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***Official Smackdown Thread (12/2/03)***


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missed all the dark matches and Velocity, but I did manage to catch the very end of Velocity and here is what I saw.




Josh Mathews and Ernest Miller at the announce table.


Cruiserweight Championship - Billy Kidman beat Jamie Noble w/ Nidia via shooting star press.





Michael Cole and Tazz at the announce table.


Smackdown starts immediately with the first match.


Charlie Haas w/ Paul Heyman beat Edge with a rollup and Heyman's interference. Heyman jumped on the ring apron. Edge speared him off. Haas took the easy rollup from behind. Before the match a large wooden crate was shown at the top of the entrance stage from Big Show to Undertaker.




Backstage, Stephanie enters her office to find Kurt Angle. Angle gives her a rose. Stephanie wants to talk to Angle about a match. Angle says they are the perfect match. Angle goes to kiss her but Brock Lesnar walks in. Steph tells Angle that isn't the match she was talking about. She was talking about a 6 man match at No Way Out consisting of Team Angle vs Lesnar, Chris Benoit, and Edge that will take place.


Rikishi vs Nunzio was a no contest. Chuck Palumbo (italian) and Johnny The Bull came down to ringside to help Nunzio triple team Rikishi. I guess we now have our WWE version of the FBI. Where's Big Sal when you need him?




Rey Mysterio beat Matt Hardy w/ Shannon Moore with a springboard huricanrana. After the match Matt talked with the announcers about needing to lose some more weight and being dehydrated. Matt goes on to say he will beat Billy Kidman at No Way Out for the Cruiserweight Title.


Backstage, Benoit is shown doing pushups.


A-Train is shown walking to the ring.




Backstage, Sean O'Haire tells Brian Kendrick that he was impressed with what he did last week. Hugh Morrus walks up and slams Kendrick into some lockers. O'Haire gets in Morrus' face and tells him the boy has had enough. But you know what, I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


Chris Benoit beat A-Train with the crippler crossface.


Backstage, Joe Francis from Girls Gone Wild knocks on Torrie Wilson's locker room door. He wants Torrie to be the special guest on their upcoming spring break uncensored PPV. Torrie accepts and Francis leaves.


-commercial- During the commercial break a crane lifted the large wooden crate into the ring.


Back from commercial, Paul Heyman is shown in the ring with the crate and a mic in hand. Undertaker rides to the ring on his motorcycle. Heyman leaves the ring and walks up the ramp. Undertaker opens the door of the crate and it's Chris Kanyon signing "Do you really wanna hurt me". Kanyon attacks Undertaker and gets the better hand but that does not last long. Undertaker sends Kanyon out of the ring and continues his attack. Undertaker hits Kanyon with a chair. Undertaker throws his Big Evil shirt on Kanyon and leaves.




Shelton Benjamin w/ Charlie Haas beat Eddie Guerrero. I missed the finish.




A video montage titled "An In-depth look at Hogan/Rock" is shown.




Hugh Heffner is shown on the oval tron saying a WWE Diva will soon be appearing in an upcoming issue of Playboy.


Special Valentine's Day Bra & Panties Match - Torrie Wilson beat Dawn Marie Wilson. After the match Nidia hit the ring and attacked Torrie. Torrie ended up double clotheslining Dawn and Nidia, and pulled Nidia's pants off. Torrie gave a sneak peak of her ass and left.


Backstage, Shannon Moore is encouraging Matt Hardy, who is on an excercise bike, to lose two more pounds.


Backstage, a hip Funaki interviews John Cena.


Brock Lesnar beat John Cena via F5. After the match Lesnar gets on the mic and calls Angle out.


Backstage, Angle is with Heyman and says they are not coming.


Lesnar says maybe this will change his mind - Lesnar picks Cena up on the outside of the ring and F5's him into the ring post.


Angle tells Heyman that Lesnar is trying to punk him out so he has to go out there.


Angle walks out to the top of the stage.


Lesnar calls for an impromptu match.


Angle accepts and enters the ring.


Angle gets in Lesnar's face and says not tonight. He has a sinus infection.


Lesnar calls Angle a chicken shit.


Angle says he really does have a sinus infection but they should have a match next week.


Lesnar accepts and kicks Angle out of the ring. Lesnar follows out and sends Angle into the ring steps. Lesnar suplexes Angle on the floor. Lesnar picks Angle up for an F5 against the ring post but Haas and Benjamin come down to stop it. Lesnar F5's Benjamin on the floor. Lesnar walks up the ramp and leaves.


Team Angle walks to the back.

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Oh and by the way it looks as if Nathan Jones and Sean O'Haire will both be faces, which is totally confusing, considering all of their promo videos, have seemingly been hyping them as heels. Thus if they are, as they are both talls guys, expect them to have jobbed to Undertaker and be languishing in mid card by the summer.
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Do we really need to see Dawn vs. Torrie in yet another variation of the Bra and Panties match? If I'm watching on Sky1 though they will probably cut out the match, which I won't complain about. :) Just dump the Womens wrestling on Smackdown and let the Cruiserweights take over, please.


Doesn't look too bad of a show this week, no standout matches but nothing terribly bad bar Rikishi vs. Nunzio either. Kanyon getting squashed by the Undertaker is no surprise, nice to see Kanyon back though, especially on Smackdown, he could have some wicked feuds with people like Benoit, Edge, Angle etc. Its just a shame he got no build up whatsoever upon his return.

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He's probably part of the deal that saw Hurricane, Orton, Batista, Ivory, D-Von, Al Snow, Maven, Jericho, Storm, Christian,Test et all traded for Benoit, Guerrero, The Big Show, Lesnar, The Undertaker, Matt Hardy, etc.


Think you'll find Jericho, The UnAmericans, Benoit, Guerrero, Lesnar, Taker and Matt hardy weren't traded in "the deal for The Big Show". They were all just talked into jumping by the brand owners, as they lef before Vince's "Contracts Frozen" law came into play. At present, Johnny (as well as O'Haire) are just part of the new "Stick them anywhere without explination" policy of WWE.

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