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Fave console?


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my fave is the sega saturn- excellent games such as Guardian heroes, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Dragon Force made it worth getting, you could save without the use of a memory card and it could handle 2D agmes better the the PSX (case in point Marvel Super Heroes and Street Fighter Vs XMen)- shame the playstation killed it off...


second fave is the dreamcast- again excellent games (power stone just blew me away), awesome graphics, rebirth of sonic (Sonic Adventure just kicks ass), and the chance to use the internet without owning a PC while also the chance to play online (though only Quake 3 and Phantasy Star Online took advantage of that)


third is the SNES- awesome games, introuduced us to muiltplayer (Bomberman anyone) and to me what the golden age in gaming... sigh they don't make them like they use to :cry

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Originally posted by draVen





Ah the good old days of an original Game Boy. The hours I spent playing Yoshi's Cookie and Zelda. I don't care - Zelda kicked ass like no one else ever.


tetris was my first gameboy game and belive me i was hooked- i didn't get tom play zelda till the DX version came out- man that was a awesome game. Though being called THEIF after nicking a bow (i was skint on rupees) tarnished the experince for me :D.


i remember youshi's cookie- weird game though, confused the heck outta me. coincidently i almost lost my copy of Yoshi's cookie after a bizzare experince. a freind was in my house and he asked what game it was, i replied yoshi's cookie. i put the game down, go up satirs, come back and i see my neice trying to chew the damn thing. she obviously thought it was an actual cookie

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I remember my original gameboy. I had tetris first and I LOVE it still to this day. I remember buying Donkey kong and getting excited cos the gamey case thing was yellow. I still play both of the games now on me bros game boy coloury thing and there still damn good
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2005?!?!? Thats a short 3 years for the GameCube and X-Box!!!


Mine's the PlayStation 2 (Obvious really:D )


I thought Microsoft wouldn't release a new X-Box for a LONG time as I thought the console was fully able to be upgradeable?



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Nothing but rumors though. Since the day the current batch of consoles came along, people have been crying about how the next wave of consoles will be out within a matter of months.


Until I hear of a Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft press conference, officially announcing the consoles, I'll take every "new playstashun to be releesed in june!!!!!" comment with a pinch of salt.

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taken and re-worded from gamesmaster magazine


"...Microsoft were the first to annouce that the Xbox succsesor would appear in 2005...nintendo said that the would bring out their console ariund the same time (instead of realeasing it later then the others)...even though sony intended to release there console at 2006- they've might decide to release the console in 2005 instead"




"for years and years nintendo have dominated the haldheld market with out no real competetion- but now it looks like they will have to keep watching over their shouders as sony AND microsft will be realesing their version of handhelds as well as nokia realising thiers (who will have strong backing from Sega, Tatio, Edios, Activision and THQ)"


not saying it's confirmed- just wanted to go more in-depth

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more news on Gameube


quoted from IGN


- Nintendo Partners with ATI

Ladies and gentlemen, the successor to GameCube is in development. -


"March 04, 2003 - Graphics chipmaker ATI Technologies today announced that it has entered a "technology development agreement" with Nintendo Co. Ltd. for use in unspecified Nintendo products.

"ATI has had an excellent relationship with Nintendo for many years," said David Orton, President and Chief Operating Officer, ATI Technologies Inc. "We are pleased to enter into this major technology development agreement with Nintendo."


ATI in 2000 acquired ArtX, which designed the graphics chipset (codenamed "Flipper") for GameCube. ATI also designs the Radeon PC graphics card series, which ranks in the top tier in terms of power and performance in today's PC games.


Though ATI was hush on details, it is almost certain that the company's latest partnership with Nintendo is to create the graphics chipset for the successor to GameCube.


More details as they become available."



well it does seem like the devlopment for the Gamecube 2 (working title i presume) is at least being planned out

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