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***Official Raw Thread (11/2/03)***


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The show began with a graphic of Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig, showing that he had sadly died earlier in the day at just 44 years of age. We will all miss Mr. Hennig (1958-2003).


A video vignette of Vince McMahon telling Eric Bischoff that he had 30 days to turn things around was shown.


Mr. Eric Bischoff’s music hit and he made his way out and stood on top of the entrance ramp. He said that he had not heard from Stone Cold Steve Austin. He said that he did not know if Austin would accept his invitation to return at No Way Out or not. Bischoff said that Vince McMahon was on his way to the building, and that Bischoff may be fired upon McMahon’s arrival. Bischoff said that he tried everything he could to sign Stone Cold Steve Austin to Raw. He called him, he e-mailed him, he faxed him, he wrote, and he went to his home in Texas, where he was surrounded by toothless rednecks.


Bischoff asked the fans to let Vince McMahon know that they appreciate the work he has put forth when McMahon makes his appearance tonight. The fans booed Bischoff, and Bischoff demanded that they support him in front of McMahon. Bischoff then said that until McMahon’s arrival, he is still in charge. Bischoff then went to the announce table and started talking to Jim Ross. Ross said that he has been hopeful that Austin would return to Raw. Bischoff told JR that he could have done more to see to it that Austin signs with Raw. Bischoff told JR that it is his fault that Stone Cold hasn’t signed. Ross told Bischoff that maybe Austin hates Bischoff’s guts.


Jim Ross then mentioned how Eric Bischoff fired Steve Austin from WCW, and then Bischoff told JR that maybe he deserves to be fired, much the way Austin deserved to be fired. Bischoff then told JR that until he produces Steve Austin, he is fired. A limousine then pulled up to the building as the show went to a commercial break.




Backstage Segment

Once Raw returned, we were shown what took place during the commercial break. That was Eric Bischoff going to the limo that arrived and opening the door, thinking it was Steve Austin’s. It was actually the limousine of Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista, and Randy Orton (Evolution).



Test (with Stacy Keibler) vs. Christian

As Christian was on his way out to the ring, Jerry Lawler (who I know personally, and was all by himself) promoted his book on camera. Test went right to work on Christian with a clothesline and then he began slamming Christian’s head into the mat. Test back body dropped Christian as Stacy Keibler looked on with approval. Test then put his boot into Christian’s throat in the corner. Christian snapped Test’s neck across the top rope and took over, but Test took him down with two big clotheslines. In the middle of this, Jonathan Coachman came out to do commentary with The King.


Test hit a tilt-a-whirl slam on Christian and went for the pump handle slam, but Christian countered it into a reverse DDT. Test gorilla pressed Christian and dropped him with a full nelson slam for the victory. Christian then hit Test in the Testicles and took him down with the Unprettier. He scared Stacy, but Jeff Hardy came out to help her. He made quick work of Christian, sending him over the barricade and into the crowd.


Winner - Test




Backstage Segment


Jim Ross was shown on a cell phone in the parking garage. He was telling someone to have Steve Austin call him on his cell phone immediately, and that it was an emergency.


After a commercial break, footage of Goldust and Booker T. saying that they would break up if they did not win the World Tag Team Titles last week was shown. Booker and Dustin lost the match as a result of a stupid move by Goldust. Booker and Goldust then hugged, and footage of Batista and Randy Orton kicking his ass and causing him to be electrocuted was shown.



Booker T. vs. D’Lo Brown (with Teddy Long)

Booker T. came to the ring and took the microphone. He said he was going to dedicate tonight’s match to Goldust, but he was interrupted by D’Lo Brown’s music. Teddy Long then grabbed the mic and told Booker not to worry about Goldust, and his electrocution was the best thing that ever happened to him. Teddy Long then said that Goldust is another white man trying to hold down black men. Teddy said that Booker should be down with the Brown, and that he should be tagging with D’Lo tonight. Booker answered by sucker punching D’Lo Brown.


Booker began opening up in the corner on Brown and with punches and chops. Booker missed the scissor kick and D’Lo took over for a short period of time, but Booker made very quick work of Brown, after hitting the Harlem Side Kick and then the Scissor Kick. Booker T. pinned D’Lo Brown and showed off the Spineroonie.


