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Hey guys,


Sorry about there being no newsletter last week. HSM has left his post as Newsletter leader and I would personally like to wish him good luck in his future plans. But 'the show must go on' and go on it will. A bit of a new feel, bigger than normal, and guaranteed to keep you wanting more. So sit back and enjoy... no, don't press the delete button...NOOO!!! Lol.


Anyway, all madness aside, hope you enjoy.




MiTCHeLL (draVen)




WWE & NWA:TNA Review/Preview - By Mitchell Jones


Well, what a week it's been in mainstream US pro wrestling. WWE fails to deliver Stone Cold Steve Austin on RAW (and ratings dip pretty low), Goldust gets electrocuted thanks to Dave Batista and Randy Orton, Brian Kendrick (Spanky) streaks round the arena on Sean O'Haire's request, Operation S.E.X invades TNA and whips Jeff Jarrett like a 'government mule', and SmackDown has new tag team champions in Team Angle - Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. Never a dull moment, I guess. RAW, thanks in no part to the 'Eric Bischoff meets Texas' storyline, scored a low 3.4 rating. Only a matter of time before we hit the 2.0's. But hopefully after No Way out, maybe RAW can head up towards 4.0's again. SmackDown, which was a top quality show including a cameo from Brother Love, saw ratings go up this week, despite competition from Michael Jackson, which is great news. As for TNA, no word has been received yet, but after last week's "Biggest buy-rate ever" show, hopes are high for this growing promotion. I guess Vince Russo was worth the hire afterall.


So how about this week? Will Eric Bischoff try once again to get Stone Cold Steve Austin on RAW? And how about the storyline based around Bischoff's 30-days, set by Vince McMahon? 'Easy E' has but one week to turn RAW around, or else he is fired. What will The Bisch and Chief Morley do to turn RAW around? How about SmackDown? Will Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit and Brock Lesnar explode again? Who will be Team Angle's first challengers? What will Paul Heyman and Big Show resort to next to extract forgiveness from The Undertaker? And what crazy antic will Kendrick be put up to next? And how can we forget TNA? How will Jarrett respond to his brutal whipping at the hands of S.E.X? How will Dusty Rhodes and his troops stand against Russo's elite of S.E.X'ists? Will Raven be in the Asylum? Will Disco be caught with his pants down again? And what's this surprise that Jeremy Borash mentioned? All will be revealed, plus a whole lot more, this week in the crazy world of Sports Entertainment.




US News - By Mitchell Jones


- WWE are reportedly planning to bring back the APA in the upcoming few months. Although Ron 'Faarooq' Simmons reportedly retired not so long ago, it seems he is willing to don the boots once again for one last run. But what brand will they fight on? Will it last long? Will it even happen or will something spoil the fun?


- The Bill Goldberg/WWE negotiations seem to be going nowhere, and many are presuming that unless a miracle is produced somehow, a deal will not be reached. This means that WWE are now looking to rearrange Wrestlemania's card with a back-up, just in case. Stone Cold v The Rock is a reported match set if the proposed Goldberg/Rock match doesn't go ahead. Also, WWE are reportedly looking for a big name to face HHH. Many speculated Booker T, but WWE seemingly feel no one is good enough for HHH on the roster, so are looking for someone the magnitude of say... Sting, to come in (but only if Kevin Nash isn't back by then to bore us yet again).


- Right now in America is footage for a new film called "Head of State", starring Chris Rock, which includes him getting beaten up in an NWA:TNA ring. This was filmed not so long ago at the TNA Asylum and should get TNA some good publicity (and hey, rather Rock than David Arquette wrestling).


- The WWA pay-per-view 'Retribution' aired this weekend in the United States. Filmed in Glascow, Scotland, highlights included Jeff Jarrett defeating Nathan Jones to retain the NWA heavyweght title, and Lex Luger defeating Sting to become WWA Heavyweight champion.


- Raven has signed a deal with RoH to work a few dates with the company. It should be noted that these fall around the time of the FWA/RoH show, which has certainly got the rumour mill buzzing.


