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New guys, horsemen name, madness and questions!


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well the not the four horsemens name is evolution, Ironic but ultimatley crap.


From the looks of it, it seems that sean O'haire is going to be a face, he is fighting heels in dark matches and house shows at the moment so thats the way that it is looking. That said B2 was fighting the likes of Albert on Velocity before he came in as a heel.


Is anyone really upset to see B2 leave the WWE.

Will anyone be upset when NWA-TNA goes out of business, Vince Russo is destroying it, talk about boring, the guy isn't good at acting so why write himself in. I think people only buy it to see the likes of Jeff Jarett, Ron Killings etc.


Whats everyones reaction to the sean O'haire and Nathen Jones promos, i'm looking forward to sean O'haire but not to sure about Jones. At least the WWE is giving guys the right push, letting us know what they are about and why they are here, makes fans care and take notice about them, in exactly the way Bastista's push hasn't.


One last thing, 3 would you like to see leave the WWE, and which 3 would you like to see take there place, who would you like to see get a big push?


I'd have to go for

- HHH (yes i hate him)

- A'Train

- Regal



- Jody Fliesh

- Alex Shane

- Jeff Jarett


Push for-

- Crash

- Tommy Dreamer (he is my hero)



No, no, no nothing about this adds up at all!

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To leave:

Brian Kendrick (Whats the point? we have enough comedy wrestlers)


Big Show


To come in:

AJ Styles

Jeff Jarrett

American Dragon


To give a MEGA push:

Nathan Jones (I know WWE style, push him for afew weeks and thats it)

Crash (Push him as a comedy performer)

Tommy Dreamer - only as a hardcore wrestler


Erm, thats it I'll add when I can think straight....

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Bret Hart cannot wrestle no.


I don't think any WWE needs to replace anyone with anyone else. I'm sure the majority of the WWE roster could get over if presented correctly, yes the majority. If I had to release people I'd give A-Train the heave-ho, and I'd prolly get rid of 3 Minute Warning and Rikishi, on the grounds that they serve no purpose.

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