Winner - Booker T.




Backstage Segment


Eric Bischoff was shown talking to Chief Morley. Chris Jericho then joined them and complained about his match with Test at No Way Out. Jericho was upset with Jeff Hardy attacking Christian, so Chief Morley gave Jericho a match with Hardy for tonight. Jericho thanked Morley, said he wouldn’t regret this, and told Bischoff to give Vince McMahon his regards.


Footage of Jazz attacking Trish Stratus two weeks ago was shown.



Jazz vs. Molly Holly

Jazz put Molly in a headlock to start the match. Jazz worked on Molly’s arm, but Molly countered and hit two hip lock takeovers. Jazz gave Molly a dropkick and scored a two count. Jazz then executed a drop toe hold and applied her Southern Comfort submission hold, and turned it into a pin for a two count. Jazz then performed the rolling double-underhook suplexes. She scored three of them. Jazz began chopping Molly, but Molly came back with clotheslines. Jazz took Molly down and applied a half crab.


Molly Holly reached for the ropes, but Jazz pulled her back into the middle of the ring and executed the STF. Molly Holly tapped out, but Jazz would not release the hold. Eventually, she did release the hold and raise her arms in celebration. Afterwards, Jazz gave Molly the move she gave to Trish, where she drops the woman on her tits. She then put on another STF.


Winner - Jazz




Backstage Segment

Jim Ross received a cell phone call in the parking garage area from "Steve". Howard Finkel asked JR if Austin was on his, but JR said he was talking to his friend Steve from Oklahoma.


After a commercial break, a promo was shown (in my area) for the Gund Arena Raw in Cleveland, on March 10th (I’ll be there, hopefully with backstage notes!). After that, they showed a promo for this week’s edition of "Confidential," which features the demise of WCW, mostly through the eyes of Eric Bischoff.



Six-Man Tag Team Match

Kane and Rob Van Dam vs. Three Minute Warning (with Rico)

Rob Van Dam started the match off with Jamal. Van Dam took Jamal down and gave him a standing moonsault for a two count. Van Dam went to the top rope, where Jamal sent him to the outside and into the barricade. Rico sent Van Dam back into the ring, where Jamal tagged Rosey, who splashed RVD for a two count. Rosey choked Van Dam across the top rope and tagged Jamal. Rosey hit Van Dam from the ring apron, and then Jamal took him down with a thrust kick.


Rosey tried to clothesline Van Dam, who ducked, causing Jamal to take the clothesline. Kane came in and gave Rosey a sidewalk slam. Kane went for a choke slam on Jamal, but Rosey broke it up. Van Dam drilled Jamal with a kicked from the top rope, and then he executed the Rolling Thunder. Kane then choke slammed Jamal and RVD took Rosey down on the outside with a baseball slide. Van Dam gave Jamal the Five Star Frog Splash for the win.


Winner(s) - Kane and Rob Van Dam




Backstage Segment

Jim Ross was shown in the parking garage again. A limo pulled up, and inside was none other than Vince McMahon. McMahon seemed very displeased to see JR in the parking garage. Raw then went to a commercial.


Raw returned with Vince McMahon making his way to the ring. Vince said that on occasion, a man of his distinction has to make some heart-wrenching decisions. He said that tonight is not one of those occasions. He then requested the presence of Eric Bischoff and Chief Morley. Bischoff tried to talk, but McMahon told him to stuff. McMahon then told Morley that has not met the certain criteria to keep his job. However, he said that he would not fire him. He said that Morley has to win the next match on Raw to keep his job. He told him that he would be facing Buh Buh Ray, D’Von, and Spike Dudley.


McMahon then asked Eric Bischoff if he has signed Steve Austin for No Way Out. Bischoff said no, and McMahon said that’s the wrong answer. He said that he hates Austin, but he would have let Bischoff keep his job if he signed him, because he would have liked to have seen Bischoff try to control Austin. McMahon appeared ready to fire Bischoff, but Bischoff then introduced two girls to participate in HLA (Hot Lesbian Action). Bischoff had the girls tease a kiss and said that the girls are bi-sexual lesbians. They seduced McMahon, but he said that he is all business tonight and kicked the sluts out of the ring.