- PWF Show Results (9/2/02)


1) Rapid Fire Maldonado & Chi Chi Cruz defeated The Solution (Papadon & Havok)

2) Fast Eddie defeated Don Juan in a battle of Texas Wrestling Academy graduates

3) Prince Nana defeated Dewey Cheatum

4) "Dynamite" Josh Daniels defeated Chris Divine

5) Greg Spitz defeated "Simply Luscious" Ronnie Stevens in a 'Who's My Bitch' Match. Stevens must now be Spitz's "bitch" for 30 days

6) C.W. Anderson won a 15 man Battle Royal to become the new PWF TV Champion! Anderson pinned Jack Victory to win the match

7) Samoa Joe & J.R. Ryder defeated Homicide & Brian XL

8) Joey Matthews & Michael Shane (with Alexis Laree & Lou E. Dangerously) defeated Extreme Horsemen members C.W. Anderson & Simon Diamond when Matthews pinned Diamond

9) Da Hit Squad defeated The S.A.T. (Joel & Jose Maximo) and Striker & The Rebel to become the #1 contenders for the PWF Universal Tag Team Titles currently held by Shinjiro Ohtani & Masato Tanaka

10) PWF Junior Heavyweight Champion Quiet Storm went to a 20 Minute Draw with Low Ki

11) Steve Corino defeated Mikey Whipwreck (with Lou E. Dangerously) to win the vacant PWF Universal Heavyweight Championship

12) Justin Credible defeated Steve Corino to become the new PWF Universal Heavyweight Champion in 0:52! (Credible was said to look great, with a great deal of the old ECW intensity on his face)


- RoH Anniversary Results:


1) EZ Money won a Four Way Match, defeating Chad Collyer, Colt Cabana, and Michael Shane in 15:18.

2) Don Juan, Fast Eddie, and Hotstuff Hernandez defeated The Carnage Crew of HC Loc, Tony DeVito, and Masada by DQ in 5:42.

3) Jay Briscoe pinned Mark Briscoe in 16:40.

4) Steve Corino defeated Homicide via submission in 12:17.

5) CM Punk pinned CW Anderson in 9:42.

6) 'American Dragon' Bryan Danielson defeated Samoa Joe in 15:22.

7) Paul London won a three-way Dance over AJ Styles and Low Ki in 18:50.

8) ROH champion Xavier pinned London in 19:33.

*The team of Da Hit Squad, The SAT, Divine Storm, and Mikey Whipwreck (booked as a surprise when The Amazing Red was called to go to Japan) defeated Special K of Jodie Fleisch, Izzy, Dixie, Slim J, Deranged, Angel Dust, Hydro, Yeyo, and Slugger in a Tag Team Scramble match in 33:37.




UK News - By Pabster


Welcome to the UKScene Newsletter update, now fronted by myself (Pabster).


It's been a busy week in the UKScene, the GWF disaster started it off in the worst possible way but it picked up with some great shows. Here are the results from this past week's main shows :


/ All Star - Opera House, Manchester - 06/02/03 \


- LOD def. Sex Bomb.


- James Mason def. Dave “The Rave” Swift.


- Robbie Dynamite defeated Thunder by DQ.


- Spiderman, Dean 2 Xtreme & local female DJ defeated Tagori, Sweet Saraya and a local male DJ .


- "American Avalanche” P N Neuz def. Robbie Brookside.


- Johnny Storm def. Johnny Devine.


- Robbie Brookside won the 20 man rumble.



/ All Star - Auditorium, Grimsby - 07/02/03 \


- James Mason def. Thunder.


- Chris Lightning def. Mikey Whiplash.


- “American Avalanche” P N Neuz def. Dave “The Rave” Swift.


- Spidermask def. “Hotshot” Johnny Devine.


- Johnny Storm def. Lucas Cool.


- Dean 2 Xtreme & Robbie Dynamite def. The Superflys w/ Saraya.


/ FWA (New Frontiers) - Walhamstow, London - 08/02/03 \


- "The Bomber" Pat Roach is revealed as the new Director of the FWA. His two Assistant Directors are announced as being Justin Richards and Dino Scarlo.


- Raj Ghosh def. Chris Justice.


