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Current No Way Out Card *spoilers*


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Hulk Hogan v The Rock


Steve Austin v Eric Bischoff


Triple H v Scott Steiner


Chris Jericho v Test


Billy Kidman v Matt Hardy


Kurt Angle/Charlie Haas/Shelton Benjamin


Brock Lesnar/Chris Benoit/Edge


Well so far it looks like a fairly blah cars, with 2 possible decent matches out of 6. Also the fact that the Angle match will probably be 4th off the top, shows how WWE don't understand the concept of a future at all.

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NWO - Not Worth Ordering


Yes, it's not very inspiring, is it? The money match-up is obviously Hulk/Rock, which is greatly improved with The Rock back as the antihero heel, HHH/Steiner exists only to put this sorry feud out of it's misery (Steiner's return has sadly been as anticlimactic as Dr Death Steve Williams' was, for pretty much the same reasons), Austin/Bischoff will be a mugging, Jericho/Test = big soddin' deal.

Team Angle vs. Lesnar/Benoit/Edge ought to steal the show hands down, though will still resemble a Smackdown match without the ad interruptions (not a bad thing, we're spoiled these days with Smackdown matches). Hardy/Kidman could be great if WWE take it seriously, though sadly the chances of WWE taking any crusierweight title match seriously are slimmer than Torrie Wilson on a starvation diet.

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Hulk Hogan Vs The Rock- I dont expect this match to be as good as they match at Wrestlemania X-8 but should be a decent enough match


HHH Vs Steiner- Can it be worse than they encounter at the Rumble?


Austin Vs Bischoff- Wont be much of a wrestling match but could be an entertaining match


Angle/Hass/Benjiman Vs Brock/Benoit/Edge- Should be a good match better than an Angle title defence because the finish would be more predictable than Brock winning the Rumble


Jericho Vs Test- Should be one of the best matches of the night thus far the fued was been set up nicely


Kidman Vs Matt- Should be fantastic most likely MOTN lets hope Version 1 goes over here


other matches i expect to be added to the card is Lance Storm and Regal Vs Kane and RVD and Undertaker Vs Bigshow and maybe Booker T Vs Batista

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Rock vs. Hogan - From a wrestling standpoint, I can't see it being any good at all.


HHH vs. Steiner - Will be too awful to put into words.


Austin vs. Bischoff - Waste of time, will be nothing wrestling wise, basically it will just be a poor angle that no one cares about disguised as a match.


Chris Jericho vs Test - Could be alright, but I personally think Test is a sluggish wrestler and very uncharismatic, not to mention not over at all.


Billy Kidman vs. Matt Hardy - Will probably only get around five minutes knowing what the WWE are like with Cruiserweight matches, a shame really, give them 10 - 15 minutes and let them have a great match.


Six Man - Should be a blow away match here, all six men are good/great wrestlers and if this is given 20 minutes plus, it will be awesome.


Looks like a poor card to me, only the Six Man grabbing my attention.

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It's OK but I think the card will be improved by having a stip between HHH and Steiner, maybe the Iron Man (yeah right). I suppose it'll be crap with a stip or not.


I was so damn sure that they were leading upto a triple threat between Angle, Benoit and Edge. That would've been so cool. Here's what I reckon the final card will be:


World Title

Triple H vs. Scott Steiner


Team Angle vs. Brock, Benoit and Edge


Chris Jericho vs. Test


Rock vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan


Eric Bishoff (can he wrestle?) vs. Stone Cold (I wouldn't blame him if he's still upset with the bookers)


Cruiserweight Title

Billy Kidman vs. Mattitude


Booker T vs. Batista


World Tag

William Regal and Lance Storm vs. RVD and Kane


Women's Title

Jazz vs. Victoria


Undertaker vs. Big Show


WOW, 9 matches, I think they'll have to drop a few.

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Stiener gets another shot because he's big and roided and in Vince McMahon's world that means talent, if Benoit had of worked so badly at the Rumble the crowd turned on him he would no doubt of been burried the next night.


Over all it looks like the Team Angle 6 Man and the Cruiserweight match should save the show.

