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Fave Program?


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Jackass! I love jackass soooooo much...the program kicks major major major major ass! Johnny Knoxville and Weeman are me favourites :D


WWE Raw and Smackdown...I think that was a no brainer


The salon-I'm so happy it's being extended by 6 whole weeks :D Yay more ricardo :D


I really like airline, V graham norton and Footballers wives as well.


Oooh...How could I forget...THE OSBOURNES (I still dont think series two will be as good as the original)

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Nirvana: Unplugged, The Office, Diary Of: Marilyn Manson, Garfield and Friends, Simpsons, WWE RAW & SD, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Have I got News for you, Today with Des and Mel, NHL Hockey, and most of all, Tom Green Show (Who set the pace for Jackass, who cannot live up to the stuff he did, no way no how).
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I like lots of different programmes a selection include:

Soccer AM

Baddiel and Skinner unplanned(also used to love fantasy football league aswell).

They think its all over(Jonathon Ross has me in stitches!)



Soaps(i"m the only person admitting to that one! :D)

Never mind the buzzcocks.

Jackass(just saw the film,all i can say is papercuts!ouch..)

Ally Mcbeal.

Plus loads more..


BTW,i used to absolutely love Garfield,..and i will have to watch Seinfield one of these days just to see if Pabs taste in tv is better than his taste in footie teams! lol:D

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I don't post here much but Im going to try and post a bit more because my life is literally internet, TV and food.


The Simpsons, Friends, Family Guy, The Office, Have I got News For You (probably my fav), They Think its all over, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, WWE Smackdown and once Austin is Back RAW, Men Behaving Badly and Only Fools and Horses.

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Originally posted by Joanne

Johnny Knoxville is so sexy!

Anyone going to see the movie when its out?


I have to agree with you about Johnny Knoxville, but i"d rather have Steve O,(round for tea that is! ahem)..and I managed to get a copy of the new film, and it"s good,gross and very painful, but i won"t give anything away as it"s not officially out yet! :)

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I got that Steve-O "Dont try this at home" video and its sick! Highlights of the video were stapling his nutsack to his leg, going through a car windscreen and leaving a wound in his butt which was gaping open and him masturbating all over a telephone. Delightful :D
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God, I can't wait til Jackass dies and Tom Green Show is inducted into the TV Hall of Fame. His sh*t is absolutely classic. Can't beat him putting his own painting up in an Art Museum without permisson, drawing on it in front of visitors, and then running away from security, and the picture still being there. And his sh*t with Glenn Humplik is hilarious. Pardon my biasm for Tom Green, but I mark for the guy. He's like my anti-hero.


"This is the Tom Green Show,

It's not the Green Tom Show,

This is my favorite show,

Because this is my show.

If this was your show,

you'd probably like it more,..."


*forgets rest of words*

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OZ. Best program ever.


The Simpsons


The Office

Any thing to do with Chris Morris(brass eye, Day today, Blue Jam)

News 24


Various 80's shows, specificaly The A-team and Thundercats


I saw that Tom Green film and it was just undescribably bad. I have watched alot of crap in my time but that film was literaly the worst piece of sh*t I have ever seen. Didn't even watch all of it because it was just too bad. It was just not funny. I haven't seen the TV show but judging by that I realy hope I never have to.

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