- JX def. Duke of Danger, Hade Vansen and James Tighe.


- XPW European title tournament quarter final FWA All-England Champion Zebra Kid and "WildCat" Robbie Brookside were both red carded after a 20 second count out/brawl by special referee Scott Conway.


- XPW European title tournament quarter final British Welterweight Champion "Wonderkid" Jonny Storm def. XPW's Juventud Guerrera.


- Nikita def. Paul Travell


- FWA Tag Team Titles

Champions Ulf Herman and Alex Shane def. Flash Barker and Mark Sloan


- "The Anarchist" Doug Williams def. Jerry Lynn in 3 falls to 2, to become the number one contender for the FWA British Heavyweight title.


OTHER NOTES : There was a sell out crowd of 700 who attended New Frontiers, helped by the extra fans from the GWF event who took up the offer of a free ticket. Yet another brilliant show from the FWA, also there were various TV company representitives in attendance last night, so hopefully they went home very impressed.


- After Doug Williams defeated Jerry Lynn at New Frontiers in the thirty minute Iron Man Match, it has been announced he will face Christopher Daniels for the FWA Championship at the Murphy Recreation Center in South Philly on March 22nd in Ring of Honor. It should be an excellent bout between the two men.


- Doug Williams this past weekend was voted the TWO UKScene's Number 1 Wrestler! He beat Jody Fleisch in the Big Brother style competition. Here is the list of the top ten UK wrestlers according to the members at TWO :


1) Doug Williams

2) Jody Fleisch

3) Jonny Storm

4) Zebra Kid

5) Robbie Brookside

6) Majik

7) James Mason

8) Carl Mizzery

9) Johnny Moss

10) Jack Xavier


Thanks to everyone who voted!


- That's it for my UKScene Newsletter update debut. Make sure you check out the latest UKScene column penned by Adam Sibley over at the TWO site, it is a great read as usual. Also, keep checking the UKScene Forum during the week as we discuss the latest happenings. Adam Sibley makes his big announcement on Wednesday too!








Puroresu News - By Matt Singh



* All Japan Pro Wrestling: *


31/1 was the third anniversary of founder Shohei ‘Giant’ Baba’s death. Baba (along with former tag partner Antonio Inoki) was largely responsible for reviving and regenerating the Japanese industry after legend Rikidozan’s death in the 1960’s/70’s. Baba is regarded as one of the top-five greatest of the last century.


House show results;



On February 8th at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo with 2,100 paid attendance:


-1. Nobukazu Hirai over Taichi Ishikari at 7 minutes 25 seconds via pinfall


-2. Tomoaki Honma, Kazushi Miyamoto, Sanshiro Takagi & Tomohiko Hashimoto over Shigeo Okumura, Hideki Hosaka, Ryuji Hijikata & Yuto Aijima at 12 minutes 14 second when Honma pinned Aijima


-3. Kaz Hayashi over Spriggan at 8 minutes 54 seconds via pinfall


-4. Extreme Blade (AKA Elix Skipper) & Gran Hamada over Kendo Kashin & Super Dragon at 10 minutes 37 seconds when Blade pinned Dragon


-5. Arashi, The Gladiator (Mike Awesome) & Gigantes over Keiji Mutoh, Masa Fuchi & Jimmy Yang at 11 minutes 50 seconds when Gigantes used a choke-slam on Yang for the pinfall


-6. Genichiro Tenryu over Nobutaka Araya at 5 minutes 10 seconds when Tenryu landed a brainbuster


-7. In the MLW Heavyweight Title Match, Satoshi Kojima over Big John Tenta (AKA Earthquake) at 9 minutes 19 seconds when Kojima hit a lariat for the pinfall



* New Japan Pro Wrestling: *


Legend Tatsumi Fujinami is apparently trying to loose weight in-order to be able to work as a Junior Heavyweight again. For anyone that doesn’t know, Fujinami gained legendary status in the industry as a Junior Heavyweight and working matches with the likes of Tom Billington, Satoru Sayama and The Cobra. Fujinami will turn 51 this year.


