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WWE "Holy Shit" Moments

Guest Black Knight

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Guest Black Knight

Seen this thread on an old forum I use to go to. Basically discuss moments in wrestling that made you say, or think "holy shit". You may post videos of your holy shit moments as well too. That will help a lot.




That moment made me say holy shit because of two reasons.


1. I didn't think Lesnar was really going to be able to suplex Big Show off the turnbuckle.


2. I didn't expect the ring to collaspse the way it did.

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WWE just recently made a dvd about this and here is their list


50 - Seeing Double โ€“ 5th February, 1988

49 โ€“ Nexus is Here โ€“ 7th June, 2010

48 โ€“ Chokeslam to Hell - 7th June, 1999

47 โ€“ Backlot Brawl โ€“ 31st March, 1996

46 โ€“ Wedding Surprise โ€“ 7th September, 1991

45 โ€“ Cenaโ€™s Feat of Strength โ€“ 5th April, 2009

44 โ€“ Concrete Crypt - 27th June, 2004

43 โ€“ DX Invades WCW โ€“ 27th April, 1998

42 โ€“ Dumpster Stage Dive โ€“ 2nd February, 1998

41 โ€“ Grocery Store Attack โ€“ 13th December, 2001

40 โ€“ Triple H Meets Escalator โ€“ 8th February, 1997

39 โ€“ Tim White Tries to End it All

38 โ€“ Bischoff - New Raw GM โ€“ 15th July, 2002

37 โ€“ Orton Thumbtacks โ€“ 18th April, 2004

36 โ€“ Unholy Wedding โ€“ 26th April, 1999

35 โ€“ Mad Dog Vachon Loses Leg โ€“ 28th April, 1996

34 - Haiti Kid Gets Haircut - 7th March, 1986

33 โ€“ Hospital Visiting Hours โ€“ 5th October, 1998

32 โ€“ Jarrett Plays a Number with Moolah โ€“ 9th September, 1999

31 โ€“ Edge Cashes in Money in the Bank โ€“ 8th January, 2006

30 โ€“ Got Milk ? - 20th August, 2001

29 โ€“ Kiss My Ass Club

28 โ€“ Jeff Hardy Pyro Gone Bad โ€“ 16th January, 2009

27 โ€“ Austin Blows Up DX Bus โ€“ 27th April, 2000

26 โ€“ Wedding in Vegas โ€“ 29th November, 1999

25 โ€“ Snitsky Punts Baby - 8th November, 2004

24 โ€“ Concrete Corvette โ€“ 12th October, 1998

23 โ€“ Snake Bites Macho Man โ€“ 23rd November, 1991

22 โ€“ Shane McMahon, Daredevil - 27th August, 2000

21 โ€“ Barber Shop Window โ€“ 11th January, 1992

20 โ€“ Edge Spears Jeff โ€“ 1st April, 2001

19 โ€“ Kane sets JR on Fire โ€“ 14th July, 2003

18 โ€“ Stone Cold Stuns Mr. McMahon โ€“ 22nd September, 1997

17 โ€“ Kurt and Shane Battle โ€“ 24th June, 2001

16 โ€“ Jeff Swanton off Tron โ€“ 14th January, 2008

15 โ€“ Edge Spears Foley โ€“ 2nd April, 2006

14 โ€“ Stone Cold Zamboni โ€“ 28th September, 1998

13 โ€“ Piper hits Snuka with Coconut โ€“ 17th July, 1984

12 โ€“ WWE buys WCW โ€“ 26th March, 2001

11 โ€“ Unbreakable Mae Young

10 โ€“ Big Showโ€™s Fatherโ€™s Funeral โ€“ 11th November, 1999

9 โ€“ Montreal Screwjob โ€“ 9th November, 1997

8 โ€“ Big Show and Brock Lesnar Break Ring โ€“ 12th June, 2003

7 โ€“ Tyson and Austin โ€“ 19th January, 1998

6 โ€“ Mr. McMahonโ€™s Limo Blows Up โ€“ 11th June, 2007

5 โ€“ Sable Handprints - 26th July, 1998

4 โ€“ Snuka Off the Steel Cage โ€“ 17th October, 1983

3 โ€“ Pillmanโ€™s Got a Gun โ€“ 4th November, 1996

2 โ€“ Beer Bath โ€“ 22nd March, 1999

1 โ€“ Mankind thrown off Cell โ€“ 28th June, 1998


Best holy shit moment of all time in wrestling has to be:



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Guest Jimmy Redman

Yeah, both those matches are great. The 6-man gets slept on but I think, along with Foley/Edge and Foley/Orton, its the best example of that particular kind of match in recent times.


The fire spot is just completely insane.

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Guest Ciaran The King
Completely forgot about the Orton match at Backlash. That was awesome, Randy's expression's and Foley's willingness to put a younger wrestler over was great. Orton's promo on Raw was good as well.
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Was just watching the WM16 TLC match for tag titles between the Dudleys, Hardy's and Edge & Christian. Man, those were times. This match was all kinds of awesome. Spots, charisma,thrill. Goddamn.



For those who doesn't have a clue what I am talking about:





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Guest the HiTman

Don't take offence Jamster but it's a sad situation when a fan hasn't watched a very readily available part of the recent history of the WWE - and at it's best time (in my opinion).


I'll happily lend you all of my WWF stuff circa 99/00/01 if you want. We can't be 'avin this!

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Guest the HiTman
Or you can look at it as being brilliant because you've got this vast amount of awesome stuff you can catch up on? :)


That's a good point mate. While it won't be the same as living it in the time - I'd do anything to see those years for the first time again.

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