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Davis Cup


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I'm a huge tennis fan and some of you may be aware that at the moment Great Britain are taking on Australia in the first round of the Davis Cup tournament in Sydney.


As both Henman and Rusedski are injured, two youngsters Alex Bogdanovic and Alan Makin. Both Alex and Alan lost last night but against the odds rellay performed beyond everyones expectations of them.


Seeing as they were playing on clay too, it makes it even more encouraging.


All I'm saying is these two really played well and will improve over years to come and mabe break out to be the new Henman/Rusedski.


As GB are currently losing 2-0 (and it's best of 5 matches) we need to win the doubles match tonight to at least go into the third day with a chance of winning.


We will probably not win but if the GB players keep on impressing, I'll be happy.



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Rusedski and Henman are the only British players who would have any chance of beating the Aussie's. Sadly they are injured but it is a good experience for the other players who are representing Britian in the match. I'm surprised that Arvind Parmar wasn't in a singles match, he is quite a good player.
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