House show results


On February 1st in Sapporo at Teisen Hall with 1,350 paid attendance:


-1. In the one-night tag team tournament, Hiro Saito, Shinsuke Nakamura & Tatsutoshi Goto over Makai Masks 1& 2 and Ryushi Yanagisawa at 10 minutes 25 seconds when Saito hit a diving senton on Makai 2 for the pin


-2. In the tournament, Kazunari Murakami and Makai Masks 4 & 5 over Masahito Kakihara, Takashi Iizuka & Yuji Nagata at 12 minutes 49 seconds when Murakami used a cross-arm scissors hold on Kakihara for the tap-out


-3. In the tournament, Heat, Osamu Nishimura & Manabu Nakanishi over Super Crazy, Jim Steele & Mike Barton at 17 minutes 15 seconds when Heat landed a Fisherman's Buster on Crazy for the pin


-4. In the tournament, Yoshihiro Takayama, Minoru Fujita & Shinya Makabe over Koji Kanemoto, Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Masa Chono at 16 minutes 55 seconds when Takayama hit a knee-lift on Kanemoto for the pinfall


-5. Perry Saturn & Blue Wolf over Toru Yano & Yutaka Yoshie at 10 minutes 24 seconds when Saturn used a death valley bomb on Yano for the pin


-6. In the tournament, Shinsuke Nakamura, Tatsutoshi Goto & Hiro Saito over Makai Masks 4 & 5 and Kazunari Murakami at 6 minutes 50 seconds via disqualification


-7. In the tournament, Minoru Fujita, Shinya Makabe & Yoshihiro Takayama over Heat, Osamu Nishimura & Manabu Nakanishi at 12 minutes 34 seconds when Fujita landed a Michinoku Driver II on Heat for the pinfall


-8. Tiger Mask IV & Curry Man (Christopher Daniels) over Gedoh & El Samurai at 11 minutes 51 seconds when TM IV used a Tiger Suplex Hold on Gedoh for the win


-9. In the final of the tournament, Tatsutoshi Goto, Hiro Saito & Shinsuke Nakamura over Shinya Makabe, Minoru Fujita & Yoshihiro Takayama at 10 minutes 18 seconds when Goto pinned Makabe



On February 4th in Morioka at Prefectural Gym with 2,500 paid attendance:


-1. Toru Yano over Ryusuke Taguchi at 5 minutes 56 seconds with a crab hold for the tap-out


-2. Shinsuke Nakamura & Osamu Nishimura went to a 15-minute time-limit draw with Naofumi Yamamoto & Yutaka Yoshie


-3. El Samurai & Jushin Liger over Super Crazy & Curry Man at 11 minutes 8 seconds when Samurai used a chicken-wing arm lock on Crazy for the tap-out


-4. Gedoh, Jadoh & Koji Kanemoto over Masahito Kakihara, Tiger Mask IV & Heat at 16 minutes 11 seconds when Gedoh pinned Kakihara


-5. Josh Barnett over Makai Mask 2 in 5 minutes 3 seconds by KO via German Suplex


-6. In the IWGP Tag Title #1 Contender's Tournament, Tatsutoshi Goto & Hiro Saito over Shinya Makabe & Minoru Fujita at 7 minutes 13 seconds when Goto used a back drop on Makabe for the pinfall


-7. Yoshihiro Takayama & Perry Saturn over Makai Mask 1 & Ryushi Yanagisawa at 10 minutes 59 seconds when Takayama hit a knee-lift on Hirata for the pin


-8. Jim Steele & Mike Barton over Blue Wolf & Yuji Nagata at 15 minutes 32 seconds when Steele hit a Turbo Drop II on Wolf for the pinfall


-9. Kazunari Murakami, Tadao Yasuda and Makai Masks 4 & 5 over Takashi Iizuka, Manabu Nakanishi, Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Masa Chono at 17 minutes 23 seconds when Murakami used a wakigatame on Iizuka for the tap-out



On February 7th rally at Yamagata City Sports Center Sub-Arena with 1,500 paid attendance:


-1. Blue Wolf over Naofumi Yamamoto at 4 minutes 37 seconds with a lariat for the pin


