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its to try and get NWA:TNA... shown on t.v in the U.K

so far we have had some very interesting feedback... from the BBC (they replied to a number of peoples e-mails, telling them that they have been looking for some type of 'cult' show) and with BBC3 just launching...theres a lot of 'hopes'


also channel 5 have replied to people saying that "We were interested in buying the rights to WWE heat last year"... but sky sports beat them to it.... also that "we need persuading and persistance from fans like your selves, to prove it would be a worth while investment"


so hopes are getting higher.... i personally have been trying to get some sort of deal sorted with companies (by emailing and petitions ever since bravo stopped showing "ECW" but channel 4 were talking with WWE and channel 5 had something going with WCW


now theres nothing and people want a change ...like i know a lot of you do..... andway ... sign below ..... at the moment we are getting what works out at roughly 9 names a day




even if nothing works out with the NWA it shows that fans really are interested in something new... and may help future plans with hammerlock or FWA...


so any names are appreciated



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I signed it,just in case! ive just finished watching a TNA tape i got Sat night,its the x division special and its fantastic!,i was so impressed with the x division,"the flying Elvises,Red,Low ki,AJ and Jerry Lyn" had some amazing matches.The Lyn piledriver off the ladder on Low Ki was awesome,you don"t see that in WWE!,the only problem is if it got on tv,it would end up costing me!:)
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