawled all over the place before Kazarian helped break it up.


Kurt Angle and James Storm went to a no contest when referee Brian Hebner went down from a superkick. Earl Hebner came down but Gunner ran out and pulled him out of the ring. Roode came down to help Storm and had a stare down with Angle over the World Title!

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Guest Jamster26

I don't think the lack of matches were a problem this week. More centered around the Fortune implosions and Hardy segments. I like James Storm, thought he put in an excellent performance in the main event.


I ws thinking, when Roode held the title up in the ring, the ref would ring for a DQ, disqualify Storm and thus further tensions grown in Fortune. But I guess that wasn't to be.

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