-2. El Samurai over Ryusuke Taguchi at 5 minutes 35 seconds with a diving headbutt for the pinfall


-3. Gedoh & Jadoh over Super Crazy & Tiger Mask IV at 8 minutes 44 seconds when Gedoh landed a top-rope splash on Crazy for the pin


-4. Osamu Nishimura & Yutaka Yoshie over Kengo Kimura & Hiro Saito at 11 minutes 57 seconds when Nishimura pinned Kengo


-5. Minoru Fujita, Koji Kanemoto & Jushin Liger over Curry Man, Masahito Kakihara & Heat at 14 minutes 30 seconds when Fujita hit a Michinoku Driver on Curry Man for the pinfall


-6. Jim Steele & Mike Barton over Toru Yano & Manabu Nakanishi at 9 minutes 8 seconds when Steele used a Turbo Drop II on Yano for the pin


-7. Josh Barnett over Tatsutoshi Goto at 2 minutes 12 seconds with a cross heel-hook for the tap-out


-8. Yoshihiro Takayama, Shinya Makabe & Perry Saturn over Makai Mask 2, Ryushi Yanagisawa & Tadao Yasuda at 9 minutes 44 seconds when Takayama used a German Suplex Hold on Makai 2 for the pinfall


-9. Masa Chono, Takashi Iizuka, Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Yuji Nagata defeated Makai Masks 1, 4, 5 and Kazunari Murakami at 18 minutes 24 seconds when Chono landed a Yakuza Kick on Makai Mask 1 for the pinfall


* Pro Wrestling NOAH: *


Kenta Kobashi is said to be feeling pain in his right elbow, which is par for the course for Kobashi. Kobashi has had microscopic surgery on his right elbow and both knees, but that’s the price you pay for working the most physically-demanding style of pro wrestling anywhere in the world. Sticking with Kobashi, he looks like phenomenon Bob Sapp’s next (pro wrestling) challenger


It looks as though Bob Sapp will work with NOAH in the future, as it’s likely he’ll team with an undecided partner against Jun Akiyama and Akitoshi Saito for the Global Honoured Championship (GHC) tag titles


NOAH has a big Budokan Hall show on 1/3 with Misawa versus Kobashi for the GHC title


* Zero-One: *


House show results;


On January 26th in Fukuoka at Hakata Star Lanes with 2,800 paid attendance:


-1. Shinsuke Sumiya over via pinfall Tadahiro Fujisaki at 11 minutes 22 seconds


-2. Jun Kasai over Fuyuki Takahashi at 11 minutes 41 seconds with a school-boy


-3. Pentagon Viper & Villano IV over Naohiro Hoshikawa & Tatsuhito Takaiwa at 11 minutes 29 seconds when Villano IV hit a diamond cutter on Hoshikawa


-4. Ikuto Hidaka & Wataru Sakata over Low Ki & Yoshito Sasaki at 18 minutes 26 seconds when Sakata used a crab hold on Sasaki


-5. Shinjiro Ohtani over Yusaku at 9 minutes 27 seconds via pinfall


-6. Teng Kaizer over Masato Tanaka at 7 minutes 44 seconds via pinfall


-7. Naoya Ogawa & Katsuhisa Fujii over The Predator & Steve Corino at 14 minutes 12 seconds when Ogawa pinned Corino


-8. King Adamo, Tom Howard & Matt Ghaffari over Kohei Sato, Hiro Yokoi & Shinya Hashimoto at 11 minutes 18 seconds when Ghaffari pinned Sato



On January 27th in Shimane at Matsue Messe with 2,300 paid attendance:


-1. Pentagon Viper over Fuyuki Takahashi at 7 minutes 46 seconds when Viper used a modified sleeper-hold


-2. Ikuto Hidaka & Jun Kasai over Shinsuke Sumiya & Tadahiro Fujisaki at 15 minutes 55 seconds when Hidaka hit a shone-capture hold on Sumiya


-3. Kamikaze & Low Ki over Yoshito Sasaki & Naohiro Hoshikawa at 15 minutes 54 seconds when Kamikaze used a super moonsault on Sasaki for the pinfall


