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Happy Hchick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Guest #1 mfer



hey h

i feel so bad im such a bad bad mommy.i think you should ground me hehehe.anyways even tho you like that punk as* sorry i will try to control myself.since you do for some earthly reason like hhh you can have him for 1 night.then you return him to the as* he came out of.hehehe.if you didnt figure this weird message out im trying to say happy birthday girl and no matter what just enjoy it.


love yours and everyones fav mommy,JoAnne

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Awwww I feel the love from you ppl. Well its like 8:30am so its still pretty early but so far its been a good day :) I got some pressies and I still got some more to get later on.


Chy I am being nice like ALWAYS :P

Yes I still LOVE that man HHH and wooo hooo I get him for one night :D hmm....now if I could just get him for longer hehe.


And yes LOL-amania is still running . Love you all :)

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Happy Birthday Eve. Hope things are ok, and I hope things have improved since we last talked. I know it's difficult but remember, only 17 days left, and you got HHH for a night apparently, so enjoy (and kick his ass for me... No, I said KICK his ass ;) ). Hope you have a great day, will try and speak to you later (nothing like a good bore for an hour).



Happy Birthday hun (Gay Dra coming out yet again) :D

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Originally posted by The Vulcanized One

Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?????????the hell is H Chick? Anyway happy birthday and that *trails off into monotonous tone*


*raises hand* hmm....that would be me. HELLO!!!!!!!! :P lol.

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