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Favouite Takeaway?


What is your favourite takeaway?  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favourite takeaway?

    • Fish and Chips
    • Pizza
    • Curry
    • Chinese
    • Other

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Chinese Food is the food of the Gods. And Chinese people. And business executives working late.


If you ever go to Manchester, make sure to try the Yang Sing (either the restaraunt in China Town or the one in the airport). Simply the best Chinese food I've ever tasted, and believe me, I've tried a lot.

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My favourite treat from the chinese is chicken fried rice and gravy,its just scrummy,but as its the only thing i ever have from the chinese,im going to vote for the chippy!,u cant beat fish and chips!,but i do like BKs bacon cheesebrgers!,all very healthy! lol,:)
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No contest! It's curry every time. Kebabs are only for when you're drunk, and even then a curry is nicer if you can manage to get one. Chinese is nice when you're sober, but even then a curry is nicer. Pizza is OK when either drunk or sober, but it's not as nice as a kebab or curry if you're drunk, or Chinese, pasta dishes or curry if you're sober. Here is the hierarchy:


Sober: Drunk:

Curry Curry

Chinese Kebab

Pasta dish Pizza

Chippie Chippie

Pizza Chinese

Kebab Pasta dish


I think!

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Wohhhhh there big man, a kebab when u are drunk.


Jesus wept do i have some experences. I was the worst i had got pissed and i walked down the kebab house with my brother gf, really made me feel alot worse. I got had one god damed bite and hadned it to my mate. I smelt like a kebab as i was sick on myself. I woke up in the moring with a bad bas sleeping on solid floor STILL smelling of kebab. i was really ill for that day as well. never i mean NEVER eat a donna bap while being drunk.


Food i like is Chinease, special fried rice chips and gravy. hmmm i feel hungry

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