-4. Tom Howard & Matt Ghaffari over Hiro Yokoi & Kohei Sato at 6 minutes 31 seconds when Ghaffari used a body press on Yokoi for the win via pinfall


-5. Masato Tanaka & Shinjiro Ohtani over King Adamo & Villano IV in 13 minutes16 seconds when Tanaka landed an elbow on IV


-6. Steve Corino & The Predator over Tatsuhito Takaiwa & Shinya Hashimoto at 20 minutes 23 seconds when Predator used a knee-drop on Takaiwa for the pinfall



On January 29th at Okayama City Wholesale Orange Hall with 1,500 paid attendance:


-1. Pentagon Viper over Shinsuke Sumiya in 8 minutes 20 seconds with a modified La Magistral cradle for the pinfall


-2. Jun Kasai & Villano IV over Fuyuki Takahashi & Tadahiro Fujisaki at 11 minutes 36 seconds when Kasai hit a flying body-press on Fujisaki for the pinfall


-3. Tatsuhito Takaiwa & Naohiro Hoshikawa over Ikuto Hidaka & Low Ki at 13 minutes 25 seconds when Takaiwa used a death valley bomb on Hidaka


-4. Steve Corino & Kamikaze over Hiro Yokoi & Kohei Sato at 9 minutes 35 seconds when Kamikaze hit a Tornado Hold on Sato


-5. Shinjiro Ohtani over Yoshito Sasaki at 10 minutes 31 seconds via pinfall


-6. Tom Howard & Matt Ghaffari over Yusaku & Masato Tanaka at 20 minutes 23 seconds when Ghaffari used a body press on Yusaku


-7. Kazuhiko Ogasawara & Shinya Hashimoto over King Adamo & The Predator at 12 minutes 55 seconds when Hashimoto used a DDT on Adamo for the pinfall



On January 30th rally in Yamaguchi at Tokuyama City Sports Center with 2,800 paid attendance:


-1. Fuyuki Takahashi over Shinsuke Sumiya at 6 minutes 56 seconds with a German Suplex Hold for the pinfall


-2. Pentagon Viper & Villano IV over Tadahiro Fujisaki & Jun Kasai at 6 minutes 57 seconds when Viper used a modified La Magistral cradle on Fujisaki


-3. Kohei Sato & Naohiro Hoshikawa over Yoshito Sasaki & Tatsuhito Takaiwa at 17 minutes 18 seconds when Sato used a modified buster on Sasaki


-4. Low Ki over Ikuto Hidaka at 14 minutes 55 seconds with the "Ki-Krusher” for the pinfall


-5. Kamikaze over Yoshiaki Fujiwara at 9 minutes 54 seconds with a tornado hold for the pinfall


-6. King Adamo, Tom Howard & Matt Ghaffari over Yusaku, Masato Tanaka & Shinjiro Ohtani at 13 minutes 47 seconds when Ghaffari hit a body press on Yusaku for the win via pinfall


-7. Naoya Ogawa & Shinya Hashimoto over Steve Corino & The Predator at 12 minutes 8 seconds when Ogawa used a DDO on Corino for the pinfall





Riki Choshu’s new promotion will debut on 1/3 at the Yokohama Arena with the following card (as well as thoughts on the debut show):


Curtain-Jerker- Masahiko Kochi versus Tomoaki Honma- should be an average curtain-jerker with Honma getting in plenty of martial-arts-style offensive strikes

--Lower card-Tomohiro Ishii versus Takashi Uwano-just a card-filler, nothing more

--Lower card-Yoshiaki Yatsu versus Yoji Anjoh- Anjoh is a super-over, (worked) shooter-legend, Yatsu isn’t, expect Anjoh to go --over in this one

--Mid-card-Road Warriors versus Todd and Mike, The Crushers-no one has any idea who The Crushers are, expect the RW’s to over, or a DQ/no contest finish

--Mid-card-Shiro Koshinaka versus Atsushi Onita- Koshinaka is a capable worker, Onita is terrible, but with Onita’s charisma this one should have good heat

--Upper-mid card- Hiroshi Hase & Kensuke Sasaki versus Don Frye & Mr X- This should be a good match, Hase can still go, Frye/Sasaki exchanges should be good

