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WWE- 2002-2008


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I've been a member of this place for about 2 years now, I post a little bit but mainly use it for a good read and information.

Anyways, I've followed wrestling since the mid 80's, probably religiously from 1990-2001/2 before my interest waned. I've always kept in touch with whats going on and my interest picked up again from about 2008/9.


Here's the thing- I want to know what are the main things I missed from 2002-2008 ish. I've checked the odd things out via youtube and kept in touch with bits and bats. I also know the obvious mainstream stuff.


I've heard folk on here refer to certain things during that time and checked some out. I guess what I'm really looking for is a list of things to read up on and/or search for on youtube etc A top 10 or 20 happenings that I should enjoy or suffer.


One thing I checked out this morning was some Eddie/JBL stuff. For no reason.

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As a less obvious show, I'd put forth Survivor Series 2003, mainly for the two Elimination Matches and Cena's opening promo (see below - this is where a lot of people think the big push began). The first traditional match is great, but the Team Austin v Team Bischoff match is just fantastic.



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