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wZw Ticket Details - 2nd March show


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Wrestle Zone Wrestling "eXplosion" tickets for the March 2nd Show at Mortimer Comprehensive School, South Shields will be on sale next week.


You will be able to buy them at any time from the Community Centre main desk, online using Credit and debit cards & via the post. We are also looking at a few shops in South Sheilds to help sell tickets.


Tickets for the show are limited as the Hall only holds a maximum of 350 people. We feel this should be ample and will give the show a great feel.


Ticket prices are very low, yes only £5 a ticket for a 3 hour show. We firmly beleive in keeping the ticket prices low so all members of the community can come and check out top class profession wrestling with out having to pay top price tickets.


Stars Already Booked for the show are:


From Glasgow - Deacon Dispair

From Preston - Middleman Lee Butler

From Wigan - Dangerous Damon Leigh

From Carlisle - The Nattrass Boys

From Kendal - The Mighty Crux

From the North East - General Trent Steel, Wild Thing Adam Brown, Enigma, Chris Cannon, Kid Lightning, Vee Jay, Dave Styles, Big Ben & the VLC Girls. More names to be announced.



So don't forget get your tickets early, and at £5 a ticket this is one show you would not want to miss....



Gary - wZw

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