--Upper-mid card- Frye/Sasaki should be a good power-based exchange, Mr X is an unknown quantity

--Main event- Riki Choshu versus Genichiro Tenryu- this a scary one on many levels, their combined age is 105, but Tenryu had an awesome year in 2002, expect Tenryu to get the nod


This show runs against NOAH's 1/3 at the Budokan show, with Mitsuharu Misawa versus Kenta Kobashi for the GHC title in the main event




Flashback - By Daniel Evans


Hello folks, welcome to the debut edition of Flashback. Ok so its not the most original name but it’s the best I could come up with. This little corner of the TWO newsletter is dedicated to looking back at some of the good, some of the bad and some of the down right ugly PPV events from over the years, from all over the world. We are going to start off with something that’s not bad at all; in fact I’d say it is one of my favourite events of the late 1990’s, and probably the best UK PPV ever.




The PPV card was actually really good unlike some of the UK PPV events we get now. This PPV seemed to have meaning, it seemed to actually count for something and not be another way for the WWE to milk some extra cash out of the UK fans. The PPV was headlined by Shawn Michaels vs. The British Bulldog for the European Championship, in what personally I think is one of the greatest European Championship matches ever, but more on that later. Other great matches on the PPV included Owen Hart vs. Vader, Dude Love vs. Triple H and The Undertaker vs. Bret Hart.


Ok, so looking at some of the Highlights from the PPV.


Dude Love vs. Triple H.

This was the opening match to the PPV and it was simply electric. In the year of 1997 these two guys had some awesome matches together and this was one of them. The match was very entertaining with both men really putting a first-class show on. Dude wrestled in a very good way and was very methodical in doing so. Triple H also proved that he can wrestle with the best of them and pulled out a stella performance. Triple H played the perfect heel in this match; he used the ropes, argued with the ref and let Chyna interfere in the match, which generated loads of heat and really helped this match. The ending to the match came when Dude hit Trips with the Sweet Shin Music and covered him for the pin. However Chyna put Trips foot on the rope. When Trips got back to his feet he hit the Pedigree on Dude and scored the pin. Great Stuff and a must see.


WWE Championship Match.

The Undertaker vs. Bret Hart

This match is a rematch from Summerslam 1997 where Bret Hart managed to win the gold from the Undertaker in another tremendous bout. This was one of them great times in wrestling where the crowd didn’t know who to cheer or boo for. In the US Bret Hart was being portrayed as very anti-American, but that didn’t really matter over in the UK the crowd still booed and cheered for The Hitman. And as for The Undertaker well he was getting the usual ovation. The crowd were really pumped up for this match and it really added that little bit extra excitement to the match. Anyway, the match, it was really good with a lot of brawling from The Undertaker and lot of good solid wrestling from Bret Hart, it was a solid bout. These two guys have fought each other on numerous occasions in the WWE; this was probably one of the best. The only bad point of the match was the finish, Bret Hart got stuck in the ropes and Undertaker pounded on him causing the referee to call for the DQ. Overall it was a super match, just a very disappointing ending.


WWE European Championship Match.

Shawn Michaels vs. British Bulldog

Ok, going back to the big match of the night, HBK vs., The Bulldog. This match had really been hyped well and it was going to be something really good to watch. I’d seen a few Bulldog vs. HBK matches and they had all been pretty good but nothing mind-blowing, but I reckoned this match was going to be better, and you know what?

The match was much better. I really enjoyed the match and it was very entertaining. As you can image Bulldog had the home field advantage and was the crowd favourite, and HBK, well he was being HBK. In the ring the superstars were great and the chemistry was really good. The ending came when HBK made The Bulldog “pass out” with a figure for leg lock with the help of his DX Buddies. HBK continued the assault after the match and The Harts made the save. It’s a shame how the match finished, it would have been nice to see Bulldog retain the championship, but never the less the match was still really good. Many people consider this match the Bulldogs last great match, and I’d have to agree with that.




