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The Magic Numb3r. BBC3


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Thanks to the BBC's advertising campaign being shoved in our faces, TV screens, street corners, billboards, on the sides of buses, well pretty much anywhere. I think everyone knows about this by now. Yes it's the new channel BBC3.

Promising to be "fresh, radical, imaginative, funny and very, very different from anything else on offer", the new channel is aimed at 25-to-34-year-olds. That's a window of 10 years. So if your not aged between 25 to 34 you are not in the desired demographic. Please stop reading now.

The rumors that Eastenders was going to be shown on BBC3 before BBC1 are not true. Although they did originally intend it they got a lot of backlash from people saying it was "an abuse of the TV Licence fee." BBC3 is taking over BBC Choice so whoever likes BBC Choice better get ready.

It is understood that key programmes in the launch week will be a new series of Johnny Vaughan's chat show; the share trading game based on the press exposure of celebrities, Celebdaq; and the entertainment news programme Liquid News. The channel is also launching a nightly 15-minute news bulletin aimed at a young audience; and the minute-long news update bulletin 60 Seconds will be screened hourly.

And that's about all I know. Oh and it's gonna launch Sunday at 7PM.

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What does everyone think of BBC3 so far?


I think it's okay so far, Hopefully, after a few months when all these "new" shows will come to the end of their series BBC3 won't become just like the old BBC Choice, full of repeats.


Adam and Joe have signed up for BBC3 by the way.

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