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Looks like an average-at-best show:


Hogan versus Rock- should have great heat with it being Hogan in Montreal, but needless to say the actual match should be the pits


Austin versus Bischoff- should be a long angle as opposed to a match, Austin should be be over something crazy


Steiner versus Triple H- this HAS to be better than last months debacle, Steiner's drop-foot syndrome and back injuries are going to be a big factor in this one (and in every match he has until he retires)


Team Angle versus Benoit, Edge & Lesnar- should have good heat as Angle knows how to get heat, should be a good suplex-city marathon


Jericho versus Test- if anyone can drag a good match out of Test it's Jericho, compared to Steiner on Raw, this should be an easy task for Jericho


Matt Hardy versus Kidman- typical flyer match with average technical work and some high-spots that the crowd don't respond to (idiots)


Undertaker versus Big Show- pile of utter crap with a ton of run-ins and ref bumps (of course; it's "sports entertainment")

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This card looks pretty awful, with a few exceptions.


The 6 man will be an awesome match no doubt.....but I can't help feeling it might make more sense to put Edge in a one on one match with Angle for the title.........we all know Angle/Edge will always be a good match, and it would be a great opportunity to see how Edge does and is reacted to in a main event enviroment. Then the tag titles could go on the line too in maybe a match against Benoit and Lesnar.....which would also be a fantastic match. All said though, you can't complain with the six man.


Hogan/Rock won't be all that much...you know the wrestling won't be amazing, and its been done before-the reason it was so special at WM was because it was Hulk/Rock for the first time ever, now its pretty much old news. Still, with Rock as a heel it is a little fresher I suppose.


Big Show vs Taker.......I think this should be on a par with Bradshaw v Scott Hall at Backlash-like watching a match in slow motion. I think everyone will agree this is going to be uglier than the offspring of X-Pac and Chyna.


I don't think Test vs Jericho will be all that bad......am I the only person on TWO who doesn't mind Test all that much? I think he's a pretty solid power wrestler personally, I think this could be a pleasant surprise.


Matt Hardy/Kidman will also be a good match probably.....just a shame its been done already so many times on SD! and on Velocity.....hopefully Matt Hardy will take the title and go into his rightful feud with Rey going into WrestleMania......I think Rey needs this to happen, as he seems to be getting lost in the shuffle right now.


Austin v Bischoff is most likely going to be an almost handicap match....with Morley, Regal, Storm, Rosie, Jamal, Rico, Orton, Flair, Batista and any other heels not in matches on the night interrupting but getting beaten down by Austin.......before he wins as well.


Finally we come to Steiner/HHH......please. They actually charge money for these in the States and have the gall to subject us to this again?? i don't think I even need to go into this one.


All in all, a pretty average card.......where are Booker, RVD, Rey and the Guerreros?? Where are all the title matches? It just doesn't really look like a supercard at all, more like an episode of Raw and one of Smackdown rolled into one.........Oh well, I guess they're saving it all for WM, where the matches will probably have more meaning.

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Hulk Hogan v The Rock: If the Mania match is anything to go by then this should be a pretty dire match. Yea the response was good last time but one of the main reasons that it was so big was that people were undercided who to cheer for until they cheered for Hogan. Now we Know who they are rooting for. Plus this isnt WM infront of 65,00 fans its NWO infront of 15,000 so the atmospere won't be as good either.


Steve Austin v Eric Bischoff: Not even closly resembling a match this one should be pretty interesting. It will be Austin against the world and Austin will most probably win. Im an Austin fan so Im looking forward to it now that we know that he is returning.


Triple H v Scott Steiner: Not again! I have a feeling that it will be slightly better this time around but it will still be poor.


Chris Jericho v Test: Card filler really. Test is alright i suppose. Jericho is great so it could be a present suprise.


Billy Kidman v Matt Hardy; Again it should be a good match. Not much else to say.


Kurt Angle/Charlie Haas/Shelton Benjamin


Brock Lesnar/Chris Benoit/Edge: Show stealer all the way. Should be a great match as always from Benoit and Angle. The other participants are great aswell so it could be another MOTYC.


I think another match may be added this week aswell. Over all it looks alright, nt great but not that bad.

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