Vince McMahon then said to Eric Bischoff, "Eric Bischoff, you’re fired!" McMahon and the crowd then serenaded Bischoff as he walked away.


Backstage Segment

Vince McMahon spoke to William Regal and Lance Storm in the backstage area, and said that he would name a blockbuster new Raw General Manager tonight.



Handicap Match Firing Match

Buh Buh Ray Dudley, D’Von Dudley, and Spike Dudley vs. Chief Morley

All of Chief Morley’s opponents went right to work on him. They pounded him in every way possible. They began kicking him and then they sent him to the outside, where he caught Spike as Buh Buh threw him to Morley. D’Von sent Morley into the steps and then rubbed his face on the ring post. The Dudley Boyz drove the steel steps directly into the head of Chief Morley, and then Spike gave Morley the double stomp off the top rope.


Spike Dudley gave Chief Morely the Dudley Dog. Somehow, the Chief was able to get up, but he then took Dudley Death Drop and was pinned, costing him his job. After the match, Buh Buh powerbombed Chief Morley through a table.


Winner(s) - Buh Buh Ray Dudley, D’Von Dudley, and Spike Dudley




Backstage Segment

Eric Bischoff was shown talking to Jim Ross in the parking garage. Bischoff asked JR if he had heard from Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Ross said no. Bischoff said that nothing he did to Ross was personal, and extended his hand to JR in an offering of friendship. Ross suggested that Bischoff clean out his desk.



Batista (with Ric Flair) vs. Tommy Dreamer

Tommy Dreamer attacked Batista from behind with the Singapore cane, but he paid for it, as Batista defeated him with a quick power bomb. Booker T. then came in and attacked Batista, but Triple H and Randy Orton came out to take out Booker T. Scott Steiner then came out and took out everyone but Triple H, who was able to get away in time.

Winner - Batista




Backstage Segments

Jeff Hardy met up with Shawn Michaels in the back and just nodded his head at him. Stacy Keibler told Test that she has hooked him up with a company called GGW for excellent exposure. Eric Bischoff was shown cleaning out his office, as all the Dudleys came to wish him goodbye with some truly gay singing. Raw then took a commercial break.



Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy

Jericho and Hardy locked up and Jericho gained control with a head lock and then a takedown. Both men worked on each others’ respective arms. Jeff back body dropped Jericho and gave him a head scissors takeover. Jericho came back with a hard clothesline and then choked Jeff Hardy. Jericho chopped Hardy several times and sent him over the top rope. Jericho tried to drop kick Jeff Hardy while he was standing on the ring apron, but Hardy moved and gave Jericho a moonsault on the floor. Hardy sent Jericho into the steal steps and covered him for a count of two. Hardy drop kicked Jericho in the chest and went to the top rope.


Jericho pushed the referee into the ropes, causing Jeff Hardy to be crotched on the top rope. Jericho gave Hardy a super double-underhook suplex for a two count. Jericho gave Hardy a pair of back breakers. Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho, but Jeff rolled him up for a two count. Jericho clotheslined Hardy again and snap mared him into a chin lock. Hardy sent Jericho shoulder first into the ring post and them he clotheslined Jericho and dropped him with a neck breaker. Jericho kicked Hardy in the head and pinned him for two.


Jericho sent Hardy into the corner and opened up on him in the corner. Hardy caught Jericho with a surprise corkscrew plancha. Jericho turned things around and applied the Walls of Jericho, but Hardy reached the ropes. Jericho went to the top rope, but Jeff Hardy gave him a hip toss from the top. Hardy took his shirt off and hit the Swan Ton Bomb. Jericho was able to reach the ropes, however, to break up the pin. Jericho kicked Hardy in the face and countered a head scissors into the Walls of Jericho for the win.


Winner - Chris Jericho




Backstage Segment

Vince McMahon confronted Evolution in the parking garage as they were on their way out to hit the LA strip. Vince told them that they may want to witness him announce the new General Manager of Raw. He said that next week on Raw, Triple H and Batista would face Booker T. and Scott Steiner.



