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From http://www.wrestlingexposed.com:


"Last week, Goldust was "electrocuted" near the end of RAW. The current plan for when he returns is to have him take on an angle that is being described as a take off on Tourette's Disease. His body will apparently shake and he will speak in abrupt patterns."


Sounds so adsurdly ridicolous I'm not even going to comment on it.

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Whats next for WWE? Brian Kendrick imitating the Nike ad? Oh sorry its been done......


No, really, I wonder whats next for WWE who seems intent to turn off more people with that type of storylines.....


Who would you put the blame on?

For me I would say Vince McMahon for actually approving the storylines written by Brian Gewhirtz.

What do you think?

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Here's a further update on Goldusts new gimmick: (from Wrestlezone)


Goldust's proposed new gimmick, where he mocks having Tourette's Syndrome, is actually a take on his real life personality. Goldust is known to pretend to have Tourette's to get laughs on WWE plane rides. WWE writers saw the behavior and decided to craft an angle out of it.

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Think of the Tourette sufferers, if the proposed storyline goes ahead, the WWE will be laughing at the sufferers and that is very distasteful.

I would be not surprised if WWE does a angle with Tenacious Z's leg as WWE seems to plunge to never seen levels of shock.

Its very stupid and in bad taste if the storyline gets the green light.

I urge you to take a few minutes out and think about what WWE intends to do with the storyline and think about the potential public reaction (think HLA, necrphilla and the Billy & Chuck wedding).


Stratch the Billy & Chuck comment from my ( ) one, I thought it was quite funny though.



Thats my view.

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