Tiger Ali - Singh vs. Leif Cassidy


The Patriot vs. Flash Funk


The Headbangers vs. Los Boricuas


Legion of Doom vs. The Goodwins


Vader vs. Owen Hart


Points: 10/10




This PPV is a must see for any WWE fan, if you can get hold of a copy of the tape then I’d jump at the opportunity. There are some really great matches on this PPV, and some really great performances from some of the best WWE stars of the time. This PPV is not just a great show; it’s a testament to both Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith, two of the greats. Anyway, until next time I decide to take a Flashback, take it easy.






Slip of the Tongue - By Sara Jones


So, I was sitting watching Molly Holly wrestle Victoria on this week’s edition of Raw (excellent match, by the way) and I noticed that quite a few things just didn’t make much sense at all. For instance, a couple of months ago… didn’t Molly introduce Victoria into WWE as her ‘apprentice’? Another thing, both women are heels… how can they expect any sort of crowd reaction from a match that has had no build-up and Molly’s character has been disregarded to such an extent where nobody cares anymore?


Then there was the Jazz thing. Following her notable demolition of Trish last week, Mrs. Redd Dogg decided to take out some of her aggression on an already beaten Molly. A beat down occurred, then Jazz and Vicky got into a stare down of their own. Then Steven Richards popped onto the screen. Wait a minute… isn’t this the same Steven Richards who had a fling, if you will, with Jazz before her injury? Apart from a fleeting mention of this by Jim Ross on commentary, the Jazz/Stevie relationship has been swiftly ignored.


After thinking about it for a while, I realised it wasn’t just the Women’s division that suffers from a mind-boggling amount of irregularity… it was the entire WWE. And it’s not just a recent thing, either. It begs the question - in true Carrie Bradshaw fashion - does World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. realise that some of its fans actually possess a functioning memory?


For instance, let’s take a short stroll down memory lane. Not too far, just a couple of months. Right, now… I warn you, this is a period of time you have all probably tried to erase from your memory, so please no hate mail for uttering these words; Katie Vick.


Yes, Katie Vick - the blow up doll that was eerily reminiscent of Chyna in a bad wig, although it’s definitely arguable whether it’s the former 9th Wonder of the World or Ms. Vick who looks more synthetic. Actually, thinking about it… it’s not really that difficult at all. (Made in?) Chyna wins that one hands down.


Anyway, back to my point (Yes, ladies and gentlemen… she DOES have a point). When Kane was introduced to us all back at Badd Blood (In Your House, October 1997), he was a socially excluded monster with excessive burns to his body, right? I take it Paul Bearer was taking care of a stiff when his son took a car, drove to a party, got drunk, picked up a girl, killed her in a road accident and had sex with her corpse then?


Sticking with everyone’s favourite 7ft, masked, dentist-turned-wrestler for a second. Kane’s relationship with his elder brother, The Undertaker, wasn’t exactly full of brotherly love. Considering ‘Taker burnt down their family home, killed their mother and severely burned his sibling… that’s hardly surprising now, is it? But what is surprising is how, within a year, the brothers managed to patch up their differences and form a tag team - winning numerous tag team titles in the process. They must just have a good family relations counsellor, I guess?


Now another conundrum that puzzled WWE fans the world over. No, not Big Show’s title reigns, but GTV. Yes, F-View’s (remember that?) predecessor that managed to pop up in all kinds of places - showers, urinals, and Mae Young’s bedroom… - what an ingenious idea that was. Actually, in all fairness, GTV wasn’t actually that bad. It was an easy way to explain back-stories for matches and feuds that would have otherwise gone without. The frustrating thing about it was that we never got to find out who was the man behind the camera. The original name - GDTV - suggests that it was supposed to be Goldust, but nothing was ever cleared up on screen and the hidden cameras continued to appear without explanation.


So, there you have it… just a few examples of WWE’s apparent problem with continuity. I could go on and mention loads more - the way referees can suddenly gain the power to suspend somebody, or strip them of their title, for example - but I’m not that cruel.


I can remember Gorilla Monsoon saying “This one’s gonna go down in the history books!” on many occasions. It’s just unfortunate that those history books seem to be locked away in a vault somewhere in Titan Towers.





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