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Williams takes the fight to the angel....


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I dunno if any of you have heard, but doug williams will be going to the states to face chris daniels for the FWA championship on the 22nd of march this year, the reason being because the "CHAMP" refuses to come to the UK and defend the belt, which he has not done since last year.


The match will take place at a RoH show in Philly.


Personally i hope williams brings the belt back and then maybe we will see it being defended more oftem, giving the belt to daniles was a mistake, and i think the fwa know that.

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Yeah I heard about this from the FWA website and I'm more than a little annoyed.............I was at the Season's Beatings show where the round robin tourney was held to determine the number 1 contender for Daniels' title at New Frontiers on Saturday. But we didn't get Jerry Lynn/Daniels at New Frontiers, instead getting Williams/Lynn to clarify who truly won the round robin..........and now the FWA title match is finally occurring: but on an RoH card!!! Hopefully Williams will win it, as maybe we can finally see some FWA title matches.....that are actually over here.


I don't think I'm unjustified in feeling just a bit miffed at all this.

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