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New FWA Rules

Dead Crow

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From Frontierwrestling.com (new look site):



From the desk of T.B. Promotions


In light of my recent employment within the FWA, the new rules are as follows:



To avoid pointless count outs and DQs


1) The ring out count will be extended from 10 to 20.


2) A disqualification will be replaced with a yellow card.


3) Disqualification occurs when a second yellow card offence is committed or an offence merits an automatic red card.



Yellow card Offences.


a) Use of closed fist (punching)


b) Low blow


c) Gouging or raking of the eyes


d) Excessive hair pulling


e) Failure to release a hold within the referees 5 count when opponent is in or touching ropes.


f) Failure to break a hold within the referees 5 count when using the ropes illegally to gain leverage.


g) Use of foreign objects


h) Abuse of referee


i) Altering or defacing the wrestling ring (such as removing turnbuckle pads)


The habitual breaking of these rules may lead to an automatic suspension.

Cards are advisory and at the referees discretion.


4) All FWA heavyweight title matches will now be fought under best of 3 falls rules.




T.B. Promotions



Sounds cool to me.

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Nothing really original, the yellow card deal was created by Stu Hart in Stampede Wrestling in its glory days, it can be pretty cool in the way it gives the workers more freedom in matches to add spots etc and the 2/3 falls was the way all NWA World Title matches were from its creation to 70s.
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a) Use of closed fist (punching)

Bet Flash Barker is going to love that......


I don't know whether I like the whole yellow/red card thing, I'll have to see when I'm at New Frontiers tommorrow :D whether its any good. I like the 2/3 falls thing, its a bit more like British wrestling of old.

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Good stuff, basically a blend of the old British rules and modern American style, with soccer-style cards instead of public warnings (I don't care what anyone says, this is a great system, it allows some semblance of control without too many dumb DQs; that the Americans steadfastly refused to adopt such a system for years was one of my major gripes when I got into wrestling and saw every match end with a crap DQ finish) and stopping short of re-introducing rounds. The extending ring count is a good concession to the modern style, allowing time for spots on the outside to be executed without the referee having to lose count, check on injured wrestlers, confisgate chairs and tables or any of the other contrived nonsense that becomes part of the job in such instances.
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The yellow and red cards thing: Surely I wasn't the only person to immediantly think of Gerald Brisco and Vinnie Jones' exchange at WWF Capital Carnage? I just don't like it though. It just reeks too much of stealing from other sports. I don't see what was wrong with the old system- workers were warned if the offence wasn't too bad, and DQed if it was more serious. All the new rulings do is add a few bits of coloured plastic for the referee to hold up. Is it worth making every DQ decision seem like a comedy match skit, just so a crowd will give a slight pop for a heel picking up a yellow card? I don't think so.


Anyway, I'm fine with the 2 out of 3 falls ruling, as well as the countout rules (Unless the finish is booked to be a count out, it's very rarely that you'll see any promotion in the world in which the officials count at a proper speed. Most of the time they'll just count slower and slower, especially if there's something big happening on the outside). By changing the rules, it gives the promotion it's own identity, which will only help it stand out.

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