General Manager Announcement

Vince McMahon came to the ring and asked the new General Manager to come to the ring, and then Jim Ross and Eric Bischoff came to the ring. Jim Ross told McMahon that Austin would definitely be at No Way Out. Vince then reinstated JR because Stone Cold is back. McMahon then asked Bischoff if he thinks that he and Chief Morley should have their respective jobs back. Bischoff said yes. Vince then announced Bischoff the new General Manager of Raw. McMahon said that in order to get his job back, Bischoff had to join the Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass Club. McMahon then stripped to his whole ass and told Bischoff he’d appreciate it if he’d kiss it. Bischoff seemed reluctant and told McMahon that he could not do that. McMahon told Bischoff that he would join the Get My Ass Kicked Club. McMahon then told Bischoff that he would be would be competing at No Way Out against none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin!

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I just had to post this, credit PWTORCH.COM

-Glass Breaks-


Stone Cold came out to the loudest pop I've ever heard (after some of the crowd had already left). He went after Bischoff, Morley ran in to save Eric, and took a couple Stunners.


Then Austin violated his probation to drink beer and pose. Out came Jericho, who wanted to have a drink with Austin. After about 20 "What's," Jericho took a couple Stunners, and more probation violating ensues. Steve went up and toasted JR, messed with the cameraman, and went back down to mess with Morley some more. He posed some more and left. This lasted about 25 minutes, and let the crowd go home happy.



I'm sorry but that just made my day...austin is definately coming back :D

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Sounds crap. Gotta say though, this had me in laughter:



I know some of you don't watch wrestling but if you saw RAW 2nite then you also got quite a show from Randy Orton.


While coming out during the Batista-Dreamer match, Randy split his pants down the crotch. His shirt was hanging out of the bottom and everything. I'm pretty sure he didn't realize it tho, lol, but my gosh it was the single most funniest thing I ever saw, I was laughing so hard my eyes started watering...

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Lets see, several million in ring interviews, a load of 2 minute screw job matches, 2 squash matches, no main event, Jeff Hardy headlining the shows main match, the return of the Kiss My Ass club, a womens match, and a load of stupid angles no one cares about.


Sounds like one of the most horrendous RAW episodes ever, and thats saying something.

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I"m glad Stone Cold showed up,for the crowds benefit anyway as its not fair that the WWE keep teasing the crowd with his return and then nothing happens.Now we will have the awful"what" chant to put up with again!,

anyway i shall have to pay close attention to Randy Orton on Friday! :D

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Looks like a decent show. Test vs Christian should be good and surely Jericho wouldve carried Jeff to a decent match. Also, Jazz vs Molly should be good. I thought the way they done the Bischoff angle was quite good and Bischoff vs Austin at No Way Out was a bit of a surprise although some people may think it was predictable.
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I thought Raw was OK this week.


Molly/Jazz did a good job, looks like Molly isnt a heel anymore.


Not that much of HHH either :)


Was there any point in Dreamer being there?


I thought we'd end up seeing Shane McMahon, but looks like a we'll be seeing more of Eric for a while.


Its clear to see how bad King was on his own commentating, coach was crap too.

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First of all, I thought Coach did an excellent job. He stuck to commentating on the match (Something that you never hear from JR nowadays. Maybe we don't want to consider the repurcussions of a 20 minute interview, just call the damn match!) and he did a good job of showing who was face and who was heel (Again, a rarity from JR these days). OK, his knowledge of wrestling movies is pretty bad- "What a backflip!" for a moonsault. But apart from that, I think Coach is one of the better announcers in WWE. His work with The Rock in the backstage promos is just as enjoyable, and I think with a colour guy who knows the names of certain moves and in what way it hurts you (ie- Heyman, Tazz), then he could easily take over from JR on a full time basis.


The show itself was pretty drab. I think D-Lo jobbing to Booker will start off a "losing streak" angle for D-Lo, only for Long to get fed up of his client, dump him in a Brock-esq manner and then manage Red Dogg.


I'm pretty sure WWE are building towards HHH Vs Booker at Wrestlemania, and I for one am happy with that. There aren't many faces that HHH hasn't humiliated and gone over them cleanly 7000 times, but Booker is one of them. It would be great to see him have a main event feud again.


Everything else was totally forgetable. From the Bischoff angle (with the oh-so cliché "Na na na na..." singing), to Jazz squashing Molly, there's nothing that would make anyone tune in.


But hey, at least Coach saved the show!

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