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TWO UKScene : Top 10 Wrestlers Final Listings


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After the weeks of voting, the top 10 of British Wrestlers according to the members of TWO turned out like this :


1) Doug Williams

2) Jody Fleisch

3) Jonny Storm

4) Zebra Kid

5) Robbie Brookside

6) Majik

7) James Mason

8) Carl Mizzery

9) Johnny Moss

10) Jack Xavier


Yet again, thank you to everyone who voted!



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Great work Pab. Very upset that Mr Spot Machine got placed above Jonny "Wonderkid, God and all inbetween" Storm (after seeing him wrestle at a holiday park with an air vent right above the ring and yet still managing to keep a straight face while chasing his opponent around the bar and hit a picture perfect moonsault converted me into Jonny fan #1). But Doug was a deserving winner.
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That is a very good picture of the uk scene right now that top ten. and shows how things have changed as if we had run this a year previous i doubt zebra kid or brookside would of made top five they are both class acts and have been for years brookside especially but both guys have really started to become more mainstream and work more dates as well uping their profiles.
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